Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


13. Special Projects - Subject 717

"No Colonel, it's not about Waking Up." 


"Well care to tell me what it is about." I asked, frustrated with his reluctance to answer my questions.


"Sir, it's about Subject 717, Ms Phelps." 


"Yes Doctor, I know who subject 717 is. What about her?" 


"Sir all this time since you had her taken from her hotel room we've done as you asked and continued to study the samples we took from her bloodstream." 


"What about it? I thought you discovered all you could about why she turned back." 


"Sir that's what we've found she didn't turn back, she never fully turned to begin with." 


"What? How can that be?" 


"We know the mutation was in her blood and I know from questioning her that she remembers being one of them. Doing things that we know only mutants do." 


"We could just never figure out why after she mutated she displayed a higher than usual level of awareness of what she was before." 


"Certainly higher than any of the tests subjects we've used down the years." 


"That's the thing, sir we knew from the tests we carried out that some people once exposed to the mutation held on to their human personality for a while, some longer than others." 


"The one thing they had in common no matter of race, age or gender is eventually they all succumb and then all traces of their human personality are gone and what's left is the beast." 


"The basest creäture that would tear its own family members apart and eat their internal organs without a second thought." 


"However subject 717 didn't turn back because she made it back to New York just in time to feel the effects of the cure you allowed Mae Lynn Vincent to deploy." 


"No she was already turning back to normal from the small amount of transformation she had undergone." "That is not possible that was the only reason for the New York test." 


"I allowed Mae Lynn and her pals to take the place of the team we had in play to accidentally find and release it over a major city." 


"So how is it possible that Ms Phelps spontaneously cured herself." 


"She didn't cure herself, well not exactly, it happened because she had the cure already in her system even before she turned."


"Again, how is that possible?" 


"We are the only ones who have anything close to a cure, your team developed it under my supervision." 


"Sir once we discovered the cure was in her system we gathered more blood and other samples from the hotel room they live in. We also stopped her food being dosed with our cure." 


"Without my permission Doctor, but presumably using my authorization." 


"Yes sir, sorry sir, but I didn't feel we needed to bring you in until we had more information for you." 


"Well that and we all felt we needed to make up for how it has taken so long to discover this and that we only discovered it now by accident." 


"See we never thought before to test her blood for evidence of the cure, after all why and how would it get inside anyone but me, my team and you." 


"It was only that I came up with the idea to test to see if any radiation usually present in the system of someone who was as close to the source of one of the detonations as 717. If that could somehow have mixed with her immune system to create a virus to combat one of our variants of the mutation."


"It wasn't that though, and once we had found it in the new samples we took we were able to trace the life cycle of the cure present in her system." 


"Sir, it's been inside her, her whole life." 


"What? Denton yelled at him. How the hell is that possible." 


"Tell me doctor, how is that even possible when your team didn't develop the full mutation or its antidote until a little over a year ago." 


"I think I can tell you, but you should also know that the cure is in a dormant state, but it's also present in her brother Corey, it's been inside him just as long." 


"In fact it's been in them both since before birth." 


"What? Again do you want to tell me how on earth that can be." 


"Sir, they were both born with it." 


"Sir, since the origin of the mutation, scientists have used it for military purposes." 


"We aren't the only ones and the most advanced in this besides us, are the Russians." 


"Well it's based on the genetic structure they were working with about twenty years ago." 


"Are you saying the damn Russians have the cure." 


"No... I," 


"Oh for god sake man, spit it out if not the Ruskies then who else has it." 


"Us sir, it's true the version they have is of Russian origin, but it still came from us, we got this particular strain when we lured some top scientists in to defecting from Russia three decades ago." 


"The reason it's in the girl and her sibling is that they are the children of two of those defectors."


"Oh, don't tell me it came from, the ones I'm thinking of." 


"I'm sorry sir, but it did, it came from Doctor's Stanislav and Arissa Olyshenko." 


"The ones who tried to defect back to Russia." 


"Sir that's correct, the ones who took so much information with them to use as a bargaining chip to get back home." 


"They destroyed what they couldn't take with them and killed all the other members of their team setting our project back decades." 


"Yes sir! Them. What we do know is that Arissa was pregnant when they fled, but that she wasn't by the time the strike team." 


"You mean my strike team," he interrupted Dr. Keeler to say.


"Yes sir, your strike team caught up to them, but they had been on the run for months and she had given birth by then and the children were never found." 


"We assumed the kids were back in Russia already as no trace of them could be found on U.S. soil." 


"You're telling me they weren't back in the heart of the motherland." 


"No DNA tests confirm Suzanne and Corey Phelps are the children of Stanislav and Arissa." 


"How can that be I checked up on them their parents were Robert and Katherine Phelps, they died when the blast from one of the bombs destroyed their home." 


"I do hope that you're not going to tell me the Russians faked their deaths. That they've been alive and well all this time living under the names Robert and Katherine Phelps." 


"No sir, Stanislav and Arissa are definitely dead. "Good, I wondered if you were about to make me look a fool." 


"No Colonel, I double checked all the files they were actually dead already, before your team assaulted their safe house." 


"Yes I know that, after all I was there when we finally found them. It was a suicide pact, the pair of them ingested enough cyanide to do the job relatively quickly and easily." 


"I'd never heard of the Phelps kids or their parents before our security monitors caught them breaking into the medical facility." 


"However I back checked Robert and Katherine all the way back to the day each of them was born, their were medical records of Katherine giving birth to two children in April of 2027 twins a boy and a girl named Corey and Suzanne." 


"Are you telling me that all those records are fake, or are you telling me those two kids got through 18 years of life without either of their D.N.A profiles ever once popping up in the system." 


"We had those Russians on file and we register every birth on the database, not to mention how often in life civilians must give samples to prove identification." 


"There's no way they could have slipped by undetected by us, by me all this time." 


"Yet somehow those two kids are the offspring of two Russians who defected and then set back our cause years before they tried to go back home and we never knew it." 


"I need to do a full re-examination of them, their parents and everything I thought I knew about Stan andArissa." 


"Somehow they were successful, not just in hiding their children, but more importantly in putting the cure in their children."


"Meaning that something we haven't been able to do in all the time since they died they had already done it twenty years earlier," Colonel Denton went quiet as he let that information begin to sink in.

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