Invisible (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(This is my first Movella, please like it!!!)
Pamela is constantly reminded or bullied by one mistake she made at a party. The worst thing is is that her own bully's are the guys from One Direction, well not all of them just Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and the devils very own son... Louis Tomlinson. They just had to pick her school to come too for their break didn't they!? Aside from the fact that she is also bullied because of her Mexican heritage. Did I mention I moved to England in the middle of freshman year?


2. Introducing....... HELL!!!


My alarm sounds at 6:00 am as always, time to go to hell.....


I dont have the best clothes but its what i have so time to get dressed. I put my pin straight long brown hair in a fishtale braid with a whight beanie, some desstressed shorts on, a black tanktop and my grey cardigan. "Hurry up you over your dressing limit!" In case your wondering i have a dress limit....10min but I have to get to hell an hour early cause my moms stupid job starts at 6:30am. And she wont let me get my drivers licence.

As i entered school I looked over to my locker and saw writin in lipstick "Slut this is what you get when you mess with people! BITCH!!" it was like it wasent cleaned for a reason a tear escaped my face and quickly wiped it off. I got a cloth, wet it and cleaned my locker.

Then the bell rang something told me today was gonna be painful. 


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