Love Scared Straight

Ann greenfield is an ordinary 17 year old. She loves pizza, hanging with her best friend Natalia and she LOVES One Direction. When her and Natalia enter a contest to meet 1D, they are overly-excited when they win. Ann finds love within this contest. But love has its dangers. See what happens when Ann and one of the boys fall in love with each other? Find out in Love Scared Straight. :)


3. They're back.

My ex step dad and his son. They used to get drunk, both of them, and beat me and mom. I finally had enough so I called the police and they had arrested them. They said they would find us, I guess they didn't lie. I opened the door and sure enough Matt (step-dad) and Chris ( son) were holding guns up to Nat and mum's head and telling them to shut up when they yelped. I cried a little to loud and Chris ripped my door open, grabbed my hair and yelled "Stupid Bitch!" In my face. Then he threw me over by the other girls. I yelped and Chris slapped me with the gun a yelled at me to shut up. I had to do something, but what?



ha! Another cliffhanger!!!! What will happen to Ann,Nat, and Ann's mom, Kristy? Find out in chapter four. And check out my other Movella! Ok have gun my little weaders!!!

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