Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


7. Stitches

People: Mae Lynn, Owen, Corey, Maxwell, Suzanne, Danny, Mrs. Claudia Vincent PLUS ONE OTHER

Relation: Its very Complicated

Location:  Saint Augustine's, Fort Myers Florida

When: One Month and One day after Cure distribution

            One Month and Two Weeks after Apocalypse

Intent: Save Danny and Mrs. Vincent. Kill Nikki




Danny turned quickly as the door to the basement shot open, his first thought was 'Shit they got in.' and then he remembered Mae Lynn was coming to rescue him and her mother. Danny wasn't sure what he'd do when he met the boy who had been comforting her. Or what he would do. The first thing Danny remembered seeing was Mae-Lynn's face, turned up into the brightest smile he'd seen her face portray in years.


"Danny! Mom!" She yelled in relief as she raced over to them. Danny picked her up in his arms and spun her around. "Oh I missed you so much!" Danny kissed her, like he'd been dreaming of doing for months. Mae smiled in the kiss and pulled away. She pulled out a vial with something green inside. It was attached to a rather large needle and before he could say or do anything she stabbed him with it. 


"What the hell was that for?" 


"I had to be sure." Mae whispered as she knelt beside her mother and injected her with the cure. The change it had was remarkable. In mere seconds the color in her mother's face returned to normal and her eyes brightened. She took in the sight in front of her, and her smile lit up the room.


"Mae Lynn! Oh my baby!" Claudia Vincent pushed herself up from the floor and engulfed her daughter in a bone crushing hug. Mae Lynn now reunited with her loved ones, turned and introduced her mother to her new and old friends.


"Mom, this is Special Agent Maxwell, Corey and Suzanne Phelps, and Owen."


"Hello. Oh Owen its so good to see you alive and well."


"Same to you Mrs. V. I don't suppose you're up to making some blueberry pancakes?"


"Unfortunately not Owen. Help me up my dear?" Mae glanced at Corey for a moment, and the hurt in his eyes shattered her a bit. 


"Sure mom." Mae Lynn, balancing her gun helped her mother to her feet. "We should get out of here before the Mutants show up."


"I'm going to look for Nikki." Owen said.


"Be careful, alright?" Suzanne said. She didn't wait for an answer instead she pulled Owen into a kiss, a kiss so passionate that the other people in the room had to turn away. 


"Alright, we get it you two are in a happy relationship. Owen don't screw it up. Kill the Mutant and return to my sister. We don't want what happened in the Hyatt to happen again."


"Corey, dude I promised." Owen ducked out of the room, leaving the others to themselves, and unfortunately that meant leaving Corey and Danny in the same room. Mae didn't think Max, herself, nor her mother could keep them from fighting if it came down to it.


"Lets get to the van." Mae finally suggested. Max agreed by slightly nodding his head. He tossed his cousin a gun, and Mae handed her mother her's. Mae tended to lean towards knives or small firearms, not the M-27 that Max had handed her.


"Head out." Max said, taking Danny by the arm. Which Mae didn't find to be of the ideal choice but she went along with it, and stood by her mother. She was trying to distance herself from Corey the much as she could. Suzanne was helping a little by being a buffer. The six of them traveled through the school without much trouble, shooting a few Mutants here and there, it wasn't until they were in the parking lot that they heard screams. They were female screams...Mae at first thought of Nikki, and ran towards the sound. She found Owen face up, gun in hand, and blood trickling down his mouth. She looked up to the roof and saw a very human Nikki. He had cured her at the last moment before falling over the ledge.


"God damn you Owen! You promised you'd come back." Mae screamed. Suzanne and the others came rushing towards her, the doors of the school burst open and Nikki came running towards the growing small crowd. Suzanne's screams pierced the air when her eyes found Owen's mangled body. Mae fell to her knees where her best friend's head laid smashed and bloodied. "Why? Why Owen?" Tears streamed down Mae Lynn's cheeks as she mourned her best friend. Danny knelt beside her and let his tears fall as well. Suzanne fell into her brother's arms and let the tears flow. While Nikki slumped to the ground alone, no one to comfort her. Danny placed his arms around Mae Lynn as she cried, as they both cried. Maxwell moved to comfort Nikki, and Mrs Vincent knelt beside the two grieving friends.


Mae couldn't comprehend the sight before her. It was all so surreal. It wasn't real, was what she wanted it to be. Here her best friend since diapers was laying dead on the pavement. His ex girlfriend, and current girlfriend crying uncontrollably. How could Owen be dead? She didn't want to believe it, but she had to, because there was no denying the bloody scene before her. There was no possible way that he could be alive. His skull was crushed, and his eyes were dark and lifeless. Owen, sweet, care free, funny, happy, loving Owen was dead.


"We have to wrap him up. We have to take him home with us." Mae finally spoke, her voice barely above a whisper. Maxwell nodded silently before turning away and returning solemnly with a tarp and rope. Mae helped him lay the tarp out flat on the pavement over the rope. While Corey and Danny worked together to lift Owen's body off the pavement and transferred him to the tarp. Mae, tied him up, and the three boys hoisted the body up and into the trunk of the van. Mae collapsed once more into Danny's arms. Relieved at some level that she rescued at least Danny and Nikki. Although having Nikki alive, angered her to a degree. Owen was supposed to be alive and in love with Suzanne not dead and wrapped in an old tarp.


"Mae, I'm sorry." Nikki had spoken without Mae realizing.


"For what? Being alive?"




"No Danny! We had it all planned, Owen is supposed to be alive! He's supposed to be here with me!"


"Mae Lynn, don't blame Nikki. Owen fell, it was an accident." Suzanne whispered.


"How would you know? You were with us. The only witness to his fall is the now human mutant."


"I was a mutant once to."


"I know Suzanne I know you were. Its just that; Owen, we've been through so much together. Its hard to imagine him dead. Or undead or whatever the hell he's going to be."


"We'll shoot him up with the cure to be safe, but we can't be positive it will work." Maxwell whispered. "He might be to far gone."


"I understand. We save the world, brave hordes upon hordes of mutants, and he's shot in the ass by Max over here and he dies from fall of a roof of a school building." Mae exclaimed.


"Its pretty ironic." Corey admitted to no one in particular, being that he was still not speaking to Mae- much less acknowledging her presence. 


"Are you going to ignore me forever?" Mae asked Corey, once the two were alone and everyone else had boarded the van. 


"Ignoring you is better than facing the pain you bring me each time I look at you. A rebound. A fucking rebound is all I was to you. I saved your life countless times, my sister dies, and Jesus Mae, I love you. Why can't you see that?"


"Corey, I love you too, I just can't seem to find the right way to break up with Danny. I love him too, I thought he was dead you know? And by the way I only said you were a rebound to make Danny feel better. Just give me some time alright?"


"I'll give you a month, if you don't figure out how to break up with him, I'm moving on Mae."


"Deal, can we be friends at least in the meantime?"


"Of course." Corey smiled pulling her into a hug. Mae kissed his cheek before going into the van next to Danny. Corey sat next to his twin, who was still crying, and Nikki was trying to comfort her. Had Owen broken up with her? Had Nikki murdered Owen? Mae turned to Danny and leaned against him. She couldn't break up with him right now. His best friend just died. Her best friend, her brother had just died. She couldn't help but feel guilty. She should've gone with him. She let her tears fall freely, and she fell asleep, the smell of blood, and death pulling her towards her nightmares that starred the mutants and Suzanne's death, and now Owen's. Her heart was broken and she wasn't sure how many stitches it would take for it to be put back together again.



People: Mae Lynn, Danny, Corey, Suzanne, Mrs. Vincent, Maxwell, Colonel Denton.

Relation: Its still Complicated

Location: Marble City Cemetery, New York NY

When: One Month and Two days after Cure Distribution. Three days after Owen's death

Intent: Owen's funeral:*(




Owen's body laid on blue satin, he wore a suit that did not belong to him, it was donated by a kind man who was grateful for all the good Owen had done. His blonde hair was spiked like it would have been if he was going to school, and his blue eyes were closed. His hands were clasped on the center of his stomach, and a white tulip rested between them. Mae Lynn stepped forward and placed her father's dog tags on his neck. She whispered something only the corpse of her best friend could metaphorically hear,


"I love you Owen, I always have. I'm so sorry." She let her tears fall onto his suit jacket and she backed away into the mass of the crowd, her shoulders now held by her mother and Colonel Denton. Danny went to the podium, he was going to give the eulogy in the place of Mae, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to get through the speech she had prepared. So Danny offered to take her place. Instead, Mae would sing his favorite song. 


"Uh hi,

We're gathered here today to honor a friend, a brother, a hero. But most importantly we are here to honor my best friend. His name was Owen Reid O'Connor and he was the smartest, funniest, most sensitive man anyone could ever wish to meet. He had his quirks, and he had his weaknesses. His friends knew him to be the funny quarterback, who did everything he could for his friends. He read the Terms and Policy agreements for fun; strange I know. But that's why I loved him, he was more than just my friend; he was my brother. He was my soul mate and now he's gone from this world. Taken much to soon; he was fighting as a solider the day he died. He was on a mission to put his mutant girlfriend to rest, like she would've wanted; instead he cured her, lost his balance and fell to his death. That day I lost my best friend, and the world lost a hero. " 


The cries of those who had known him personally was the only sound that could be heard. Mae was inconsolable, even when Danny took her into his arms, she only stopped crying so hard when Corey took her in his, and rocked her back and forth. Suzanne leaned against Danny for support while Maxwell tried to keep Nikki from falling. The friends of Owen O'Connor were hurt and tattered. Their hearts were broken and bruised and no amount of stitches or love ache remedies were going to help them. Their friend was dead,for real and he wasn't ever coming back. Mae walked on shaky feet as she laid her last gift to her friend on his lips, her's. She kiss his corpse, for something for his spirit to remember. She did care for him, but not in the way he would've liked.


"I loved you. Owen why did you have to die?"


"Come on Mae, they have to lower him down now love." Corey said taking her arm. Mae let her head hit his shoulder as he guided her to the streets, and towards the Hyatt. Her mother looped her arm through Mae's elbow and the seven of them made their way home. Tired after a long and emotional day of saying goodbye to a very dear friend. Tomorrow they would work on stitching up their invisible wounds and start a normal life, without the key part of Mae's happiness.  


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