Invisible (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(This is my first Movella, please like it!!!)
Pamela is constantly reminded or bullied by one mistake she made at a party. The worst thing is is that her own bully's are the guys from One Direction, well not all of them just Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and the devils very own son... Louis Tomlinson. They just had to pick her school to come too for their break didn't they!? Aside from the fact that she is also bullied because of her Mexican heritage. Did I mention I moved to England in the middle of freshman year?


1. Me....


I'm Pamela pretty much the school laughing stock. If i can redo everything it would be my life. I am origenaly mexican lived in georgia for the rest of primary school and secundary but I moved to London In the middle of freshman year and have stayed at this school (more like hell hole) till now aka Senior year. Thing just got worse after one direction came, I didnt hate them until now there is may other schools in London that has good security outside and good listining but they just had to pick the one that praticlly huge and in the midde of nowhere with the wrost bully sistem ever!

Thing is the band for some reason decided to split up for the break (i dont know!) so Liam Payne and Niall Horan went some hevean cos the always tweet how good there school is... lucky them.

I should have friends but they couldnt take the bullying and changed, so now they became my worst enemies. I started getting bullyed in junior year for one party my so called "friend" invited me too HUGE MISTAKE! The way i stared getting bullyed is very long and tell you that later. Well this is me I guess so.... and this is my life so far..........



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