Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


16. Suzanne's Diary

People: Colonel Denton

Location: His office in S.C.B HQ

When: A few months after Corey and Mae's wedding

Time: 12:30 AM


"I may have no idea or any real interest in the workings of a teenagers mind, but I know it will help us get what we want." Denton spoke aloud to the empty room.


"We will drive a wedge between these kids one that will mean they don't care enough to ask questions when we remove the Phelps girl from the picture, giving us total control to do what we need to find all the answers." Denton said, as if continuing his own thought in another person.


"How do we do that they seem a close group and she's especially close to her brother for him to look if she goes missing." Denton answered himself.


"Look closer there are cracks in those friendships we can exploit there are always secrets even between close friends we just have to find them and use them properly.Even any brother and sister dynamic no matter how close it looks will have underlying tensions we can exploit to our advantage." To any passerby,  Denton would be seen to be talking on the intercom, but to those who knew him-really, truly knew him, they would know that he was crazy


"Trust me, when I'm done she won't be missing, they'll know where she is or at least they'll think they do.They just won't want to see her or look for her and the best thing-the Phelps girl herself will provide all the ammunition we need to separate her.Apparently teenage girls sometimes like to keep diaries, and she's one of them."


"OK, how do you know she keeps a diary and how do you plan to get it?"


"I know because I regularly have their room swept, and we'll get it as she writes it on the room computer, so we can simple read everything she's already written and watch anything she writes in future as she writes it."


"OK, that's convenient if also slightly creepy, but I still don't understand how we turn whatever problems that exist between them to our advantage."


"It's simple once we've read her diary we'll have a clearer idea of her feelings about her brother and her friends so we'll know who best to turn her against and know which buttons to push to make it happen."


"I still don't get how we're going to push those buttons."


"Some good old fashioned methods a lot of sleep deprivation, some psychological manipulations via subliminal messaging.Then there are the drugs we'll give her and anyone are we have to bring in as well to ensure they have no memory of being held here or any thing we do to them."




People: Colonel Denton, Doctor

Location: Secret Room in S.C.B HQ

When: Few Months after Corey and Mae's wedding

Time:4:47 AM Eastern Time


"We had those Russians on file and we register every birth on the database, not to mention how often in life civilians must give samples to prove identification." the doctor said pacing back forth, staying as far from the Colonel as remotely possible. He was a terrible drunk.


"There's no way they could have slipped by undetected by us, by me all this time." The Colonel whispered, more to his tumbler of whiskey then to the doctor.


"Yet somehow those two kids are the offspring of two Russians who defected and then set back our cause years before they tried to go back home and we never knew it." The second man, whose identity baffled the good doctor, whispered from the shadows,


"I need to do a full re-examination of them, their parents and everything I thought I knew about Stan and Arissa." The doctor muttered, almost inaudible.


"Somehow they were successful, not just in hiding their children, but more importantly in putting the cure in their children." Denton whispered, "Meaning that something we haven't been able to do in all the time since they died they had already done it twenty years earlier." Denton mused pacing back and forth across the room, swirling his whiskey as he did. "Get me the diary of Suzanne Phelps. Perhaps her parents informed her of her condition and she wrote it down." Denton snapped the order at the unknown man.


"Of course sir. She is M.I.A at the moment." Denton didn't care where she was staying or where she was. He wanted the diary.


"Check the hotel suite, check everywhere, and then check Captain Phelps' belongings, and then search Owen's apartment." The man muttered a reply and left the room. "Damn spies and their muttering." Denton grumbled as he sat once again behind the desk. He pressed a button and said crisply,


"Maria, can you order a physical search on the Hyatt Hotel, Captain Phelps' former apartment, and Owen's place?"


"Of course sir."


"Mae." Denton swiveled in his chair to face the sleeper cell. "Time to play."


"What do you need sir?"


"I need you to make a call."


"To whom, sir?"


"Your dear husband."


"Why do you need Corey?"


"Captain Phelps is a traitor to this country. He needs to be put on trial."


"No sir, its you who needs to be-" Denton slapped her across the face.


"No! Agent you are under my total command. Captain Phelps is the enemy."


"No. He's my husband."


"You're as stubborn as your father. HE wouldn't take my orders either. So I had to kill him."


"NO! You son of a bitch!" Mae struggled against the ropes that bound her. She screamed in anguish when she couldn't pull free. "Let me go! Please!"


"Not until you call your husband."


"No! He's safe. He's safe." Denton punched her across the temple and watched in sick satisfaction as her head rolled to the side. Unconscious she couldn't argue.


"Are you telling me that all those records are fake, or are you telling me those two kids got through 18 years of life without either of their D.N.A profiles ever once popping up in the system." Denton said three days later in his office. The doctor called Beckam Keeler looking at him through wire rim glasses, almost looked like a rat the Colonel mused.


"I'm telling you sir, that the Phelps' children are the product of Russian science and are immune to anything we might have in store for them."


"Even bullets?"


"Besides bullets sir, but are you really willing to kill a bunch of teenagers the world thinks are our heroes?"


"No. Just making sure I still had options." The Colonel whispered. "How is the search for the diary?"


"The man you sent to retrieve it brought to my desk this morning. Its electronic go figure and encrypted. She's a smart girl Colonel, good luck." The doctor left the Colonel with the Tablet X. He typed in a code and the tablet unlocked, revealing thousands of entries. 


"She's smart, but not smarter than the government." He clicked on the earliest one, marked; Secrets. "Oh, you stupid naive girl." Denton said as he started to read.



October 21st 2039

Dear Diary,

My parents have kept everything from me. They told me today that their names aren't what they say they are, my mother's name isn't Katherine Phelps, its Arissa Olyshenko, and my father his name isn't Robert, its Stan something. How could they lie to us? They told us they put something into our bodies. But I don't know for sure what it is or what's it called, or why they would do it. I just know that I can't trust them. I have to go, my 'mother' is calling me. Can we ever go back to normal? How we were before they told us-or rather before Corey went snooping through Papa's private computer.

-Love Always Suzanne Phelps


Denton slid the page over and saw that the October entry was the last one for that year. There was nothing until she met Mae and Owen. Denton wasn't interested in that, instead he got up and went over to his Droid. 


"I have orders." The machine hovered for a moment before nodding as if in understanding. "Find Suzanne...again. Bring her back whatever the cost." The Droid flew from the office and Denton smiled, an evil drunken smile before sitting back down and looking at the framed photo of him and Mae's father. Next to it was a photo of his entire family-the family that was killed because he was, who he was. Denton slammed that particular photo face down on the desk and poured himself more whiskey. What was there to worry about? He had the diary...he had Suzanne Phelps or should he say, Suzanne Olyshenko just where he wanted her. He didn't give a damn about Corey-he actually liked the kid. Corey reminded him of Cole. Another picture that he had not permitted to be on top of the desk in quite some time. Denton slid open the drawer and picked up the photograph and stroked the glass. The emotions Denton never allowed himself to feel, surfaced and for a split second he regretted what he was doing-but as soon as he put the photo away, the cold, calculating man who was capable of betraying his country and killing his oldest friend, twice returned. The evil smile people often mistook as a look of comedy returned and Denton gulped the remnants of the whiskey and started on his way home. He slid the diary in his jacket and walked without interruption to his HoverCar 


When he stepped into his home, he sat on the sofa and hit a button that closed all the shades. 

Jack took the diary and flipped it open to a random page, near the last entry she'd written.



The relationship between Owen and I couldn't have been stronger; but my friendship with Mae is dwindling.


Even so I still could have had no idea then how bad it would get or how soon it would fall apart.

Looking back it seems so much small and petty stuff just grew and was blown out of all proportion.


Considering everything else that had happened since we met maybe it's not such a surprise that such an odd foursome two best friends who had long held unrequited feelings towards each other and me and my brother Corey.


None of us could have known we'd develop friendships or in a short space of time we'd develop romantic feelings for each other.


There was an entry that had been deleted only a few days earlier, but the part that remained showed Denton that he had underestimated Suzanne it was clear that she didn't trust him, but at least she had the good sense not to trust Maxwell either.


Still not sure I understand how or why that happened although it does have something to do with Colonel Denton a military guy, obviously otherwise we wouldn't be calling him Colonel.


Still he's been with us almost since this entire thing began and he did bring my boyfriend back to life, yet I still don't fully trust him.


Nor his colleague Agent Maxwell either, not that I think there's a lot of trust between those two anyway.


You would think they'd have better things to do than hang around sorting out the problems of a group of hormonal teenagers, but between them they have taken I think an unhealthy interest in all four of us and one way or another all of us have found ourselves working for one or the other of these two men.


There is also the minor matter of Denton having me abducted and tests performed on me after I showed what they said were unusually high levels of Human behavior such as memory retention that allowed me to find my brother and Owen and Mae after I was turned and get back in time for the cure Mae and the others distributed to save me.


Other than that it's your average boy meets girl story.


Jack put down Suzanne's' diary, I think I have found the perfect way to get hold of Ms. Phelps and keep her for the necessary amount of time without anyone wanting to see her. Denton called Dr. Keeler, the doctor answered instantaneously, 


"I assure your doctors will have full uninterrupted access to the subject and even have just cause to explain her death if an accident should occur or if terminating her should become the only option left to uncover her secrets."


"So its a go?"


"Oh, its a go." Denton hung up the phone and continued to read,



Suzanne's POV

It's been two months since the bombs dropped, a lot has gone on, I've decided to start keeping a diary again.

I started writing one when I was a kid, back when I had a fairly normal life and so much has happened in such a short space of time.


I don't know if I have even begun to deal with all this.


Ok, I'll start at the start, it was an ordinary day even hearing the sirens blaring didn't give any clue to how bad it would get.


We all thought, me, Corey and mom and dad thought it was just a drill, (memo to people in charge of that sort of thing, you really need to have different sounding alarms for a drill and a real emergency).


Still even if we'd known for it was real I don't think we would've done anything differently.

Mom had been sick for a while so none of us wanted to leave, and anyway we thought we would be far enough away from any blast zone that our house would be safe.


We were so wrong, I mean it was just a pile of rubble after the blast, or the shock wave whichever one actually destroyed it.


Corey and I were lucky to survive our dog was killed, we'd had him since he was a puppy can't believe he's gone and... mommy and daddy.


Suzanne stopped writing there and it was a few days before she returned to writing.


Yes, so just writing that was enough to start me off and I burst into tears. In all this time I didn't realize I hadn't cried over them, over losing them.


It may have been careless of me to fall asleep but seeing Owen stop Mae from shooting to save me was upsetting and terrifying.


My memories of being out there alone are vague and I seem to be forgetting more of it as the days pass.


I just have a sense of being out of control and hungry.


That's the only reason I can think of anyway.


I know I'd been bitten but it didn't feel like a deep bite, maybe that's why I didn't fully turn.


Also, I don't think Corey has either, certainly we hadn't talked about it since I dragged him out of the wreckage of our home.


Not even on the car journey before we met up with Owen and Mae.


I'd have to check with Mae about whether or not he's dealt with it since with her.


Again Suzanne stopped writing as she went off to talk to Mae about that.


Well so Mae was shocked to learn our mom and dad died that day.


Corey hadn't mentioned anything about them to her. Although it does annoy me that she's never even bothered to ask either of us about them.


After all, I know all about her mom and thanks to Corey, I know her dad is dead had been for a long time before the bombs dropped.


That's actually annoying, how the hell does she not even think to ask; oh by the way where are your parents.


I suppose it shouldn't come as much of a surprise as Mae can be such a selfish bitch at times. 

She doesn't think about anyone but herself. I mean hello, how many 18 year olds are just going around by themselves with there parents nowhere to be seen.


Anyway enough about her, I need to talk about my mom and daddy. I...


Again Suzanne stopped as she burst into tears thinking about them.


It was the next day before she came back to her diary.


We were close me and my mom and dad I loved them both.


I know Corey did as well, even if lately he was being more rebellious against their rules as he wanted to get out more and hang out with friends, and I have to admit they could be a little bit strict but he still loved them. I know he did.


Me, I guess I was always trying to be the good girl, maybe it's immature but I still liked it when one of them especially daddy gave me a goodnight kiss on the cheek before I got tucked up in bed at night.


I guess that I still called him daddy might be a bit immature too, but I don't care I mean I didn't call mom mommy anymore so I'm not a child anymore.


Obviously I wouldn't call them mommy or daddy or want to be seen having a parent kiss me or even hug me when we were out in public but it's ok when we're at home.


I still can't believe they're gone I desperately want them back. I want to be able to talk to them.


I want to hear mom call me Suzy sweets. Because I am sweet and I did have a sweet tooth.


I want daddy to call me princess or sweetpea or sugar.


I mean it seems like all their pet names for me were about me being sweet.


I, oh god I'm going to cry again I can feel it so I'll have to stop again.


It was only a few hours before Suzanne came back to writing in her diary.


I can't believe I actually wrote that I was going to cry why did I write that.


I don't know if I can keep writing about mom and dad, it's too hard I know I need to but I just cry every time I think about them.


Also it's a diary so I guess I should write about all the other crazy stuff that's happened to me and well I was going to say Corey as well but more stuff has happened to me than him in the last couple of months.


I mean all he did was fall in love with a girl. While I went through all sorts of stuff.


Still it really all is very teenage drama with just the added fact that I was technically undead mutant and now I'm in love with the boy who sort of killed me.


Who was also actually dead himself for a while, after his ex girlfriend killed him but he got better.


While Corey met saint Mae, who single handedly saved America, well OK, maybe she personally only saved New York-what she did has been repeated across the country since then.


I know it sounds ridiculous probably even petty and whiny, but a girl is allowed to be jealous. And yes, I was mad at Nikki too for killing Owen, but he did 'cheat' on her while she was a mutant, but still; you don't push him off a four story building! Danny-well Danny was just a way to get Mae even more pissed off. She was unhappy with him. But she didn't want to hurt him I guess right after the death of their oldest friend. I wonder how Mae is doing? She's a bitch, but she's a nice person...she has a good heart, and Corey obviously likes her, and he did forgive Owen. I mean Danny is dead, after he tried to save Nikki, who is also dead BTW, her mom is moving to Chicago, her father is dead...a little FYI Denton killed her father...I found that out in my 'Mutant Detention Program'. I can't remember who told me...

-Well anyway, goodbye for now.





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