Love Scared Straight

Ann greenfield is an ordinary 17 year old. She loves pizza, hanging with her best friend Natalia and she LOVES One Direction. When her and Natalia enter a contest to meet 1D, they are overly-excited when they win. Ann finds love within this contest. But love has its dangers. See what happens when Ann and one of the boys fall in love with each other? Find out in Love Scared Straight. :)


6. Get to go

Aaa I swung the door open, a figure dressed in all black came into my presence. " w-who are you?" I stuttered. "Are you Ann Greenfield?" A British accent mumbled. " Yes?" I said questioningly. "Ok" he said again and pulled of the beanie and asses to travel the face of Harry Styles. I gasped and Harry smiled at me. "Umm... Can I help you Harry?" I asked. " well, you were supposed to meet us at the airport but you missed it and the lads went to eat and I wanted to track you down so you didn't miss it" he clarified. " aww! That's so sweet!" I coo'd. "Would you like to come in?" I asked. "Sure" he said. As Nat and mom noticed him they gasped. 


Ok more of a filler but it's something right? And I have a deal for y'all. On all my stories, I will only update if i get a Cretan amount of likes, comments, favourites, and views. Today's goal:


likes: 10

favourites: 12

views: 100 (ha! Made it hard!)

ok bye!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️


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