5 Months of Summer.

This is a fan fiction about 5 Seconds of Summer (5Sos).
This is a story about a girl named Alex who unexpectedly runs into Luke Hemmings' (member of 5Sos) then they become friends but, Luke wants to be more than that, but he is to shy to confess his attractions. Alex, on the other hand, is also in love, but she doesn't think she has a chance with a perfect guy like Luke. They only have 5 months to be together though, because Luke has a tour coming up. Will one of them confess in time?

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2. Blushing. (Unfinished chapter).

       |2 weeks later|

  Alex, is a very adorable girl, but she denies it. Low-self esteem is a bitch.


   “I love him-,” Alex sighs “but, I don’t think he likes me, well.. of course he doesn’t.. who does? I’m so pathetic,” Alex says to her best friend Samantha, which everyone calls her ‘Sammy’. Sammy wipes her Ariel bangs to the left, Ariel like from the Little Mermaid, she looks just like her. “Well… what’s his name, darling?” Samantha asks, with a smile on her face, “Luke Hemmings, he is su-“,  Sammy interrupts Alexs' sentence, “LUKE HEMMINGS? Haha, nice try, goodness you joke around so much, you’ve been reading too many Fanfics girl,  told you Tumblr would turn you into a complete hormonal teenage girl,” she responds, Alex stares at her for a few seconds with a serious look on her face, then Sam puts her hand on her mouth and her eyes open bigger than the sun.


 |UNFINISHED. I'll finish it on Monday or Tuesday. STAY TUNED PLEASE, because all the drama starts in this chapter c; |

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