Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


18. The Plan


People: Mae Lynn, Suzanne, Corey, and Owen 

Location: Hyatt Hotel, Marriott sub level

When. Three weeks before return of Corey and Suzanne


Hyatt Hotel:


Mae Lynn paced nervously as she waited for Owen to hang up the phone. He had begun the first few steps in the plan; the plan to reveal the true nature of Colonel Jack Denton. Corey turned and smiled; 


"The meeting has been set. In three weeks we will meet Denton alone in the Vault. Call them."

Owen threw Mae the phone and she caught it with an almost feline grace. She dialed the number almost without looking. The phone was only up to her ear for a moment when she heard the familiar voice of her sister-in-law, 




"Suzanne! Can I speak to Corey?"


"Why, where's Denton?"


"Not here." I heard the shuffle the exchange of hands and the gruff, almost pain filled voice of my husband.


"Mae, what's wrong?"


"Its Denton, he's ordered you back to NYC by the command of the United States Militia. If you don't return with Suzanne, he's going to kill me. Now before you say he'd never do that-I have a black eye to prove you wrong. He's been torturing me for the past two months searching for you. Please come home. We need to end this."



"Alright. I will try."




"I'm severely wounded sweetheart. It wasn't Annie's fault I stayed behind when we were ambushed I wanted to kill as many of them as possible. But I was shot. Like I said I will try."


"I love you Corey."


"I love you too Mae, you know that I do. Tell the baby I love it too."


"I will.". 


"Mae? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."


"Its alright Anne. Owen is fine by the way. Worried sick-but he's fine. His dog is fine as well."


"Good. Tell them both that I love them."


"I will." The line went dead. Mae turned to Owen,


"Its all set, their on their way...Corey's injured."


"What? How?"


"He was shot by his old platoon." Mae Lynn threw the phone onto the awaiting couch and walked off into the bedroom she had once shared with Corey, brief as it was. She tentatively touched her now protruding stomach and said quietly, almost inaudibly; "Daddy loves you, my little ray of sunshine." Mae Lynn walked towards the large window on the west side of the room, and looked out to her view of the Hudson River. Down below on the streets people were going to and fro, as if the Nuclear Blast that had made them Mutants had never happened. As if there wasn't a power hungry man, who wanted the whole country to be killed off-and then blame the Russians- causing World War Three or the first violent act of any Cold War. For almost three months she had been separated from her husband. For three months she had not slept out of worry for both her sister and her husband's well being, and life. Now she had learned her worry filled nights were justified, her husband had been severely wounded-by the men he was supposed to trust. So much for the Brotherhood. 


"Mae?" She heard Owen ask, "Want some pizza or something?"


"The Corey special,"


"You really miss him then if you're going to eat that trash heap he calls food." 


"Yes, I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted."


"No, its fine. I'll be back in a few minutes."




"Sylvester keep her safe." The dog at his side sat obediently and nodded its head as if he understood. Owen turned and left. The dog named Sylvester looked up at her, as if to say 'Don't do anything stupid. I want some pizza too.'  


"Hey, dog, you hungry?" The dog barked in response and Mae walked into the kitchen. She found raw boneless chicken and emptied it into the bowl with Sylvester's name on it. The dog began to twirl and jump in the air with excitement and barked with contentment when she placed the food in front of him. She patted the dog's head and walked into the living area to watch a movie. She sat carefully and relaxed back into the cushions. She turned on the news and watched what she assumed was coverage of the domed area in Texas. The dome was clear so scientists could see what the Mutants did. The anchorman was horror stricken and Mae turned the volume up.


"Breaking news! The Mutant Containment Area has been compromised. The dome has been cracked and the mutants are finding ways to dismantle it as I speak to you now. We have started a correspondence with the S.C.B now. Natalie, what has Agent Maxwell have to say?"


"Special Agent Maxwell has been instructed not to share any news or information as of this time. Colonel Jack Denton is flying out to Texas via hovercraft in a few short minutes. With him he's taking a new larger dome, that will be but around the damaged one. This dome with be made of Steel, and Iron. Something supernatural beings cannot break through. They are patching the damaged dome and all research will be made between the two barriers. That is all the information I have right now. Back to you Mike." 


The door opened and Owen walked in with two large pizza boxes. "Hey what's wrong?"


"The Texas dome was compromised and Maxwell opened his big mouth so Natalie Tucker knows what the fucking sups are scared of."


"Its not a bad thing for the citizens to be informed. God forbid if a Mutant got through the gates."


"Yes, I suppose you're right." Owen sat nervously next to Mae, imagining what it might be like to have to research and observe the creatures of his nightmares. He watched the news with Mae until the wee hours of the night. Finally exhausted, and thoroughly horrified, they said goodnight and went off in their separate directions. It was nice of the hotel to give them their old room back. Owen sat alone on his bed for awhile, before finally laying down and falling into a nightmare plagued sleep. 



People: Owen, Mae Lynn, and Colonel Denton

Location: Denton's Office

When: Two hours before secret meeting in Vault

Date: September 17th, 2046


Mae Lynn watched Denton gorged himself on whiskey and roast beef sandwiches. Mae Lynn, eyed her tiny PB&J and sighed disdainfully. Owen was gorging himself on large chunks of ham off of his pizza.  Mae Lynn looked at her protruding tummy and patted it affectionately. She ate her sandwich and looked at her pager. She was needed in the Containment Floor. She got up and went to where she was needed.


"Agent Phelps." a man nodded to her, Mae respectfully nodded back, not knowing his name, she continued on her way. She knew no one's name here she thought. She tackled supernatural beings day and night with these people, but she didn't know their names. Never once had they mentioned their own names- but somehow they knew her's without her telling them. She stopped when she saw Agent Maxwell. 


"You needed me?" Mae said professionally, in actuality, she was churning with grief and guilt. His cousin was dead because her best friend.


"Yes, I have new pertaining to your plan." It wasn't difficult getting Maxwell on their side, after-all Denton brought back Owen, and Owen killed Danny-who wouldn't want revenge. Maxwell wouldn't kill Owen because Owen had been Danny's best friend and Danny did jump in front of the gun. "It seems that Denton brainwashed you."


"I knew that already."


"He did so by using Suzanne."


"What? How?"


"When she was imprisoned her he used her diary to get at your thoughts. So the word he chose, which you can speak because technically you can't control yourself."


"Claudia." Mae whispered in defeat, "He used my mother against me."


"How does he stop you?"



"Your father. Anyway he didn't get those from Suzanne what he did get was your weaknesses, which would be Corey, and your unborn child-he uses this knowledge to keep you in line because he thinks Corey is never coming back-and he wants to kill that child of yours so your all his. His killing machine. I'm sorry."


"Its okay. How do we stop him?"


"I don't know. I think once he's dead, his power over you will subside."


"Okay." Mae whispered. "Until tonight."


"Until tonight. Tell Owen that I forgive him."


"I will don't worry. What changed your mind?" Mae asked, recalling the last time she had seen Agent Maxwell, He had threatened Owen's life if he ever saw him again. That's why Owen moved across the city of course they still worked together-but on separate teams most of the time.


"I guess its time to move on." Agent Maxwell turned on his heal and disappeared into a hallway marked 'CLASSIFIED', Mae shrugged it off and went back to Denton's office. Tonight Denton would perish. If not by her hands then by Owen's or Corey's, maybe even Suzanne. But Owen had to chain her up first. She didn't want to take any risks. 


As she entered Denton's office, Denton had stood up. 


"Mae, grab my tumbler."


"Yes sir."


"Owen, grab the bourbon."


"Yes sir." Owen and Mae grabbed what they were instructed to. 


"We are going to the Vault."


"The Vault sir?"


"Yes, yes that's where I drink."


"Alright sir."


***Later that Night***



People: Mae Lynn Phelps, Owen, Denton

Relation: Complicated

Location: S.C.B HQ, The Vault

When: Twelve days after secret phone call


Mae Lynn:


Mae watched closely as Denton paced back and forth, swirling his brandy in the glass tumbler she had gotten him after he brought Owen back. Mae hated the tumbler, it reminded her of how naive she was, or had been. This man had killed her father- and she had trusted him with her life, with my friends' lives. Now Corey and Suzanne were racing back here to kill this man. Or me-because She was his sleeper cell, no matter how hard She tried to fight it. She knew what She was-Mae was a monster. Worse then any Mutant or Hollywood horror. She had no control over when he said that vile word that put her in the killing trance. Unfortunately She remembered every heinous act committed against innocent people. She worried that he would say the vile member of the English dictionary and have her kill Owen, her last remaining friend-or worse cut out her unborn child from her womb. Killing her in the process. She shuddered at the thought, and fought back the tears.


"Mae, darling can you go fetch me more brandy?" the bourbon bottle laid empty on the desk,


"Of course Colonel Denton." She fought the urge to growl. She glanced at Owen and gave him a look that said 'Do anything to survive.' Denton was tipsy, and he would soon be drunk he trusted only us to drink like this, and it was the perfect opportunity to off him. Mae walked quickly down the hallways that intersected beneath the oldest gift to America on record and walked into Denton's office. A false happy picture of her father and Denton stared up at her. Joshua Vincent looked up at her, his smile frozen in time. Moments before he was tragically killed. Ripped from life, from her side, from her mother's. He had a life outside the 'brotherhood'. He was killed by his best friend.


"Dad, what do I do?" Mae whispered quietly. She absentmindedly poured the brandy into the empty tumbler. She considered whether or not to add something extra, to further along the intoxication of her superior, she decided against it and went instead back to the Vault. Where they were holding their impromptu meeting. As it usually was, it was about her husband and the phone call Denton wanted her to make and the call she had not yet agreed to, she had called her husband but not at the command of Denton but from her own heart and worry. She walked into the dimly lit room and gave the drink to Denton, careful not to slosh the liquid from the glass.


"To-ook you long enough." Denton slurred. Her phone beeped quietly in her pocket, and Denton's eyes lit up.


"Its only Max." Mae lied easily and slipped from the room. In truth it was Corey. "Hello sweetheart."


"Mae, we're here. I don't know how much help I'll be." 


"I don't care, as long as you're here." Corey sighed on the other end. 




"What's the plan?"


"Denton is heavily intoxicated. He will not recognize you. I will tie him up, and you make him confess. to everything he's done. To you, to me, to my father, and to Suzanne."


"Sounds easy enough-ready Annie?"


"Ready." Mae heard the faint reply of her sister in law. 


"Annie, you're the decoy. Corey is going to plead his innocence and tell the guards he captured you, and you shot him trying to away."


"Alright." The line went dead and Mae ducked back into the Vault and pulled Owen from the records. "They're here. C'mon. We've got to be the ones to let them in. I want to surprise Suzanne."


"What did you tell them?"


"I embellished the plan a bit. I told Corey to pretend he captured Annie and to plead his innocence to the guards."


"But we're the only ones in the building."




Corey waited by the door, anxiously awaiting his wife. Suzanne stood anxious to see Owen. The door creaked open and a three month pregnant Mae stood there. Owen behind her, Corey smiled and took his wife into his arms. 


"Mae, I've missed you so much."


"As have I." 




"Owen!" Suzanne jumped into Owen's arms and he twirled her around. "Are you okay?"


"Are you two okay?"


"Its merely a flesh wound." Corey joked. "Okay, what's the plan?"


"We've got to lock Mae up somewhere so she doesn't hurt anyone."


"What do you mean?" Corey asked, 


"I'm his sleeper cell, if he says either of my parent's names I go on a killing spree."


"Alright. Find a closet and lock her up." Corey commanded.




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