Promises || Harry Styles

"It was a one night stand, Harry. You don't have to pretend that you care," I say, blinking back the tears as I touch my growing stomach gently.

Harry's baby is in there. One night that didn't even mean anything, and this is what came out of it. A real, living baby.

Harry's eyes soften. His lips part as he tries to speak, but no words come out. Finally he smiles sort of sadly and makes his way to me.

He kisses me softly on the lips and wipes my tears away with his thumbs. "I love you," is all he whispers. Three words that make my heart swell.

Then he crouches down and kisses my stomach. "And I love you too," he whispers, making me smile.

"You're both everything to me," he tells me, wrapping his arms around me and swaying softly. "And I promise I will never leave you."


1. One

Bethany's POV 

*A year ago*

It's my birthday and I'm going out for a drink. Forget my friends and family, I seriously need some "me" time.

I grab my keys and hop into the car, speeding along the road till I get to the first bar I see.

I park my car in the small, dark parking lot and make my way to the entrance, handing the bouncer my fake ID. 

He doesn't even bother to look me over, just waves me in. I strut inside and the smell of sweat, alcohol, and perfume instantly greets me. 

The lights are flashing and the crush of bodies dancing intensifies the heated atmosphere. I make my way over to the bar. 

"What can I get you, love?" the bartender asks from behind the counter. "Surprise me," I say. He nods and hands me a shot glass.

I immediately gulp it down, feeling the burn as it slides down my throat. Not soon after I feel the effect of it and I know it's time for me to go out there and dance. 

I make my way through the grinding crowd and start to dance, putting my hands up and letting go of my troubles, at least for now. 

A few moments later I feel a strong hand grip my shoulder and I turn around to see a hot guy with curly dark hair and a smoldering smirk. 

He leans in and I feel his breath tickle my ear, making me yearn for him already. "Can I get you a drink?" he whispers in a British accent.

I nod and smile flirtatiously and he takes my hand and we dance through the crowd to the bar.

"What'll it be?" the bartender asks as he glances from the guy to me. 

"Can this gorgeous girl have your strongest shot please?" The guy winks at me and I laugh breathlessly as the bartender hands me the shot. 

I gulp it down quickly, and then the guy takes my hand again and we begin to dance. 

He starts grinding against me to the beat, making my heart race. He leans over and whispers, "What's your name, love?" in my ear.

" Bethany," I reply breathlessly. He laughs a bit and I'm not sure why. "I'm Harry," he tells me. 

We keep dancing and as the night goes on, my attraction for this mysterious hot guy grows more and more, and I can tell he feels the same. I can see it in his gorgeous green eyes. 

He leads me to the bathroom without a word and we begin making out passionately. I rake my fingers through his thick brown curls as we kiss, and he runs his hands all over my body, making me moan in appreciation. 

Sparks fly as the heat between us intensifies, and I know I won't be able to take it much longer. 

He senses this, and whispers in my ear, "Why don't we take this somewhere more... private?" I nod and we exit the bar, his arms around my shoulders.

We giggle like little kids as we hop into my car and drive off to the nearest motel we can find.

When we arrive, he opens the door for me and we book a room. The lady at the desk looks at us disapprovingly, but we just ignore her as she hands us our keys. 

Still giggling childishly, we race up to our room. My heart is pounding in my chest as Harry unlocks the door. 

I'm yearning for him in places I've never before. We scurry inside the room and he undresses me. I push him onto the bed, straddling him.

I can feel his erection between my legs, growing harder by the second. We're both breathing heavily as he says, "Bethany, I want you so bad."

We all do things we regret. Harry Styles was a perfect example for me. 

[A/N: Yeah, I realize this escalated pretty quickly but I'm not the best writer in the universe haha. So just go with it! I didn't know how to make it... er... slower. Sorry I didn't complete what went on in the motel room too... I'll leave that to your imaginations. ;) But yeah! This is my first One Direction fanfic that I might actually finish. So please show your support by commenting and favoriting and I PROMISE I'll do the same to you! :] Yay! Happiness all around!! -Maggie

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