Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


3. Wake Up Little Suzy

People: Mae Lynn, Owen and Suzanne, Corey,

Location: The Hyatt Hotel - New York City

Relationships: Friends. Brother and Sister

When: Post Apocalypse 2045 - 13 Days after the Cure was Distributed over NYC


Owen and Mae

"She hates me, Suzanne hates me and so does Corey. You're the only friend I've got left Mae."


"They don't hate you, they're both just a bit mad at you, Can you blame them and if they don't get over it and don't want to forgive you for what was a mistake a bad decision, well then we only met them a while ago we're not joined at the hip or anything."


"We can go you and me Owen just like it usually is me and you, and we can go find my mom."


"Your Mom, you think she's still alive?"


"I have to think that, I have to believe it especially after Suzanne came back when we all thought she was dead. If she survived then maybe my mom did, and I have a vial of the antidote to use and cure her if my mom is still alive."


"You kept a vial of that stuff."


"Yeah, just in case we needed it for someone else. Look there's nothing for us to stick around NYC for, so in the morning I'll ask Corey and Suzanne if they want to come with us if not then, we say goodbye and go our own way."


"Ok I like the sound of that."



I got up off the bed we'd been sitting on as we talked and said good night I went to leave and go back to my room, for a moment I was about to turn around and finally tell Mae how I feel about her, but at the last moment I chickened out, and just said goodnight again before walking out of her room. Mae never got the chance to say goodnight to me I just rushed out embarrassed That I'd lost my nerve like that.


Mae-Lynn POV

Mae saw Owen turn around and then just stand there and look at her, before turning around again and heading out the door.


That was weird I wonder why Owen stopped and turned like that as he was about to leave. I heard a sound coming from right outside my door and looked through the spy hole to see Owen just stood there his arm raised and his fist shut tight like he was about to knock on the door. But he didn't after several minutes he just turned and walked to his room across the hallway and went inside and slammed the door shut.



I know I've probably been annoying her a little bit just hanging around her all the time, even more than usual when we were back home, but I can't help myself I got Anne back and now I'm afraid to let her out of my sight again in case something else happens.


I know she'll probably be asleep or maybe having a bath she does like to soak in a bathtub, but I want to see her again, I need to come up with a reason to knock on her door, that doesn't make me look weird and clingy.

Oh I can't think of a good reason, I think I should try and get some sleep and check on her in the morning. I'm sure she'll be all right on her own for one night.



I was relieved to have a few minutes to myself, as much as I love him I need a bit of time to myself to try and come to terms with what has happened to me recently. And there was no better place to do it than this huge bathtub I'm soaking in.


I suppose I can't blame him for wanting to be with me a lot he's just so happy that I'm alive, after losing mom and dad and then believing he'd lost me I am just happy he didn't do anything silly like take his own life.


I know he would've been depressed and angry with himself and with Owen and might of felt he had no one left to care about. I'm just glad his usual sense of hope won through.


Well that and I think he might have the hots for Mae Lynn, maybe I can find out if she likes him and help them get together. I would certainly feel better if Corey won her over Owen, as I know he likes her probably has done for a long time judging by the way he looks at her.


I know I'm not usually the type of girl to be that petty but as he almost got me killed, I think I'm entitled to a little pettiness in payback.


I came out of the bathroom in the hotel suite, one of the many things the newly returned people of New York City were only to happy to let Mae, Corey and even Owen have for free now that the news that they were the ones who had saved them got out.


I put on the hotel pyjamas, and crawled into the big luxurious bed. Such a shame that it wasn't where I woke up. No that was in a room with steel walls and I was handcuffed to a chair.



It was turned 4:00am and I was wide awake.

I had tried to sleep after my disastrous attempt at telling Mae how I really feel about her, but was tossing and turning in that luxurious bed.

All because I panicked. I see the way Corey looks at her and as much as she is probably still upset about Dannys death, she doesn't mention him and I see that she likes spending time with Corey and even if she doesn't realize it herself yet, she likes him.

She looks at him in ways she's never looked at me and it scares me that I might have messed up and left it to late to make her see me as anything other than a friend.


That's what's keeping me up at nights not the zombie apocalypse, wanting a girl to like me. Probably a bit selfish, but so what.


I got up and decided to take a walk, maybe even go outside after all this is my first time in New York and having a walk through a few city streets might be cool.


I left my room quietly so I didn't wake Mae. I walked down the corridor turned left and got on the elevator, now unsure if this was the one I'd ridden up to my room.


As I stepped off the elevator I found I was somehow at the back of the building not the foyer as I wanted, I think that was a freight elevator I just got off not the passenger one.


Oh well never mind, I thought I'm on the ground level so I walked round until I found an exit and stepped out into the brisk night air, I was disturbed by the sound of an engine running and looked to my left to see a black van sat there the headlights off but there was definitely someone at the wheel and they obviously didn't want to be seen. I have twenty twenty vision so I could tell that he was wearing a mask of some kind all you can really see were his eyes.


I ducked behind the garbage bin and watched, I was shocked when I saw two men coming out of another service entrance carrying an unconscious Suzanne.


I froze and clamped my hand over my mouth to stop from screaming and convinced they might hear my heavy breathing as I began to feel a panic attack come on. I peeked out from my hiding spot to see these guys who were also dressed in black load Suzanne in the back of the van.


I didn't know what to do but duck back behind the bin and pin my back against the wall and hope they don't see me.


I heard the vans engine start and sound like it was getting closer, then it rolled right past me, inches from where I was crouched down. I made the mistake of looking up just as the passenger side went passed and the man in the cab of the van just happened to be looking out the window he looked down and straight at me.


I remained there frozen as the van carried on another few meters, but then it stopped and some survival instinct kicked in as I scrambled to my feet and began to run.


I heard the van door open and a set of feet land on the ground as one of the men jumped out. I was running realizing I was running away from the hotel and who knows where I didn't know the city so had no idea where I was heading. I didn't care and picked up speed as I heard the unmistakable sound of a gun being fired.


Location: Classified

Relationships: Interrogator and Subject.

When: Post Apocalypse 2045 - Two weeks after the Cure was Distributed over NYC



I was terrified and screamed for help as loud as I could, until a crackling sound from several sets of speakers in embedded the walls startled me and then a male voice sounded through them filling the room seemingly echoing off the walls. 'Wakey, wakey little Suzy, it's time for you to answer some questions about what happened to you. What really happened, not the story you told your brother and your friends.'


I looked around the square box with no exits, or points of entry; that I could see.  I was scared, and alone. "What do you want? Why me?" I screamed at no one in particular. The wall popped open, forming an invisible door. A man in his fifties with a jagged scar over his left eye entered the room, and plopped himself in an identical steel chair minus the handcuffs a crossed from her.


"I hope Suzanne you will cooperate."


"Why should I?" I spat.


"Because we have someone you care about or used to...he tried to save you last night."


"Owen?" I asked as a video clip played showing the boy who was responsible for my Change, and the boy who instantly regretted it when he saw what had happened, the boy who was losing everything to this epidemic. Nikki, his parents, Mae, and now me. "What do you want?"


"I want the real truth...where did you go?"


"Why do you want to know so badly?"


"I want to make sure Mr.Vincent's daughter is safe with you."


"You know Mae Lynn?"


"Yes I do and she's my responsibility. I owe Josh that much."


"Fine... lets see, that night I was driving and I became tired so I pulled off to rest, it was clear when I stopped and I fell asleep. I didn't wake up until early morning when that damn Mutant bit into me. I don't remember much, only that Owen told Mae to stop shooting. Then I was chucked from the van my screams almost made Corey stop, but the Mutants left me whole...I traveled towards the smell of rotting flesh, of the wounds of displaced humans on the run, the smell of brackish water was the last smell I smelt before the Change overtook me. Even then I could still think of my friends, I left the Bayou of New Orleans and traveled north."


"That's impossible."


"What is? Me turning yet thinking or me going to a swamp?"


"Mutants don't think, they only hunt for flesh. Their instinct is to kill. That's how we designed them."


"We? Oh my God...The US is responsible for this aren't they?"


"No deary. The whole world is. Our MRC was just a bit stronger." 


"Can I go now? I told you what you wanted to know."


"Of course. Take poor Owen and go. Just don't leave the city. I'll make sure Mrs. Vincent makes it to the city." 




I woke up with a throbbing in my butt. I gingerly pushed on the source of the throbbing and my fingers were met with gauze. They shot me! Those assholes shot me! What ever I'm alive, where's Suzanne? If she's dead and Corey finds out I was with her, I'm dead for real this time. 


"Hello Owen. A brave boy such as you...belongs here don't you think?"


"Who are you?"


"Special Agent Maxwell. I need your help, you see my boss is searching for Mrs. Vincent...do you know where she is?"


"Mae Lynn's mom? Uh yea in Fort Myers under the rubble of the school she was teacher there."

"Why did you fuel Mae Lynn's belief that her mom was alive?"


"I didn't! She was upset, and she lost her dad."


"I'm aware of Joshua Vincent's demise. Now tell me where Claudia Vincent is."


"Fort Myers Florida. God I already told you that." 


"Maxwell, leave the boy alone. I know where Claudia is, and he was right to fuel Mae Lynn's belief because without that she'll become but a shell of herself just like she did three years ago."


"Colonel Denton?"


"Hello Owen. You're free to go, but I'll be in touch."


Location: Hyatt Hotel

People: Corey, Mae Lynn

Where and When: New York City. Two weeks after Distribution



I woke and went to apologize to Owen, he didn't really deserve all my anger. Well he did but Suzanne is fine now, right? I can apologize to the guy. I knocked on his door and nothing, well it was seven in the morning. Maybe he went for a walk. I turned and saw Mae Lynn opening her door.


"Hey stranger." she addressed Corey. "Haven't seen you without Suzanne since she returned. What you doing at Owen's door? He left around midnight for a walk." 


"Oh, well then I see him later then."


"Yeah you will, walk me to the park? I'm not finished distributing yet."


"Yea sure. Suzanne will be fine for a couple hours right?"




As the pair left they didn't notice Suzanne and Owen being dropped off by an unmarked black van outside the hotel's employee entrance. They were both scared, but Suzanne had saved Owen whether she knew it or not. If she hadn't shared the information the Colonel sought, he would be dead. Or worse a Mutant and cast off into the Mid West for research.


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