Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


11. Welcome Home

People: Mae Lynn, Suzanne, Owen, Corey, Mrs. Vincent

Relation: Shocked friends

Location: Hyatt Hotel, NY, NY

When: Three months after Owen's death. Three hours after Owen's return



Mae Lynn:


Mae watched as her mother took in Owen. Mae smiled as her mother; Claudia Vincent engulfed her best friend into a bone crushing hug. And then slap him a crossed the face. Mae gasped and went to Owen's side.


"Mom, what the hell?"


"Owen, don't you ever do that ever again. Do you understand me? Do you know how much pain these three have been through in the last three months? No you don't do you? Mae has been beside herself with grief, half the time I don't even think she knew who she was, Suzy over here was so grief stricken she wanted to flirt with anything that moved, and Corey here he wouldn't show it but when he was deployed to the Mid West he was more sad about leaving Mae in her state of mind and your grave than he was about dying himself!" Mae looked at Owen, and saw his eyes tearing up.


"Mom stop it! Owen knows, he knows what death does to a person! It wasn't his fault. Nikki killed him! She cured herself and listened to what Owen had to say and then she pushed him off the roof." 


"Is it true? Did Nikki kill you?"


"Yes, God I was so stupid! Don't tell your ex that you found someone new when she was a mutant. She will kill you."


"So is Nikki a threat?"


"Most definitely." Mae whispered.


"Who's going to kill her? Or bring her in?" Corey asked.


"You. You're the military official." Anne said.


"You two are federal agents!" Corey fired back.


"So. We've never killed anyone before."


"I've killed mutants. Not people." Corey snapped.


"Guys. I'll do it." Owen said, Mae watched as her best friend took the gun from Corey. "I should've just killed her three months ago." The four of them watched Owen exit the room. Down the hall in a different room was Danny and Nikki, Mae gasped in horror as she heard the gun shot, and then another. Owen came back, blood on his shirt and hands.


"Danny-" Mae started,


"Got in the way." Owen finished for her. "I'm sorry." Owen went off towards the kitchen. 


"I'll make him some tea." Suzanne said quietly as she followed Owen. Mae was left with a shocked looking Corey and a mother who was trying not to cry. Nikki was dead...score. But Danny? What did Danny do? Mae recalled what she had said to him and started to cry. The one sided screaming match was too much for her to handle as she collapsed into Corey's arms.


"The last words I spoke to him...they were awful."


"Shh, it wasn't you. You weren't yourself."


"Oh yes it was. I knew what I was saying but I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop and now I can't apologize." Mae whispered. "I owe him so much and now he's gone too."


"Mae Lynn; you thought he was dead before. Now he is dead and I'm sorry at least you spent three months with him alive. But maybe it was his time you know all those months ago but instead he was saved by your mother. Maybe it was their time."


"Nasty way of going." Claudia said as she unfroze from her shock. "Karma's a bitch though."


"Danny didn't do anything wrong."


"Dear, he almost left me behind. He almost just left me there in the classroom with my leg pinned and loosing blood from the wound in my side...but the only thing that saved me was Danny when I said, 'What would Mae want you to do?' He turned around and scooped me up and he ran to the basement. I saw your car speed away but I wanted you to live; and I would only slow you down. I told Danny about it later and he was so angry he wanted to be with you. But in the end he understood. We could be infected; I had no doubt that Owen had gotten you to a shelter. I knew that the Titanium Blue was defective. Without us you could start a new life somewhere; meet someone new." she paused to smile at Corey. "A month or so after the initial bomb we knew we weren't infected but we didn't regret our decision. I was dying and Danny was trying to keep my health up. He gave me his phone to call you; you didn't answer but I left you a message and Danny did the same. We wanted to say goodbye; we had no idea that you would be on your way to save us. No idea that you had saved the world."


"Mom, he saved you. Danny only acts on survival. He didn't know what he was doing."


"Sweetheart, he almost gave me to the Mutants...he was losing it he wanted out but he knew he couldn't do anything with me so he picked me up and he almost opened the door but he rethought his plan and placed me back down. I almost didn't survive. Danny only thinks about himself but he did love you. I believe that because that's the only thing that kept me alive."


"Well its too late for that isn't it? Danny's dead." Mae stepped out of Corey's embrace and walked off towards her room. She needed to be alone. She didn't love Danny; not the way he wanted but he was still one of her best friends. Now he was dead and she didn't know what to feel. She went from one tragedy to another. At least Owen is back--but Owen killed Danny, Danny tried to defend the monster who killed Owen in the first place. They probably thought Owen was a Mutant or something. Mae slid down her wall, the emotions swirling inside her were causing her to feel, nothing at all. She was void but she could feel the emotions, it was just that she couldn't find one to describe what she was going through right now. 


"Mae, can we talk?" Owen asked through the door. Mae didn't answer, she heard three knocks..."Please Mae?" Mae got up and answered the door. 


"Hello." Mae whispered. She wasn't angry, or sad. 


"You alright?" What a stupid question Owen. 


"I don't know. I feel all of these emotions; but I can't find one that sticks to the situation."


"I'm sorry. He was asleep and when I cocked the gun he woke up and turned and saw me there over Nikki; he jumped up and dived in front of the gun as I pulled the trigger. I didn't think I pulled the trigger again and they were both dead." 


"I don't blame you for Danny's stupidity." Mae said finally. "Welcome home I guess." 


"Yea, some home welcoming, huh?"


"Only us. Killing your best friends counts for a welcome present, right?"


"In Post Apocalyptic America? Yes I think that qualifies." 


"God I missed you."


"You just missed my jokes."


"No. I missed you." Mae said. 


"If you missed me then give me a hug."


"Okay." Mae wrapped her arms around Owen and he engulfed him in his stench. "Dude. Shower. Now."


"Alright." Owen left and she laughed. God he did stink...he's been decomposing for three months and now he just stinks. Mae went in search of Corey and found him on the couch watching some movie about the recent apocalypse. 


"So whose portraying us?"


"No clue who these people are. But the girl playing you isn't as pretty as you."


"Thank you. So who is playing you?"


"I don't know." 


"Oh." Mae whispered as she looked at the screen. "How the hell did they know about our kiss? Did we tell the news that?"


"We told them everything. I mean everything." Mae sat next to Corey.


"This is weird. I don't know whether to kiss you or to just watch other people portray our first kiss."


"It is weird but they sent it over for us to check over before they released it. The first movie since the apocalypse."


"They saved a lot on scenery." Mae said laughing.


"Yes there is that."


"I like it." Mae said. "Its nice to be appreciated."


"Yes and this way we'll be remembered forever." Corey said.


"Hey, what are you guys watching?"


"Our story of how we saved the world." Corey answered his sister.


"Oh. Is this the part after I died and before I came back?"


"Yes." Corey said through a laugh.


"Good." Suzanne sat between Corey and Mae.


"Suzanne, there's a whole other couch."


"I know. But I want to sit here."


"We were cuddling." Mae pouted.


"Oops." Suzanne moved over to the other side of Mae and curled up in a blanket. "My boyfriend smells of death."


"Not anymore. Now I smell like a tropical paradise filled with passion fruit and fire lilies."


"Hey Owen." Mae said. "Thank God we didn't get the body wash with the odor of 'Decomposed Man'."


"Very funny." Owen went over to Suzanne and kissed her head and sat in the arm chair. "What we watching."


"How Our World was Saved."


"Any good?"


"Its our story Owen, well up until the antidote is distributed."


"Oh, here's my line then. 'Okay push the button Mae.'."


The eerie sound of the actor portraying Owen echoing the very line he said on the roof of the Empire State Building all those months ago echoed through the room.


"Creepy." Corey whispered.


"You guys had all the fun."


"Oh please being eaten by Mutants had to be fun."


"NO! It was extremely painful. Human teeth are dull and when dead are even worse!"


"I'm so sorry." Owen said.


"Its fine." Suzanne said quickly. "I forgave you okay?"


"Okay. "


"Is it over?"


"Yep. After the credits are our original interviews though. Remember when they interviewed us? It was like four months ago."


"Oh, I just came back into New York and that reporter all pulled aside in the lobby?"




"That's how they got it so spot on." Mae said.


"Welcome home dude. But I'm going to bed." Corey said as he stood up. "Night babe."


"Night Corey." Mae said as she kissed him.


"Night Corey." Suzanne said as he walked away. 


"I'm going to go to bed too. Night Owen, night Anne." Mae said as she got up. She hugged Suzanne and then Owen before going off towards her room. She smiled as she turned to dim the lights she watched Owen move to the couch and Suzanne nestle up in his arms. She hit power on the radio and the romantic serenade of the classic singer John Mayer sounded throughout the living area. She saw them smile and then she disappeared into her room. Welcome home Owen, welcome home. 

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