Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


4. Shaken, not Stirred

People: Suzanne and Owen

Relation: Awkward Friendship

Location: NY, NY

When:Two hours after Government Kidnapping- Two Weeks after Cure Distribution





"Suzanne we really need to talk."


"I don't want to talk Owen."


"I understand that, then can you listen?"


"Why? So you can declare your untrue feelings for me because Mae Lynn likes Corey and not you?"


"Harsh... and no. I know I don't have a chance with Mae, she made that clear years ago. But I kept wishing-That was made evident don't you think? I liked Nikki, and I like you. Just let me prove to you, that you're the only girl I want to be with?"


"Fine...you have twelve seconds."


"Seriously? Alright, Suzanne, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I don't expect you to come running into my arms, but can you give me the chance to prove to you...that you're the only ex-Mutant for me?"


"Sure, but if you mess up...I'll kill you myself." Suzanne smiled at him, and he kissed her cheek.


Thank you. Thank you Lord up above there is a woman for me.


"Uh, let's get some rest. We'll tell the others later."


"Okay, see you later." Suzanne went into her room, and closed the door behind her. I went into my own room and fell onto the bed.  We had just been abducted by the government, returned, and now we're in a relationship. Oh and we saved the world from Mutants.





People: Colonel Jack Denton, Special Agent Maxwell

Relation: Boss and Employee

When: Fifteen Days after Distribution

Where: Supernatural Containment Bureau's Head Quarters- under the Statue of Liberty

New York City, NY


Colonel Jack Denton:


I paced back and forth in my office. The information that Suzanne Phelps had given him had been...interesting for lack of a better word. Not only was she able to think as a Mutant, she could feel remorse, and track down those she had loved. But she had not told him what made her share her true story with him. Surely it couldn't be because he had the boy in custody...no she had feelings for this boy who betrayed her. Perhaps he could use this to his advantage...but why should he bother? The Mutants were gone were they not? Was he really that petty as to use a girl to take down the Russians? I could put this information to use, have a promotion, is that what I wanted? Power or did I want revenge for my family's death?




"Yes SA Maxwell?"


"Koscovovitch requests your presence." Colonel Jack Denton sucked in his groan and followed Special Agent Maxwell from his office to the Ocean Floor. Inside the room reserved for VCC's he noticed that the President of Russia was joined by none other than his son...it sounded impossible but the man next to Koscovovitch was in fact Cole Denton, who was allegedly killed in action more than ten years ago.


"Hello Father, how nice it is to see you."


"Cole, I thought you were dead!"


"Its far better for the US Army to believe you were killed then for them to think you were a deserter is it not?" His son spoke in a learned Russian accent, his blue eyes hardly looked Russian, and his tan skin also very much Italian as was all the Denton's were in some way.


"You had me believe you had been killed, and all the details of how you were killed, who did I bury as my son Cole?"


"A friend of mine I met. You wouldn't know him of course."


"Try me."


"Are you associating yourself with the Russians now father?"


"No, Cole why did you join them?"


"Father, I didn't join them willingly...it was predestined for me to join the Cause."


"What cause?"


"That is for the Russians to know and the rest of the world to never find out...until its too late."


"You did this to my son! You turned him into a traitor!" The Colonel addressed Koscovovitch.


"Me? Try you Colonel, always away never home, where or where would a young impressionable child turn to but dear old Uncle Koscovovitch?"


"You son of a bitch!"


"Yes yes my mother was a bitch, married a dog as well...created me, the original Pit Bull!"


"Good Day father, I hope you find happiness somewhere in that ruined country of yours." the screen went black and Colonel Jack Denton slumped into a chair. His son was alive, his son was a traitor, his son was working with Koscovovitch. His son killed a man to fake his own death...in cold blood.




"What private?"


"Was that really your son? I mean Cole didn't he have an identical scar a cross his left eye?" the Colonel looked up at Ryan and smiled, yes Cole did have a matching scar to his own. That boy on the VCC with Koscovovitch was just another ploy in Koscovovitch's plan to destroy him. Well it wouldn't work. Did Koscovovitch really believe I was that stupid? I went back to my office, and ran a facial recognition on the boy standing behind Peter Koscovovitch.


It turned out to be an actor, paid directly out of Koscovovitch's pocket to portray Cole Denton. The Colonel smiled as he thought of the many ways he could bring down Koscovovitch by just playing along with this elaborate scheme the Russian believed would work. Hire an actor to portray the Colonel's son, genius except for the fact the dumb Russian forgot one major detail from what his son looked like, the scar a crossed his left eye, leaving him partially blind. The boy in the VCC was perfect, an angel really besides of course who had employed him.  Perhaps the Colonel would need use of the four teenagers after all.




People: Mae Lynn, Colonel Jack Denton, Corey, Owen, Suzanne, and SA Maxwell

Relationship: Dating, Friends, and Possible Employers

Location: NY, NY

When: Fifteen Days after Cure Distribution




Mae Lynn:


I couldn't shake the feeling that Owen was trying to tell me something the night before. Had I been to quick to place my heart in Corey's hands? Did Owen want to see if we would work as a couple and not just best friends? I looked over to where Corey sat patiently waiting for me to finish my shift in the park, distributing more of the Cure to the younger children who've been trapped in the bomb shelters this whole time. We had heard news that the government is funding New York City to place a dome over the city to protect us from any more attacks. Every major city is receiving a dome in a month's time. We didn't know if they would be clear or if we would never see the sky again.


I heard a familiar voice behind me, talking in a hushed whisper. The voice belonged to the man who delivered the horrible news of my father's death. Colonel Jack Denton was here in New York City. I turned to see if I could match the voice to a face, and I found no one. Corey saw me looking around, probably thinking something was wrong and came over to me, even though he wasn't supposed to.


"What's wrong Mae?"


"I thought I heard someone, I used to know but he's not here."




"No, uh the man who told my mother my father was dead actually." I turned back to my work, dismissing Corey and I was face to face with the Colonel himself, and a young man not much older than me and my friends.  "Hello Colonel Denton."


"Hello Mae Lynn."


"Can I help you Colonel? Perhaps your friend needs a shot of the Cure?"


"Uh no, we're here to help you find your mother." The man beside the Colonel spoke.


"My mother? How do you know I'm looking for my mother? Do you know where my friends are?"


"Yes we spoke with Suzanne and Corey; but they're back at the Hyatt don't worry. Now where was the last place you saw you're mother?" Colonel Denton asked.


"Fort Myers...we never left our home."


"Okay, where in Fort Myers?"


"The last time I saw her was at my house, but I don't know if she had detention duty or not."


"Okay, we'll look and see alright Mae? Your father was one of my best friends. I'll do anything to protect his family." The Colonel whispered, pulling me into his arms. I let out the tears I had been holding in for a month.


"Thank you...so much." I whispered into his uniform.


"Anything for you and Claudia." He released me when Corey came up behind us. "Hello Corey Phelps, how do you know my god daughter?"


"We've been travelling together for a month in a half, where have you been Colonel?"


"Everywhere. The President is a chicken so I've been doing his job. Thank you for taking care of her."


"Trust me Denton, she's been taking care of me, Owen, and Suzanne."


"I believe it. She's like her father that way." the Colonel said, looking Corey in the eyes. I cleared my throat and the Colonel returned his attention to me. "Mae Lynn we'll let you get back to your work. It was nice seeing you again."


"It was a pleasure meeting you." the man that never introduced himself said raising my hand to place a kiss on its center. I felt myself flush crimson and giggle.


"Of course, "


"Special Agent Maxwell."


"It was a pleasure meeting you Special Agent Maxwell." I said politely. "Good luck on your mission." The two government employees disappeared into the crowd. Mae Lynn turned to Corey and smiled.


"Friends in high places I see." Corey smirked and placed a kiss on my cheek before returning to the bench. I smiled and went back to work.


All though I was from a small town in Florida, I knew my way around a big city, and my way around medical equipment. I noticed a nurse stirring the mixture in the tubes that was the cure and I rushed to her side,


"Don't stir it, it destroys the necessary enzymes you shake it so it wakes them up. Like this." I demonstrated the shaking movement that my supervisor had shown me. I looked at the nurse who had been stirring the mixture and the resemblance to my mother made my throat close in tears and I placed the cure in her hands. I ran off towards the direction of  the Hyatt.

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