Love Scared Straight

Ann greenfield is an ordinary 17 year old. She loves pizza, hanging with her best friend Natalia and she LOVES One Direction. When her and Natalia enter a contest to meet 1D, they are overly-excited when they win. Ann finds love within this contest. But love has its dangers. See what happens when Ann and one of the boys fall in love with each other? Find out in Love Scared Straight. :)


2. I won?

As me and Natalia waited by my phone, hoping it would ring, hundreds of emotions went through me. Happiness,Excitement, hope, even  anxiousness. My thoughts were cancelled out by a loud 'RINGGGGGG!' . "Answer it!" Natalia yelled. I answers it then put it on speaker-phone. "You have just won a free trip to spend 2 weeks with a friend and One Direction! Meet the boys at the Malroy Airport in Miami and you, them and all your luggage will be sent to Hollywood to spend the next 2 weeks with them at the Hollywood Hotel! Your flight leaves at 12:00 p.m tonight so hurry, you don't wanna be late." "Omg!!!!!! I won?" I yelled."you won!!!!!" Nat ( Natalia) screamed. " go tell my mom and then ill start packing, then we'll go pack your stuff!!!!!" I yelled. As she walked off I got busy. Then I heard a bang and a scream. I knew right then who it was. 









Ohhhh!!!  Cliffhanger!!!! So who do u think it is? And I wanna get to know my little erasers so after every chappie I'll ask a question. Today's question is..... (Drumroll please!) what is your favorite color!!?!?!! Mine is purple!! Ok until next time!!! Bye!!! <3 






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