Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


2. What's Next?

People: Corey, Mae Lynn, Owen + 1 other

Location: New York, New York

Relationships: best friends, and an outsider.

When: Post Apocalypse 2045- Twelve minutes after the Cure was Distributed over NY


Owen's POV

The Cure had worked, everything was slowly returning to normal, or should I say the zombies were returning to being normal people.


I couldn't be happier even though I secretly didn’t think it would work.


All the while Mae Lynn was working on it I thought something would go wrong maybe I even hoped it would a little bit, that maybe I would get to be with Nikki.


It was selfish I know, if it hadn't worked it would've doomed Corey, Mae and everyone else all the poor souls who had been turned into mindless zombies they hadn't asked for or deserved it.


Now it had worked you could see the people coming back, and yet still I wanted to do was cry.


Mae Lynn POV

Looking down I couldn't believe what I was seeing it worked they were coming back.


They were returning to normal.


The first thought was did I just save the world, ok can't let it go to my head, first of all it was a team effort, I couldn’t have done it without Corey, Owen and even poor Suzanne. Right now I have to focus I have to find out how far did it go, was it the whole city, the whole state maybe even the whole country.


If it was the whole country maybe my mom has been saved. If not maybe I can do it again. Maybe I can save my mom myself that's why I kept one vial of the antidote, I just know I have to try I have to find my mom and if she’s still one of the zombies I have to try and restore her.


Corey POV

As happy as I am for everyone else. I can't help but feel that it doesn't mean anything to me I already lost half of me I can't see how I'm ever going to feel whole again without Suzanne without my Anne.


As much as I’ve enjoyed being with Mae, I am still never going to get over losing,…

Wait, maybe just maybe I haven’t lost Suzanne yet. Maybe if she was turned into one of them, the undead maybe we can restore her, I’ll need Mae Lynn but I think she’ll help, she can even bring Owen if she has to although I hope she doesn’t want to, I think I hate him and I know it wasn’t his fault but I think I blame him for what happened to my Anne and I think I hate him because of it.

I mean what was all that whining about anyway, ok so I don’t know his life story, but what had he lost, I’d lost my twin and my parents were already gone. I’ve got no one left and he was the one wishing he was dead.


I’m the one who should be wishing I was dead, but I’m not.


A few hours earlier, a few miles away in an underground bunker beneath the statue of liberty an alarm went off informing them someone had broken into the Medical Research Center.


The news went up the chain to the military man in charge.


Colonel Jack Denton POV


I saw the footage from the cameras in the Medical Center and was surprised to see three teenagers wandering around before leaving with several vials of the nuclear zombie antidote.


Within minutes he'd ordered the use facial recognition software and had gotten their names and full biographies on all of them he was surprised to learn one of them was the daughter of someone he'd served with.


Having got Mae Lynns records he saw she was a good kid had never had any trouble with authority, she had always been a good student still a solid A and B grade student even as she grieved for her dad.


Convinced that she wasn't going to try and sell the serum, I've decided not to send it further up the chain of command and instead use surveillance drones to follow them and see what Mae Lynn and her friends are intending to do.


Using listening software installed in the radios of all cars made after 2013 I heard their plan and realized it might actually work at least in a limited area.


People: Corey, Mae Lynn, Owen

Location: New York, NY

Relationship: In a relationship, best friends, strange circumstances.

When: Post Apocalypse 2045- Twelve Days after Cure is Distributed over NYC




I sat in the midst of reunions all over Times Square which twelve days ago was a waste land. No one knew what had happened, Mae, Corey and I never thought to figure that out. Mae Lynn was so focused on saving her mother that she didn't care why the United States was attacked. Owen himself hasn't actually seen or heard from his friends in four days, they were swept up in the chaos of finding family members. Owen hoped Suzanne was part of the Cured but he didn't have high hopes where she was infected was almost three states away. Right now he was being questioned on where he and Mae Lynn and Corey got the idea to go to DC to find the Cure but really it was Anne's idea, and she was, for the lack of a better word, dead. I fought off the tears and walked without purpose down the busy street, having no home to go back to, I was stuck here in New York without a home or a family. God a month ago I was home in bed thinking of how to break up with Nikki, to tell Mae I loved her, and then I met Suzanne. Suzanne was killed off and I went through an odd faze. I wanted to die, its my fault Anne is dead, all my fault if I hadn't distracted Mae, Anne could still be alive, walking hand in hand with me as we ventured the busy streets of New York City. 


Scientists who were holed up in their labs also survived but didn't bother reaching out. The makers of Titanium Blue are being sued, so far life is good. Those who are responsible for our parents death are being punished. I kept walking, not really caring where I was heading. I looked up long enough to spot a familiar face...no it couldn't be; but it was it was Suzanne. Her leg above the knee was bandaged and she was limping but she looked like she had been cured. No one could get into NYC without taking the Cure anyway. Suzanne spotted him and walked hurriedly over to him, her smile made everything fade away. Having no cell phone, I couldn't exactly call her brother or Mae Lynn. 


"Anne, you're alive? How?"


"I wasn't devoured thank you. Why did you stop Mae from shooting?" the hurt in her eyes made my hair on the back of my neck stand on end as I tried to figure out how to tell her I was suicidal because my girlfriend whom I wanted to break up with was dead, and my best friend had already moved on to Corey. 


"Uh, I don't know, it all happened so fast. I'm glad you're okay though." I said instead.


"Yea, me too. So where's my other half?"


"Probably with Mae Lynn somewhere." I said looking away. Suzanne grabbed at my hand and pulled me along the busy street. 


"I'm sure we'll find them." Anne said, looking back at me. 


"I've been looking for them for four days. What makes you think you'll find them in a couple hours?"


"Twin telepathy, duh." I rolled my eyes as I followed her.



Corey's POV


I watched as Mae Lynn helped distribute the Cure to the little children who showed signs of the Change. Her red hair cascaded a cross her face making a lava river. With each child she held a different conversation. Her perfect lips curled into frowns, smiles, and laughs with each word the child said. She even made them do funny faces to distract them from the needle. She wore the official emblem of the hospital on her right breast, a syringe with green liquid in the bottle, and angel wings curled around them in a protective embrace. She retired her army brat clothing and replaced them with a nurse's garb. 


I heard the sound of my name being called and I instinctively turned towards the caller. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Suzanne, walking hand in hand with McSuicide himself. I shot up to my feet and nodded towards Mae, who turned to see Owen, and Anne beside him. She gave her syringe to her fellow nurse and ran towards Anne in a frantic way. 



"Oh my GOD, Anne you're alive. You're okay!" Mae Lynn cried, holding Suzanne in her arms. "You had me so worried. I'm so sorry for leaving you behind! Owen how did you find her?"


"She found me," I heard Owen say as I strode up next to the hugging girls.


"What am I chopped liver?" Suzanne looked at me and smiled.


"Oh Corey. I missed you! Oh goodness you guys did it!"



The Drone nearby picked up every word they said, and delivered its information to its master back at Head Quarters.  The four survivors had no idea of what a waited them.



People: Colonel Jack Denton, Corey, Owen, Suzanne, and Mae Lynn

Location:Under Statue of Liberty New York, NY

Where: Supernatural Containment Bureau

When: Twenty Four Days after Cure Distribution



Colonel Jack Denton paced as he listened to what the Drone's hologram recited to him. It was nothing of importance really, it was telling him what he already knew. Mae Lynn, Corey and Owen had something to do with distributing the Cure, but this Suzanne girl, she was something new, she had received the Cure, she was one of the Mutants. She would be an interesting girl to interrogate. Jack Denton sat and told the Drone to follow Suzanne, and to report back to him with anything interesting. As the Drone left the Colonel, looked at an old picture from his days as a private. Joshua Vincent stood next to him, smiling a goofy grin as he always did. Just as he always spoke highly of his only daughter Mae-Lynn Vincent. Never of his wife only his daughter. 'My daughter has the highest grades of her class' 'My daughter Mae wants to be a scientist.', this photo was taken moments before the platoon was attacked and Joshua was tragically killed in action. Jack Denton had been part of the team that told Mrs. Vincent of the news, and poor thirteen year old Mae Lynn had overheard as she came home from school a boy presumably Owen close behind her. Mae Lynn collapsed into uncontrollable sobs of grief and Owen had all he could do to console her. 


"Sir, the Russians have requested a VCC."


"A Video Conference Call right now?"


"Yes sir. Koscovovitch is becoming impatient." The Colonel followed the private down the steps, deeper underneath the oldest gift to America, and closer to the Atlantic Ocean's sandy bottom. The Colonel entered the dimly lit room, scarcely lit with the giant screen which held the President of Russia's face, his face badly scarred and pitted from the trials of adolescence. 


"Good evening Colonel." The Russian smiled.


"Good even Mr. President. How is the weather in Russia?"


"I assuming its better than yours. My forecast is Mutant free. What about you?"


"Sadly our weather man was killed." The Colonel replied coolly. His indifference to Koscovovitch's antics making the burly Russian uneasy and the anger in his eyes that were ever present flamed up. 


"Well I'm sorry for your loss Colonel. I'll be in touch."


"I count on it." The screen went black and the Colonel exited the room. Speaking to Koscovovitch was his least favorite part of his job. Someone had to do it though and since the President was a 'chicken' so to speak it was left to Denton. He despised this job of course, because of the face the Russian President was the cause of his father's death, and his son's. Colonel Denton remembered getting the news that his son had been assassinated by the Russian Militia. 


"Sir, we're sorry to bother you on your day off."


"Its fine what is it?"


"Private Cole Denton was assassinated late last night in a Russian hotel when he was undercover. We're sorry to inform in such a way as over telephone."


"Oh God. Were the wounds in the front or back?"


"Front sir. Your son died a honorable man."


Colonel Jack Denton walked into his office and found the drone hovering over his desk, information already? Denton pushed the 'TELL ALL' button and "HOLOGRAM" before him the four friends appeared. Suzanne appeared to be telling her story. Colonel Jack Denton increased the volume and heard every word as if they were in the office with him. 


Suzanne: So after I was chucked out of the van, the Mutants let me be. I must've smelled dead or something. I could feel myself changing but, it didn't happen for days and by that time I had made my way to New York. I saw the green rain and as it washed over me, I felt like me and not a Mutant who wanted to kill anything with flesh on its bones.


Corey: Anne I'm sorry.

Mae Lynn: No it was my idea to chuck her out. I was looking after the rest of us.


Owen: No I'm sorry. I stopped Mae from firing because I wanted to die. 


Colonel Denton could see each of they're expressions as Owen told of his treachery. Mae looked to her feet, and Corey held his anger in check as he saw the pain flash a crossed his twin's face.


Suzanne: How could you Owen? You made me a Mutant?


Owen: I'm sorry. At the time I didn't see the point in surviving. My girlfriend was dead, my parents were dead, everyone I ever cared about was dead except for Mae and she was replacing me and Danny with you and Corey so when I saw the Mutant coming towards your broken window I silently told Mae to stand down. Anne, I regretted as soon as it happened. I didn't know what came over me. Losing you was the hardest thing since Nikki that had happened to me. I am so sorry.


Suzanne: You're not forgiven.



Colonel Denton watched as Suzanne ran from the lobby of wherever they were staying. This was his chance. "Seize the one they call Suzanne. Keep her alive." The Drone tilted as if in agreement and zoomed off. The Colonel smiled, soon he would have his answers.

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