Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


1. Waking Up

Suzanne and Corey 

Relation:Brother and Sister

Location: Detroit Michigan, United States of America

When: June 15th 2045, post apocalypse

I pushed off the rumble from my small petite body. I looked around for my brother Corey. I heard my name called from a crossed what used to be my bedroom. 

"Suzanne! Help me please my leg it's caught!" I rushed to my twin brother and saw with horror that my art sculpture had broken and a piece of metal had gone straight through his leg and pinning it to the ground below. 

"Oh Corey I'm so sorry! That statue was stupid."

"Just get me out of here!" He screamed in pain. I pulled hard and fast on the piece of protruding metal. He screamed, and I cried. 

"I'm so sorry. I grabbed the remains of my comforter and wrapped his wound. "This won't last long, and I'm afraid that there are no more supplies or people here on Earth anymore."

"You're probably right Anne."  I helped him up and let him use me as a crutch.

"Come on let's see if the car survived." I didn't want to think about mom and dad and Fluffy my dog. I couldn't cry now. What would be the point of it? To our surprise the car was safe. I grabbed the keys and loaded Corey into the car. 

"Where exactly are we going?"

"Anywhere but here."


Mae-Lynn and Owen

Relation: Best Friends

Location: Fort Myers Florida, United States of America

When: June 15, 2045  post apocalypse.


Owen's POV


I woke up, it was a normal day in Fort Myers Florida. I thought today would be the day I'd tell my best friend I loved her. I got up and dressed and walked down the street to Mae-Lynn's. I walked in the door, not bothering to knock anymore and was greeted with the smell of Mrs. Vincent's blueberry waffles. 


"Hey Mrs. V." I said lazily as I slumped into a nearby chair.


"Hello Owen, where are you and my daughter going this fine morning?"


"Probably the park. Since they shut down the mall." I answered indifferently.


"Anything special planned?"


"Not a thing." I couldn't tell the girl I love's mother could I? That I planned to reveal my true affections towards Mae- Lynn. Where is Mae?


"Mae Lynn! Owen is here!" I heard a shuffle from upstairs and Mae- Lynn's familiar combat boots clunking down the stairs. Her hair the color of autumn leaves shimmered in ruby waves down her back, and her freckled face hinted the season, summer at last. She wore her usual military attire complete with camouflage cargo pants and matching mini jacket. She wore her father's dog tags around her neck and his wedding ring as well. Mr. Vincent died in action three years ago, and Mae has never let it go. 


"Hey Owen. Mm Mom this smells awesome. Is that bacon?" Mae had her father's appetite to the third degree at times, and evidently today was one of those times. "So where we off to?" Mae asked mirroring her mother's question, and face.


"Off to the park. People watch, have a picnic. Old timer stuff."


"No, not twerking!" Mae mock shouted in fear. 


"Very funny Mae-Lynn. No I was thinking we could Gangnam Style a bit."


"That's even worse!" Owen rolled his blue eyes and sighed.


"Mae-Lynn, when do I ever summit you to torture?"


"Never. Unless you count reading those old Terms and Policy things."


"What? They're hilarious. I heard no one read them."


"And no one does! So why do you?"


"Its a contract. I like to make sure the Russians don't try and like steal my dreams or something." 


"You're worse then my boyfriend." Mae whispered.


Damn it always with Danny "So what's up with your girlfriend?" Damn it, Nikki.


"She has detention."


"So does Danny. You done?"


She took my plate and she grabbed her keys. Oh no. She is driving. "Well come on." when I didn't move she placed her hand on her hip and sighed. "I'll have you know I got a perfect score on my driving exam, and my hover exam." I couldn't argue with a perfect score. I got up and we drove to the park.


It was a normal day as I mentioned before. People were laughing and playing, walking babies in strollers and the like. Mae and I sat on a crest of a hill and lazily watched the people go by. We  saw the the flash of light from above and I raced to the EMERGENCY button and the alarm blared, GET TO THE NEAREST BOMB SHELTER THIS IS NOT A DRILL I grabbed Mae and ran to the bomb shelter that was a few feet from us. No one heard the alarm, no one. Or they couldn't find a shelter because they never learned where to look. It was too late the bombs dropped. I latched the steel door and waited... I waited for hours with Mae in my arms. She was crying we both knew everyone was dead.


    I opened the doors of the bomb shelter. The sight that met my eyes was terrifying.  I glanced back at my best friend Mae-Lynn,


"Mae come on with the food. We got to get to a car and get out of here."


"What makes you so sure my car will work?"


"Well I don't know it survived your driving and your mother's."


"Hey! I'm not a terrible driver!"


"Tell that to the pedestrians of Fort Myers." I said laughing.


"Oh you're trying to make me laugh. It's not working if you haven't noticed."


"Come on I think we're the only survivors. No one thought the alert was real." I took her hand and helped her out into the polluted area around us.


"Where's the sun? Where's everyone?"


"The nuclear bomb must've disintegrated them like in Japan in 1945."


"Odd isn't it? 1945 was the end of World War Two with a nuclear bomb and 2045 is the end of Cold War Two with all the nuclear bombs going off."


"Yeah odd. Exactly one hundred years later."


"Come on and let's find my car. The stupid cockroach."


"Did you just call your car a cockroach?"


"Well it will be one if it survived won't it?"


"I guess so. But have you seen a cockroach yet?"


"No, but doesn't mean their not alive."


"True. How long do you think we'll survive?"


"Without food? Or with all the radiation?"




"No clue Owen. Professor Claudette said you'd only survive for one day per ounce of radiation used."


"Well how much radiation is there in one bomb?"


"No idea. So let's try to keep positive. Hey the Cockroach!" she cried pointing to her red rusty 2007 Volkswagen beetle.


"What do you know, Betty the beetle survived."


"I told you Betty was a cockroach. Now let's see if she starts." I climbed in after Mae, and as she put the key in the ignition I held my breath. The out of date car came alive and Mae put it in reverse and drove right out of Fort Myers. The place where we once called our beautiful home. Now it was charred with black, piles of ash where people once stood scattered throughout the town. The school was a skeleton of black charred Titanium Blue.


"Thought they said that Titanium Blue would withstand anything."


"I guess they lied. I feel bad for the people who used it for a bomb shelter."


"Nikki and Danny said they had detention today. Plus your mom and dad and my mom and dad are teachers there. What if they thought it was the safest place."


"There are no survivors Owen. We can't help them. There's nothing left but piles of ash and burnt skeletons here. We have to leave to see if other's survived."


"We should've bought the tickets to outer space for the concert."


"Yeah I know."


"Nikki and Danny would still be alive."


"But our parents wouldn't be."


"Four is better than two."


"Stop. We are probably the only survivors. Let's find some Twinkies or something."


"MAE LOOK OUT!" Mae stepped on the brakes. A creature stood there. Its green peeling skin, hung in clumps and its eyes shone red. From where I sat I knew it used to be Nikki. My first love. Oh god. "It's Nikki!"


"How the hell can you tell?"


"The way she's standing. The way she's looking at me."


"Dude that's the look of 'oh I'm a zombie and there's human's I can munch on over there."


"Run her over."


"Are you sure?"


"DO IT!" Mae Lynn hit the gas and the the old beetle lurched forward and rammed into Once Was Nikki. It flew back and landed in a broken heap. "Keep going. Before we run into anymore Mutant Zombies."


"Yep let's go."


"Where to?"


"Anywhere but here Owen. Anywhere but here."



Suzanne and Corey

Location: Nashville TN, United States of America.

When: June 24 2045,  nine days after Nuclear War ended. 

Corey's POV


"Anne there's no other survivors. All we've seen here is those Mutants."


"Yea well I'm not giving up. Not everyone can be dead!"


"We need weapons and ammunition." I led my twin sister over to the 'Gun 'n' More' shop and broke the security gate. "Ladies first."


"You're such a gentleman." I rolled my eyes and followed her. I picked up a M-27 and an ancient M-16 I got the ammunition and a duffel bag. I loaded as many guns and ammunition I could. I looked over to Anne and she held a Katana in her hands. She looked like a warrior princess.


"Nice sword."


"Thanks help me find the sheath. Oh here's a machete."


"Thanks." I grabbed all the knives as well and loaded them into a messenger bag I found. 


"Think we have enough weapons yet?"




"I'll help you then." She grabbed everything she thought would be useful. She even found grenades.


"Okay now I think we're good." the store was bare. "Let's find a grocery store and pharmacy so we can get some supplies."


"Okay everything here seems to be untouched you know? Like no one died but became Zombies instead." Anne said. I looked past her and saw a car pull onto the famous Nash Vegas Boulevard. It was an old beat up red Volkswagen beetle from 2007. I tapped her to turn around and she held up her newly found pistol. 


"Hold your fire Annie."




"Have you seen a zombie drive before?"


"Well no." 


"Let them get out of their car first." I watched the beetle closely. The driver's side door opened and the most beautiful girl climbed out. She had long red hair, bright green eyes, and a button nose. She wasn't petite like my sister, she was definitely curvy. And she knew it. The passenger side opened and a guy climbed out the way he looked at her told me he'd known her forever. He had brown curly hair, blue eyes, he was average height about 5'9 he was tan so he was from a Southern State. They walked over to us. They weren't afraid.

"Hi there my name is Mae-Lynn. This is Owen my best friend. We're from Fort Myers."


"Florida? No wonder you're so hot" I said. "I mean tan sorry." my sister looked at me and laughed.


"My brother has trouble talking to pretty girls. Hello Owen, and Mae-Lynn. My name is Suzanne. This is my twin brother the doofus Corey." 


"We're from Detroit."


"No wonder you're so pale." Mae-Lynn giggled. Owen rolled his eyes.


"You know Mae we're in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse and you're flirting with a stranger?"


"He's not a stranger I know his name. And where's he's from." It was Anne's turn to roll her eyes. But she didn't stop looking at Owen.


"So where you heading?" Owen said


"No where in particular. Everything's ruined everyone is basically dead. Or undead." I answered him.


"We could open a Zombie Killing Service." Anne said.


"Yeah but what Zombie would hire us to kill other Zombies?" Mae Lynn said


"Oh right everyone but us is a Zombie." Anne said. 


"We could go on a zombie killing spree."


"Sounds fun Mae." I said.


"Yeah it does Mayflower."


"Did you just call her a boat?" 


"Corey's a history buff."


"The Mayflower was one of the ships Christopher Columbus used to make his voyage in 1492."


"Owen you've been calling me a boat all these years?"


"I didn't know. Professor Claudette never mentioned it."


"Oh boy." Anne said. "We have company." I turned to where she pointed. A green mess was limping towards us. It was wearing remnants of a band t-shirt and skinny jeans great an emo Zombie. I grabbed my M-27 and gave Mae-Lynn the M-16 and Owen a bow and arrow.


"Really dude?" Owen groaned

"Fine." I shoved a shot gun into his hands. "Get ready to fire." I saw behind the whole city of Nashville. All were Mutants. "Get in the van ALL OF YOU NOW!! GO GO GO." We piled in with all of the weapons. I've never seen Mae Lynn and Owen before today but I had a strange feeling that I needed to protect them. To give them a family. 


"Corey why aren't we fighting?" screamed Anne.


"Do you want to die?"


"Well no."


"Then drive like hell!" Mae Lynn screamed from the back seat. Owen had his gun posed ready to blow out the back window if necessary. Mae Lynn clutched her gun tightly as if it were a doll. "Owen are they coming? Is Nikki and Danny out there?"


"Who are Nikki and Danny?" Anne asked impulsively not  thinking of the painful memories the retelling would bring forward. Mae-Lynn was the first to speak.


"Danny was my boyfriend. We had been dating since we were fourteen. Friends since we were in diapers. Owen and I we've known each other for ever. When the three of us met Nikki well we all fell in love with her personality. Owen more then Danny and I."


"Nikki and Danny didn't make it to a bomb shelter. They misunderstood on where to go. They thought that the school would be safe. The school was made of faulty Titanium Blue."


"They were turned into Mutants. I had to run over Nikki with the Cockroach. I never found Danny or my parents."


"Oh god, you guys I'm sorry I asked. It must've been horrible to experience and I had to ask you to retell it."


"Owen, was she beautiful?" I asked.


"God she was most beautiful creature in the world. She walked with confidence and when she looked at me, I knew she loved me. She didn't have to tell me that, she did. She had long wavy soft as angel wings blonde hair. Tan skin from volunteering at the local pool. She tutored the little children in all subjects. She never asked for anything in return! And she's dead! I should've made her and Danny come with us to the park! I should've done something!"

"Owen you can't blame yourself! I could've done something as well. We can't change the past. We need to focus on surviving!" Mae Lynn whispered to him.


"What do we know about Zombies?" Anne asked;


"In history class we learned  that this happened once before, in um..." I answered.


"1945." Mae Lynn piped up.


"Yes in 1945 the whole Japanese population turned into mutants. They almost wiped out the entire island. Until the Chinese and American military stepped in and gassed the island with a cure. There's no body now to release the antidote! We are going to die."  I continued;


"Corey please, stop talking like that. We know that they like flesh and lots of it. I know they are not like vampires, they can survive in the daylight. Their fast, and strong. They can withstand injuries no human can. Nikki was flown back one hundred yards and she got up and limped away." Mae Lynn cried.


"We can release the antidote. We can drive to Washington D.C and release it."

"Our capital isn't in D.C anymore. Its in Albany remember? But there's a chance that they kept the antidote there. For safe keeping." Anne said. 


Suzanne, Corey, Mae-Lynn and Owen.

Relation: Strange Friends

Location: Outside of Washington D.C.

When: June 30 2045- post apocalypse

Where to: Old Medical Research Center 

Mae-Lynn's POV


I woke up with my head against a window. Everything over the past few weeks came rushing back in a giant flash of painful memories. When it got to the part about my feelings for Corey and betraying Danny so quickly I cried. I hoped I didn't wake anyone. I noticed Anne had pulled over during the night to sleep and the Zombie's had made a circle around the van waiting. I woke up Owen and Corey. 


"Guys look the Mutants! Anne must've pulled over to sleep and lost track of the time."


"Alright I'll pull her into the back. And I'll take over." Corey said. Before we could answer the Zombie's attacked. They charged forward and smashed all the glass. I fired my gun and the first round of Zombie's disappeared. More dead than they were. This is the first time since we've been on the road. 


"Hurry up Corey! We don't have much time!" I cried. Owen grabbed my shooting hand and held it down telling me silently to stop. He wanted to die. He wanted to join Nikki. I wanted to survive! "Owen if you want to die then leave the van let them devour you until there's nothing left than red stained bones. But I can't guarantee Nikki will be waiting for you because if there was a God then why the hell would he make us suffer like this.?"

"Mae don't lose faith in Him!"

"I don't have a choice because guess what? We're on hell right now. I don't have faith because I've looked at my surroundings! Like you should."


"Guys quit it will you. In case you haven't noticed its the second round of the apocalypse out there. First it was the bomb now its the Mutants." Corey yelled from the front seat waking his sister. She started to scream and I didn't know why then I looked at the window a Zombie was munching on her arm. No, not Anne. I said what had to be done.


"Chuck her out to them Corey, I know its hard but she'll only suffer if you don't she'll become one of them." Corey looked back at me in understanding and he saw the tears in my eyes. I didn't want Anne to go to her death but it was the only way to survive. "Owen say a prayer for her. Just in case there is a God." 


"Dear Heavenly Father take your daughter into your Great Kingdom. Bless her as an angel for she has walked the path of God and Jesus. Call as you're Saint name her as the Saint of the Apocalypse let her be our Savior. Amen." Owen made the cross a crossed his body as he concluded his prayer. Corey didn't want to hear the screams so he chucked her out and sped away. I could hear her. Her screams were the sound of pain and betrayal. I covered my ears and focused on looking for more Mutants. To kill and seek revenge for Suzanne. Corey didn't speak for a long time almost until we had arrived to the Medical Research Center. I broke the silence,


"Corey I'm so sorry. It should have been you're decision. I saw the zombie chomping on her arm and I made the instinctual decision."


"Mae Lynn it's fine Anne would've done the same. It's just that she was my twin. You know? We shared the womb for nine months and we did everything together. I'm going to miss her so much. I don't blame you, you made a decision, it saved us all." He parked the van outside the R.C and we got out weapons in hand. 


"Come on if the antidote and the distribution device is here we better hurry. The sun is going down." Owen said, he was taking charge. After what happened in the van, after I found out he'd rather be dead than survive along with me and Corey. It should have been Owen who died at least Anne had some fight in her, at least she wanted to survive like the rest of us. I followed him instead of smacking a crossed the face. We had to stick together.  We needed to survive and Owen had to wake up and smell the decomposing flesh that was still walking around trying to kill us.


"We can't split up there's too little of us and I'm not chancing going alone. Come on let's check the basement. Who know's what the ancient government was hiding."


"Yea let's follow Mae Lynn. Owen no offense I saw what you did earlier. You held down her shooting arm silently telling her to give up and in doing so you allowed the zombie's enough time to get to my sister."


"Hey sorry to be practical!"


"Practical? Are you serious you almost got us all killed!"


"What's to live for? A false hope that there's enough antidote to gas the whole world?"


"Yes and it's not false. Hope can't be false. Either you have faith or you don't!"


"Look who's talking! You said in the car you lost your faith!"


"I didn't lose faith in humanity, you did. Come on Corey let's find the antidote." I left Owen there, he could either follow or he could fulfill his dream and die at the hands of the Mutants. Washington D.C had been abandoned for almost thirty years. After the fall of the first government in the United States, the State of New York rose to the occasion and saved the whole country as much as I hate to admit it, my ancestors led the Golden Age.My family was very corrupt in the ancient times. Now in 2045 we are a very uh nice bunch of people. After my grandfather died the corruptness ended in the family. Now its the apocalypse and I don't know if I can be my grandfather and lead them to victory to save them. Corey and I walked into the basement and found aisles filled with antidotes for different apocalypse outcomes.

"Zombie, Nuclear Zombie, Natural Disaster Zombie, Zombie Virus." I read each aisle.


"Jesus what were they planning?"


"You mean what were they anticipating? Everything I guess. Except Vampires."


"Yep. I think we need Nuclear Zombies."


"Yes I think so too," I turned to see Owen there. He smirked at me and walked down the aisle to retrieve the antidote. "Guys this stuff expires....today. If we're going to save the world let's hurry up. Find the Distributor." I ran to the back of the room and found the machine.


"We have to find the highest place in the United States."


"The Empire State Building."


"If it's still standing that was built before the ancient government fell in 2012."


"Yes it was but it was reinforced with Titanium Red-42 in 2025 to protect it. It's still standing I know it." Corey said. 


"Just in case what's the second?"


"The statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge in California."


"Alright let's get going." I said "Move out guys."


Owen, Corey, and Mae-Lynn

Location: NYC, Empire State Building.

When: July 4 2045 post apocalypse. 

Intent: to save the world.

Owen's POV

We parked in front of the historic building for a moment we just stared up at the top of it. The needle poked through the nuclear residue like a beacon of hope Mae Lynn was speaking of. I was the first to get out, I checked the surrounding area, it was dangerous to go into one of the most populated areas prior to the apocalypse. I gave the all clear sign. Mae Lynn came out lugging the many vials of antidote, and Corey followed closely behind her with the machine that would distribute the antidote. We would have to climb to the top because I don't trust the elevator in this place.


"Come on, up the stairs, Mae Lynn here take the gun I'll carry the vials for you."


"Thanks Owen." She grabbed the gun and I started up the stairs not looking behind me.


Corey's POV.

Owen took the bag of vials from Mae Lynn in return for the gun. I rolled my eyes he was trying to be chivalrous. 


"Thanks Owen." was all Mae said. He started up the stairs. "Corey can I speak with you?"


"Sure." I set down the machine and Mae rushed over to me and placed her lips against mine.


"In case we don't survive and it doesn't work."


"Uh yeah." I kissed her back. "That's for thinking we're not going to survive because we are." I picked up the machine and followed her up the many flights of stairs.



Owen's POV



I reached the top of the building and Mae Lynn and Corey followed shortly after looking flushed. 


"Ready guys?"


"Yes Owen we're ready." Corey said.


"Mae you were always good in Chemistry and science set up the machine please." Mae Lynn stepped forward and started working. Two hours later it was done. 

"I set it up so it won't need power. It needs to be hooked up on the needle so I can place the vials around the gas distributors."


"I volunteer." Corey said. He picked up the machine and a couple vials and climbed up the needle, he jumped down moments later. "Okay Mae push the button."  Mae picked up the remote and pressed the only button. Instantly I saw a change, the sky around the needle cleared and a green light blasted from the Machine. I looked down to where zombies had formed and as the green rain came down and hit them they started to change back into humans. We did it, I turned to Mae Lynn but she was kissing and hugging Corey like they had been together forever. We had done it but would it last?

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