Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


12. Special Projects

People Colonel Denton, Unknown Federal Employee.

Dr. Vian, Dr. Warren Keeler.

One month after Owen's death.


Denton's P.O.V.

Jack was alone in his secure room on a secret floor that isn't in any blueprints for the Marriott hotel.


He was speaking over the new state of the art private communications network, to a subordinate whose name he could never remember.


"Where are they now, I asked her."


They're watching the movie about themselves you gave a green light to that studio to produce.

"Good, keep me informed if any of them go anywhere other than straight to their hotel rooms to bed. Particularly if Suzanne Phelps goes anywhere or speaks to anyone new."


"Ok, very good sir," the federal officer said as she signed off.


I poured myself another glass of scotch as I thought then said out aloud because no one else was in the room.


“Yes, brilliant piece of public relations I came up with, even if I do say so myself."


Letting them revel in their supposed hero status and it will do the public good to see ordinary civilians as heroes.


With the added bonus that it keeps them looking over there at that while I'm over here attempting to resurrect my original plan. After it was so rudely interrupted by that Russian bastard.


Denton was being unusually forthcoming when he drank and often got boastful about the things he'd done after a few too many.


Lucky he was on his own, then as he had been since the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash, 15 years ago. He was always sure his enemies had been responsible, but had never been able to prove it.


Then after a while he stopped investigating, after all they had been on the verge of a divorce before she died and he'd never particularly loved his daughter.


He had been much more invested in his son and ensuring Jack Jr followed in his footsteps as he had followed in the family legacy of seeking revenge.


Today he'd had about a dozen too many as he celebrated the demise of the Russian.


The man who was supposedly his greatest enemy, but was just another misdirection in a career filled with them. another in a long line of world leaders who were in fact US controlled patsies.


Koscovovitch put up as the face of the Soviet alliance by his consortium, he'd played the part of the hardliner, reigniting the old US/Soviet animosity with his invasions of those European countries.


Even if it was for show, or at least it was meant to be for show, somewhere along the lines Koscovovitch had brought into the mentality that he was one of those old dictators, Putin, Stalin, Ovrich.


I should've seen it coming, but even I was left shocked how much he'd overplayed his part in giving the order to drop those bombs four months ago. He was never supposed to get into a pissing contest with the idiot he and his consortium had installed in the white house.


I should've just put an American agent in to run that dump, not a damn Russian national who grew a sense of pride and think he really could lead the country back to its glory days.


If only that cretin knew there had been no such thing as Russian glory days since Stalin, every leader they'd had since then had been an American put in place to serve a purpose.


Same goes for those middle eastern whackjobs all those former US regimes had built up in the late 19th early 20th century.


Like those men before him, he should have chosen more carefully, their choice of that Bin Laden guy really blew up in their faces.


You can probably trace the first fall of the United States to the corporations that ran things back then and their decision to use him as the face of that enemy.


They used them to cast these countries as the enemy while the select few raked in billions in profits from the wars they used the poor and gullible as cannon fodder in.


Still, he was getting distracted raking up all that ancient history, he had more pressing concerns. Mainly those damn kids, it remains to be seen whether it would be his good fortune those kids had come on the scene, or whether keeping them around would cause him anything but grief. Whatever the case, he was still convinced the Phelps girl, at least, could still be useful as she had secrets he needed to learn.


Secrets he was sure she might not even realize she possessed.


That reminds me, I haven't checked on the scientists still running tests on the data they were continuing to gather on her.


I tapped the numbers for the science department into the pad.


"Hello, Doctor Vian speaking who's this."


"Colonel Denton, J passcode Zero, Delta, Echo - 025."


"Who are you and why aren't you answering in the proper way."


"You should answer with your surname, first name initial and then your pass code."


"You know these passwords should provide security, so not just any half-wit can call up my genetics laboratory."


"Still guess they don't have to worry about a half-wit calling them when they've given you a job there."


"Connect me through to Doctor Warren Keeler right away."


"Err sir, I would but he's gone home for the day, it is gone 11pm he'll be back in at 6am tomorrow."


"This can't wait that long, call him, and tell him to come to my room, he knows where I'm staying now."


"Tell him it's about I was about to refer to Suzanne by name, but then I thought I don't know this Doctor Whatever his name is."


No way I can trust him, so I just said.


"Tell war machine, calling Dr. Keeler by his nickname. To get here ASAP."


"I hung up, I wasn't interested in hearing anything else from that blithering idiot."


He'd either deliver the message or he'd find himself on guard duty outside what was left of the Texas facility, unarmed.


Dr. Vian called up Dr. Keeler.


"Sir it's Dr. Vi, Dr. Warren cut him off before he could finish."


"Do you know what time it is, I was sleeping."


"I know sir, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I just had a call from the Colonel he wants to see you right away."


"Oh great, did he say what it's about."


"No he wouldn't tell me, he was pretty rude after I forgot to answer the call the right way and without the correct code."


"Really Gal, why would you do that, you know Denton is a stickler for protocol."


"I Know, but I just wasn't expecting him to call at all let alone, at that hour of the day."


"Anyway do you think he wants to talk about the girl. I mean it's about time we told him what we learned."


"Yes, and yes. Yes it's probably about subject 717 and yes, it is about time to let him in on what we know."


"Well I'll be on my way, best not keep the colonel waiting," Dr. Keeler said, then ended the conversation.


Warren quickly got out of bed, got dressed and travelled over to the Marriott. Half an hour later, after going through all the security checkpoints to get in to see him, Denton let him in.


"Good morning War Machine."


"Morning Colonel, what can I do for you."


"Well, even if I weren't already a paranoid man I'd think you were avoiding me."


"No sir, I wouldn't say we were avoiding you. I'd say we were keeping clear until we had something definitive to tell you."


"Nice save doctor." I said, knowing he wasn't usually so quick with his words.


"Do you have something definitive to give me about our cure. The real cure not the temporary patch those kids realized that we are having to top up through the food supplies."


"No sir, the full antidote is nearly ready, but there are still a few variables to sort, but it should be ready in time for the deployment of SP-46."


"Tell me then doctor do you have anything to tell me about project Waking Up."


I asked him referring to the Codename of our, well my main plan that had taken decades of my life to get ready and was nearly complete.


Soon the revenge that had been due my family for so long would soon become reality. The fact that it would happen nearly 100 years after the incident that started all this was a nice coincidence.


This was about getting revenge for what the bombs dropped by the US on Japanese cities at the end of world war two had done to my family.

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