Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


21. We've Come So Far

People: Suzanne, Corey, Owen, and Caine

Location: Hyatt Hotel, Suite 1107

When: Twelve days after Mae's death


I ran as fast as I could, my gun slapping the back of my legs as I went. My friends were right behind me, I could hear Mae screaming for help. So much blood-the Mutants just kept on coming...they wouldn't stop. Why wouldn't they stop? I turned a corner-it was pitch black with only the dim storm lights giving any source of illumination. I heard hissing coming from somewhere.....I turned and saw a giant snake coiled, and ready to attack-it lunged---


Suzanne bolted upright in bed, Owen was still fast asleep. It had only been a dream; it had to have been a dream-Mae was there, Suzanne started crying-she missed her friend dearly, and regretted each day she had held bitterness towards her. Flashbacks of the day she pushed Mae from the window haunted her waking moments, and the reoccurring nightmare of the giant snake haunted her dreams. Suzanne didn't know what to make of it, she hoped she hadn't woken up Owen-he was a real grump when that happened, but she hadn't and she slipped quietly from the bed and went out into the living quarters of the giant suite. She heard the muffled cries of Caine from his bedroom-Mae's old room Suzanne thought sadly and she nudged the door open-but Corey was already there, cooing softly to the crying child. Suzanne listened softly and recognized the lullabye their parents often sang when the twins had been sad.


'Hush now bundle of joy

Daddy is here

Don't you cry 

My little boy

Quiet your tears

Tame your fears

For Daddy is here

To save the day.'


Suzanne left the room as quietly as she came. Not wanting to disturb father and son. Suzanne entered the small kitchenette and poured herself a cup of strong coffee. It was enough to change her gender-Suzanne laughed and continued sipping the hot drink before going towards the living area of the suite. It was so quiet without Mae and the others they had lost. Suzanne thought about Claudia-Mae's mother and wondered if she knew her only daughter was dead. Suzanne hated the thought of being the one to tell her-especially given her and Mae's past. Suzanne's eyes skimmed the T.V Guide, wondering what was worth watching at the ungodly hour it was. Her eyes focused on a news bulletin scheduled to start in a few minutes, she flipped the TV on and waited the ten minutes until the familiar face of the TV anchor came on. His name was Cole O'Connor and he lived up to his Irish name. His red hair confused the pixels so much he looked like red tomato blob on her TV. Suzanne held in her fit of laughter and listened, ignoring the talking tomato. 


"With the death of the one of the most respected, and decorated war hero, the country is in chaos. Colonel Jack Denton died almost two months ago but the world has yet to move on. The man who ended the Russian war lords reign of terror, lost his battle with the depression he had faced for almost thirty years. After the death of son, Cole Denton-Jack never was the same, and his wife-now dead was quoted saying 'After the death of...[Cole] Jack was never the same [he] would drink until he passed out...' a few years later Ms.Denton and her young daughter Bethany Denton were found in their family SUV dead on sight. Jack Denton dedicated his life to eradicating these kinds of threats, he founded the Supernatural Containment Bureau in 2012 two years after the death of his family and ever since the country had been safe...until the Nuclear Zombie Attack of 2044. Denton recruited the help of the teen heroes, Suzanne and Corey Phelps, Mae-Lynn Vincent, and Owen O'Conner-no relation to me sadly...."


Suzanne shook her head...hero her ass. Suzanne turned off the TV and dumped the remnants of her coffee in the sink. She decided to shower-knowing she could never go back to sleep. The nightmares would never allow it. She retrieved her work clothes and hurried to shower before the boys woke up. She wanted to take up the subject of sending Caine to live with Claudia-they were much too busy with work to care for him properly and besides she didn't quite trust Maxwell. Everything seemed to be going, too easily for her to trust the situation. She straightened her tie and tied her boots. She stepped out of the bathroom just as Owen's alarm blared...it was 7am exactly and Suzanne went over to Owen and flipped him out of the bed. They'd been home a week and he had yet to shave off the disgusting growth on his face. 


"Get up and shave that monstrosity off your face." Suzanne said in all seriousness and business, internally she was laughing.


"Alright fine." he picked himself up off the floor and glared in her general direction and whispered under his breath, "Women!" but he still entered the bathroom and started up the shower and razor. Suzanne went in to check on Caine before leaving for work...


"Hi baby." Caine looked up at her with his mother's eyes and cooed. "You're supposed to be sleeping." Suzanne cooed back, picking the small bundle up. "Didn't daddy sing you to sleep?"


"He won't sleep, and neither have I in the past week." Suzanne jumped a little, startled at the sudden slice in the silence.


"Neither have I. Reoccurring nightmares." Suzanne whispered in more of a coo then anything.


"It isn't your fault he's motherless..."


"Yes...it is Corey and don't try to tell me any different." Suzanne cooed again more focused on Caine then her brother.


"Annie, please, Caine will grow up and know who his mother was-and he'll know what a wonderful person his aunt is."


"Wonderful isn't the word I'd use." Suzanne scoffed.


"Stop beating yourself up." Corey said taking Caine. "Go to work." Corey said again. It was then that Suzanne noticed the bottle. She nodded and left she bumped into Owen on the way and found the fact he was beardless to be an addition to his already handsome chiseled face.




"Much." Suzanne picked up her bag and walked into the elevator she was quiet on the descent and Owen noticed but didn't say anything.


"Why haven't you been sleeping?" Owen asked suddenly just as the elevator dinged on the ground floor.


"Nightmares." Suzanne said simply and walked briskly towards the town car that waited for them. 


"That's it, that's all you're going to tell me? Nightmares about what?"


"Mae." Suzanne said turning around. "I blame myself that's why I'm not sleeping. I dream of a giant snake devouring me and all my friends...I dream of Maxwell killing Caine." 


"I had no idea, why didn't you tell me?"


"Because I know you blame me as well! Its in your eyes!" Owen was silent, and that was all she needed to know. He did blame her, surely he had to have known Mae's condition, it would be why his face had darkened when she announced it at the airport...before she had attacked her. Owen knew Mae was in no condition for childbirth, why he was so reluctant to leave New York; even though it was dangerous to stay after the death of Denton-now she understood. Mae would've died and Owen was trying to prevent the inevitable. Unfortunately no one listened, not even Mae's husband who knew better than anyone the dangers of running away could cause.


"Suzie, I don't blame you. It was Mae's decision to run."


"But I'm the one who caused the problem in the first place! I pushed her! I collapsed her uterus!"


"Under Denton's manipulation! No one blames you!"


"Caine will! He will because even if we lie to him, he'll dig up her medical records or something."


"But he can't trace it back to you-"


"You'd be surprised. He's Mae's son, he'll find a way." Suzanne whispered before slipping into the town car. Owen followed shortly after and the car drove away from the curb. The hologram projector lit up and Suzanne hit 'RECEIVE CALL' and the holographic form of Maxwell popped up. Suzanne groaned, and held in her disgust for the man.


'Hello Senior Agent Suzanne Phelps and Private Owen O'Connor, as you probably already know-Mae's body has been incinerated early this morning. The Medical Examiner bid me to tell you Suzanne that there was nothing you could have done to prevent this. Owen, your assignment for today takes you to the East End, there has been reports of Mutant activity. Suzanne you will report to Headquarters, you have paperwork and interrogations to finish. Oh and I hope you find childcare soon because Corey's paternity leaves ends in a week. I know there is no mother but I don't make the rules. That is all,  good day.'


How can he do this to Corey? Caine was the only thing he had left of Mae, and three weeks is not enough to cope without his wife. Suzanne was seething with unleashed fury and she hoped she didn't run into him today on her assignment. They travelled to the East End the only part of New York that hadn't been domed, it was the new 'Ghetto' so to speak Suzanne thought, it was the creepiest part of the city by far and no one but officials were allowed in. Owen was going to have to do this alone, find the Mutants and wipe them out. Mae felt better that Mae's body had been incinerated, this way she could never come back like Owen did-he was back but he was different, he was more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Before he was a pacifist...now he wasn't.


Owen got out of the car, kissed her goodbye and cocked his gun. He disappeared into the shadows of an ally between an old bakery and laundry mat. Suzanne settled back into her seat and allowed herself to drift off for a few minutes while the driver maneuvered the commute to Headquarters. She didn't dream this time-but she had the uneasy feeling of being watched even as she slept. When she opened her eyes she was still in the town car, but it was parked on the Ferry that took them to Liberty Island. The car submerged below deck and the floors of the boat opened and the car transformed into a submarine so it could enter the the under water entrance of  SCB HQ. When the car parked in the parking deck Suzanne stepped out of the car and was greeted by her assistant Kenneth. 


"Ma'am, the Sea Witch is in interrogation cabin One and she's very agitated."


"Good. Kenneth what does my day look like?"


"Right now you have the interrogation with Sea Witch, then you are meeting with the Dark Queen of the Fair Folk, and then the werewolf from the southern part New York. Then you have paperwork from your field work."


"Okay then. That will be all Kenneth." Suzanne groaned and made her way up to Interrogation Cabin One. The sea witch was handcuffed to an iron backed chair and she looked highly uncomfortable. 


"Took you long enough land hag!" Suzanne brushed off the insult. If anyone was a hag it was this witch.


"Now is that anyway to address the person that could end your life?" Suzanne said sweetly as she took her seat across from the witch. She had seaweed for hair, and it clung to her face like gooey slime kids played with from the Dollar store. Her eyes were but slits on her face, and her nose wasn't there at all, and her mouth was lined with urchins and other sea critters, and her teeth were sharp and jagged. She was a peice of work, her hands were clawed and her lower half reminded Suzanne of an octopus.


"I'll talk to you anyway I please! I don't care if I die or not!"


"You were arrested for conspiracy against a Government allie were you not?"


"Yes, the mermaid bitch had it comin' she owed me money!"


"Is fifty scallops really worth dying over?"


"Yes. I need the money to keep my pets afloat."


"Ms. Octo, I'm sorry but I cannot release you. Although you may find this a petty crime, the truth is you attempted murder and I can't turn a blind eye on that. Guards take her to her holding cell. And bring in her pets...if she thinks murder is so petty, kill her pets and feed them to her."


"No! You can't! Please I understand what I did was wrong."


"Do you?"


"Yes I should have never attempted to poison the girl. Afterall her happiness is the most important and her father didn't want to pay. I should've taken it out on him not her."


"I don't think killing the King of the merfolk would help your situation any more than attempting to murder his daughter."


"He has seven what's the difference if one is gone?"


"The unbalance of your world. The seven seas would be unbalanced and all hell would break out."


"Fine. Lock me up. I did wrong but the princess still part took in the illegal activity as well. She wanted a spell to turn into a different species. Why isn't she being punished?"


"Because she is under her father's jurisdiction. You are under mine." Suzanne explained as calmly as she could. "Guards please escort Ms. Octo to her cell."


"Yes ma'am." The guards hauled the sea witch down the hall and Suzanne got up and went into Cabin Two, a Reaper by the name of Callista sat with her legs crossed, her fingers tapping the table impatiently.


"Could we hurry up? I have souls to reap." 


"Callista, Colonel Maxwell asked you here for two reasons."


"Yes, and?"


"He wanted to know what exactly you did, and where you got your power."


"That's it? Why couldn't he have asked me that himself?"


"I don't know. I don't know why he needs this information either."


"Oh. Well its simple really, after Death reaps the soul, we collect them and guide them to either Heaven or Hell. If they have unfinished business we help them solve it. Our power comes from our sycthes, you know the long curves blades on long sticks? The ones old farmers would use to harvest crops?"


"Yea I know what it is. So all your power is in that weapon?"


"Its not a weapon. We hardly use it but if a soul tries to escape we use it to keep them close."


"Oh that will be all then."


"So can I go?"


"Let me check with Maxwell and I'll let you know."


"Okay." Callista smiled and went back to tapping her fingers. She was the nicest supernatural she has ever seen.

Suzanne walked down the hall and ran up the stairs to Maxwell's new office. She knocked quickly on the door and it opened automatically....strange. Suzanne entered and saw that it was empty besides the open tablet on the desk. She sat down and realized it was Maxwell's personal log. She knew she shouldn't read it but curiousity got the best of her, and besides in the past he had read her diary.


The plan to reanimate Mae's body is almost complete. Just need a reliable reaper to help me. I need her brainwashed completely so I have complete control. My plan is set for today...I cannot wait I just need Suzanne to get the answers from Callista.


No! Maxwell was going resurrect Mae, and have her completely under his control. She had to stop him- she ran from the office and back to Interrogation Cabin Two. It was empty...no, Suzanne ran down the place where they held her for two years. She stopped and showed the guard her ID he shook his head and told her she couldn't go in.


"Why not?"


"Because you're not permitted to go in today. You are only permitted to be in your office and the Interrogation Cabins." The guard said.


"Fine. Just know the Colonel is doing something very illegal in there!" 


"We know. We just don't care."




"No, he pays us, you don't." Suzanne sighed, money still controlled everyone's conscious. Even after the apocalypse. Her best friend was going to be turned into a blindless robot and she couldn't do anything to stop it. She had to call the one man who probably had more power over these guys. Mae's husband. Her brother.


"Corey. Maxwell is planning to resurrect Mae to use as his war machine. You've got to convince these guards to let me in!" The line went dead before Corey could utter a word. A guard smiled, he was holding a singal block. 


"Sorry little lady. But your friend is going to be Maxwell's slave whether you like it or not." Suzanne pulled out her gun and shot the guard and his friend. She hit the "OPEN" button and ran inside, searching for Maxwell and Callista. She found them in Bay TWELVE and she rushed in, but was captured by a giant guard. Its arms squeezed her until her gun dropped from her grasp. 


"NO! Please Maxwell don't do this!"


"Sorry but what Owen did was unforgivable and I plan to exterminate him with the one person he loves more than you."


"Callista don't do it!" Callista looked at her and smiled a sad smile before uttering the magic words. "NO! Mae don't come! Don't listen!" 


"Shut her up will you?" The giant knocked upside the head, and Suzanne lost consciousness.


"NOoooooo!" was her last word before she blacked out completely.

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