Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


22. Sacrifice

Suzanne woke up on the cold white tiled floor of Bay Twelve.


She was utterly alone and her gun was in the same spot where she had dropped it. Her head was throbbing and she could hardly think a coherent thought.


The only thing she knew was that Owen was in trouble and she had to find him and fast. She gathered up her gun and ran out of the Supernatural Containment Bureau's Headquarters as fast as she could. That's why Maxwell had found them, and that's why he was so heartbroken that Mae was dead. She jumped into a Hovercraft and flew as fast as it could go towards the East End.


Owen had sacrificed everything for her, it was time she repaid the favor. She landed in the East End and called Owen, no answer...crap his phone was probably dead or smashed. Or he was already dead...again.  Suzanne called Corey and he picked up instantly.


"Where are you?" He said. "Owen's been back for hours."


"No, no Owen is in danger Corey. Maxwell brought back Mae from the dead and brainwashed her to believe Owen is the enemy and so is everyone else that tries to protect him."


"Oh, how right you are Suzanne." Suzanne whirled around and was face to face with her sister in law. Mae's combat boots had some type of extension on them. She dropped her phone out of fear and utter shock. How had Mae found her so easily, and so quickly? Had she known that Suzanne would risk everything to save the man she loved? The last thing on this Earth that Mae had loved as much as Corey and Caine? Or had Maxwell tipped her off to Owen's whereabouts? Suzanne had her money on the latter. 


"Don't look so shocked dear. Maxwell gave me a picture of you and gave me your name. You're nothing special I don't remember who you are." 


"You're married to my brother, you have a son!" Suzanne foolishly pleaded with her lone gone friend. The one captured by a snake charmer's spell.


"Death do us part my dear." Mae sneered. "I don't remember him anyway." Suzanne gasped and reached for her gun, Mae was too far gone for her to save...she hoped someday if she survived this mess, Corey found it in his heart to forgive once more. Suzanne placed a timid finger on the trigger, and with the other Suzanne retrieved her phone. She was so glad she had perfected blind texting. She typed a hurried message to Corey explaining everything.


Get Caine to Chicago. He's not safe here. Claudia will knw what to do. I luv you so much Corey. Tell Owen to run...run far away from here, and never come back.


"Oh how sweet, trying to warn them about moi?" Mae struck her hard across the face with her boot. Slicing her face and  Suzanne flew back and crashed into a building, struck completely unaware, her friend's and family's safety far too important than her own. "This is going to be fun." Mae sneered as she got closer to her. "Any last words?" Suzanne thought of a million last words she could utter, but not one would escape her lips. Suzanne felt her life slipping away, and as she weakly raised her gun to shoot, Suzanne's eyes rolled and Mae's foot came down hard and fast onto her neck, breaking it instantly. The extension Suzanne had noticed were blades, blood trickled, and Suzanne screams were cut short as, Mae watched with morbid fascination as Suzanne's head rolled to the side and stopped on a rock. Mae bent down and picked up the still bleeding head. "Rest in Peace, or should I say-pieces." Mae snickered before dumping the head in a bag and boarding a Hover nearby.


Corey looked down at his phone and looked at the text. Suzanne wanted him to ship Caine to Chicago...if Mae was truly under Maxwell's reign then he had no choice. Corey pocketed his phone and hid his tears. Suzanne wouldn't have sent a text message with such horrid grammar. She was either in danger, or too far gone to be saved.


"Owen grab your dog and run. I have to get to Chicago..Mae is on the warpath and is looking for you."




"Go and don't come back."


"Okay. Go get to the Hover and get Caine to safety, I don't have a dog anymore remember? He was snatched by something." Corey remembered all too well. The dog had saved all their lives, and for that, Owen held great guilt for the loss of him.


"Oh right sorry." Corey grabbed his son and some belongings including Mae's Journal and Suzanne's, a picture of both and all of them together, and a few things of food and clothing he then went up to the roof and loaded the Hover. Owen stood by the roof access door, and Corey looked back, and with an awkward goodbye hug the two brother's, as they had grown to know one another said their goodbyes. For what seemed like the very last time.


"Owen, take care of yourself."


"No promises. Not with a stark raving mad zombie killer after me."


"That's my wife you're talking about."


"Well death do you part man. She died. You became a widower, and now she's back and wow weird custody battle there huh?" Corey sighed, he knew Owen only babbled when he was nervous, or afraid even though he wouldn't admit it.


"Owen. You will be fine...I hope. You are an amazing friend, and I wouldn't want anyone else to stand in my place and take out the most evil thing ever."


"Your wife?"


"No. Maxwell. We thought Denton was the true evil. But it was Maxwell. If you survive Mae, you must kill Maxwell."


"I understand captain!"


"Good, that is my last command to you Private O'Connor. Let luck be with you."


"Luck? What am I, a leprechaun?"


"Always the joker." Corey patted him on the back before boarding the Hover. With one last wave of goodbye, Corey took off into the night. Then disappeared from sight. Owen returned to the hotel suite, and waited for death to find him. Or maybe not, he could end death right here and now. He would fight Mae, and kill her, and then he'd take revenge on Maxwell for desecrating her body. Owen loaded up his utility belt with guns, and made an impromptu fort from the furniture. Then he waited.




He buckled Caine into a seat and took off towards Chicago. He pressed the invisibility button and flew. Hot tears fell down his cheeks. Caine cooed next to him-and somehow Corey knew his sister was dead, and somehow even with is warning he had the feeling Owen was dead as well and this time, he was gone and there was no coming back.


Corey brushed away the tears and continued his flight to Chicago, his friends were dead, and his wife was a mindless, killing machine.


Corey made a stop, at the East End. He had to be sure, and this was last he knew Suzanne to be. He hoped to god she was still alive, horribly injured maybe but alive he hoped. Corey unboarded the Hover and went in search of his sister. Or what was left of her. The tracking device in her badge led him to an abandoned building-and Corey stepped through an ominous hole in the bricks. This used to be a bakery Corey thought sadly, what a waste of pastry. Corey thought shaking his head, then the tracker went crazy, He looked down into the darkness, and found a headless body.


"NO! Suzanne? Annie?" Corey cried out collapsing next to the body, "Sweetie, wake up. God Corey how stupid can you be? She's got no head." Corey chided himself. "Damnit. Suzanne why didn't you come back to the hotel? You were protecting Owen...God damn...why do you have to be loyal now? And to the guy who got you killed the first time!" He collected her body and let the tears flow freely now. The tears turned to angry sobs and then he was ready to continue his flight. He'd be damned if Mae took out the last piece of hope this desolate world had. Caine would survive, even if it was the last thing Corey did.


Corey landed once more in a remote area of New York and buried his sister, along with his badge. If he was lucky, Mae would stop here, and look for him in the surrounding woods. If not, he hoped he was ready for a hell of a fight.

People: Mindless Mae, Maxwell

Location: SCB HQ


Mae stood in Maxwell's office, completely void of any emotion... Suzanne's head was on a spike on his desk and Maxwell was laughing. His forked tongue  tasting the air, that smelled of the raw metallic scent of blood and a guiltless conscious, and one trying to escape.


Mae was silent, her hands held behind her back-she stood straight up, her shoulders held back and her eyes were open, and were not blinking. Inside her she could feel her brain throbbing as if something was trying to escape. But that was ludicrous, or was it? Was Mae's conscious trying to break free and retake her body from the greedy claws of Maxwell?


"Now, I want you to hunt down Owen and kill him slowly, and painfully. Here is a camera that can fasten to your uniform." Mae took the small camera and put it in place of one of the buttons. Her lips formed a sinister smile. as she looked up at Maxwell.


"Good, now go." Mae nodded and left the room, leaving Maxwell alone with the head of her former best friend. Deep down Mae knew this was wrong terribly wrong, but she had no control whatsoever over her actions. Blood still coated the blades on her boots, they were cumbersome, but were handy in a fight...they could bend underneath her boot for a fast beheading, and mindless Mae smiled at the thought of Owen's head rolling. 



Mae travelled towards the Hyatt, a hotel where both Maxwell and Owen dwelled. Mae landed on the roof, feet first having jumped from the Hover, the blades making the landing ungraceful, as she wobbled to regain her balance, even with the enhancements Denton gave her unknowingly, she was still human. She took the stairs to the third floor, following her instinct. If Owen had been warned, he would've stayed behind anyway just to make sure she was actually mindless and blood thirsty, she kicked down the hallway access door to the ground she stepped inside and shooed away the dust from the drywall.


"Oh Owen. Come out and play. I know you're here." 

No Owen its a trap!  

Buzz off, my duty is to exterminate all those that have crossed Maxwell 

He's our oldest friend, you can't do this!

I can and we will! 



Owen stepped out from the shadows, a gun in hand. 

Owen no! 

You realize he can't hear you, right? 

But you can! 


"Do you really think I came unprepared?" Mae took out her own gun and pointed it at Owen.


"Mae this isn't you."I know! Please HELP


"Isn't it?" Mae questioned. "Prove it." 

Owen I don't want to do this. Run please just listen! Listen please to your goddamn brain for once!


"Do I?" Owen asked, as if Mae could answer him that he didn't need to prove this was actually her. Mae didn't think, she didn't come here for conversation, she came here to kill this man that Maxwell hated more than anything in this world. Maxwell had wanted a slow death for Owen, but he didn't mention how annoying this man was.

I didn't you mindless bitch. YOU did, you love Maxwell don't you?

 I love no one!

Prove it! 

I shall...


She pulled the trigger on her gun and the bullet struck its target right in the chest. Owen fell backward, his gun falling from his hands.  

"Mae how could you? You're my best friend."She stepped across a line that had been taped on the floor.NO! 



You said to prove it, and I did. You loved Owen more than anyone. Even your husband. Owen was your brother even though he killed your first love. 

You you BITCH. 

No dear, we're the bitch. We're the same person. I'm just the evil part of you that made it through. While you were busy talking to Danny boy! 

I was at peace in HEAVEN I wanted to rest, you know REST IN PEACE. But no, Maxwell had to pull me back.

 You could've stayed. No one would've known.

 And let you kill my friends without trying to help? Have you met me?

Yes and I'm wishing I hadn't.


A memory surfaced in her, it was when she hated Suzanne and she had taped off the suite, giving one side to Suzanne and the other for everyone else. The kitchen being the only exception. Mae quickly pushed the memory aside and collected Owen's head.I guess I'm not all that powerless in this hijacking, huh?


Shut up.


Her boot came back up blood covered and covered in goo, she had stomped when he was still gasping for breath. She picked up the head and ran back up to the roof and whistled for the Hover to release the rope ladder. When the head was properly secured she flew back to SCB HQ. Mae didn't feel much of anything...Owen was dead sure but it wasn't as if she remembered who he was, or why exactly Maxwell wanted him dead. He didn't look anything special. Mae landed in front of the SCB and grabbed the head, she placed in a box and carried it towards Maxwell's office. She found Maxwell listening to a Hollo and she learned that Corey, her supposed husband was on his way to Chicago. She smiled, perfect...if Maxwell wanted him dead that is. Mae knocked and listened, well it would've been easier if the conscious Mae would stop sobbing...


"Enter." she did so and Maxwell smiled at the bloody box in her hand. "Is it him?" You BASTARD you hated Danny, why  take revenge on the man who killed him ACCIDENTALLY. Mae hadn't realized she had spoken until Maxwell turned around,




"Yes." Mae placed the box next to the head of Suzanne, trying to distract Maxwell from her previous outburst. She gathered the spike for Owen's head and placed it on the desk. Maxwell plunged the spike into the former spinal column of Owen and placed it next to the former Suzanne. Mae smiled an evil smile before looking up at Maxwell. Maxwell lunged, and held Mae by her throat, he then preceded to hiss down at her,


"You called me a bastard and then preceded to ask me why I wanted Owen dead. Even if I hated my cousin, he was still blood. So what if he was the cause of my parents' divorce and the end of my life as I knew it, or that Denton would raise me since then and Corey killed him? Oh how do I know Corey did that? Mae dear you told me remember?"


"No, I don't. You erased all my memories. Remember?" Mae gasped.


"Obviously not your sarcasm. Anyway, I need you to track down Captain Phelps. He obviously tried to save Owen. Kill him." Maxwell handed over a tracking device, "This will help you find Corey. Be careful, he's a trained fighter, better trained than you. I don't care how long it takes, just finish it."


"Yes sir."


"Oh and the baby."


"Yes sir." Mae turned on her heel and left the office. She loaded up the Hover and made her way to Chicago. No please not Caine! Please you can't kill our child... 

I will and you can't stop me. Now can you? Besides you're just a voice in my head that I choose not to listen to, and you're too weak to even make yourself consistent enough to help them! And you're too late on two! Poor Suzanne and Owen at least they're together in death! Oh, don't cry....oh you're gone again, no surprise there. 




The Hover floated over what was left of the Chicago Memorial Hospital. Corey took Caine in his arms and continued the flight to Claudia's apartment. 


"Caine, you'll be safe with Claudia, she's your grandmother, of course she doesn't know about you yet." Caine cooed, "You won't see me for awhile, okay sweetie? But you'll be fine. I assure you." Corey landed in the backyard of the giant complex. He took the bags and Caine and went up to the top floor. He rang the doorbell and Claudia answered immediately.


"Oh. You answered I just assumed you'd be asleep."


"No. I don't sleep much, where's Mae?" Corey's eyes filled with tears. "What's happened, and who's this?" Claudia questioned looking at the now sleeping Caine.


"There's no easy way to tell you this. Maybe you should sit down."


"Of course." When Claudia had taken a seat, Corey handed her, her grandson. 


"Two months ago Suzanne, Owen, Mae, and myself embarked on a mission to end Denton's reign of terror. He used Suzanne to kill the President, he used her knowledge of us, and our weaknesses and pinned us against one another. In revenge the SCB tracked us down and shot us out of the sky, Mae was seven months pregnant at the time. Communication with you was impossible, and telling you before, well Mae wanted to keep it a secret until she saw you in person."


"What happened to Mae, Corey! I trusted you to protect her!" Corey looked away.


"For two months we were stranded on an island. Mae was forced to give birth, she hemorrhaged and bled out. We couldn't have done anything to stop it." Tears flooded Claudia's eyes, and she held Caine closer to her chest. "The same day we were 'rescued' by Maxwell, and we were returned to New York and started our previous jobs for the SCB. We planned on cremating Mae so nothing could be done to resurrect her-but we believed Maxwell would be capable of such a feat. Instead he used her, and brought her back as a mindless killing machine, hell bent on vanquishing all those that had any hand in the death of Danny and Denton. I fear Owen is already dead, Suzanne is already, I buried her before coming here. She was headless, so Maxwell wants proof of the kills. He's after Caine for reasons unbeknownst to me. But I trust my only son's life in your hands. I will back soon, in hopes of reconnecting with my son, if not, I'll be dead."


"You can't just pop in here, drop the news of my daughter's death and resurrection, and your kid and just leave!"


"Its that or we all die. Mae is after me next. I have to go to protect the last thing in this world that holds the innocence and integrity of our love."


"Making a baby is hardly innocent dear."


"You know what I meant. We killed if we had to. We never left anyone behind."


"You did leave Suzanne behind."


"That was Owen's fault!"


"Still, you went through with it."


"Claudia, can I trust you or not?"


"Of course you can. Just, be safe. Mae would've never forgiven me if something happened to you. Or Caine."


"Well she'll be the one killing me." 


"Such a grim life you lead Corey." Claudia whispered. "I had hoped this was over."


"So did I." Corey kissed Caine on the forehead "Here, put this on your door, no one with ill intent can get in without you opening the door. The door will be invisible to those who want to harm you." he hugged Claudia goodbye, and then he was gone. Claudia looked down at the little bundle, and then at the bags that Corey had left behind. She supposed she should put the odd device on her door. Claudia got up and put the small rectangle on her door, and low hum started. She didn't know if she was invisible now, or that it was broken, she returned to her spot on the couch, and looked into the bags. A picture frame shone in the moonlight, and Claudia picked it up with her free hand. It was of Mae and Corey on their wedding day, a tear fell onto the glass and streaked through Mae's face. Claudia sighed and went through the remainder of the bags,she found an odd box, with an inscription;


'Pop a Crib.' hmm. Claudia hit a button and threw the crib in the air, in seconds a life sized crib was in her living room. She placed Caine inside and started the mobile. Claudia sighed at the amount of advancements technology has made, a crib that instantly builds itself! She shook her head in disbelief. She then went back to searching through the bags. Clothes, books, a journal belonging to an 'Annie', Mae's Journal, more pictures, toys, a wedding album. Claudia picked it up and opened it, pictures of the wedding popped up in front of her in holographic form. Then a voice sounded around her,


"Mom, sorry you couldn't make it, but I hope this makes up for it. A Holographic encore. Just for you and your book club friends. I love you mom, and don't worry, I have a copy." Tears rolled down Claudia's face, and Caine was cooing, he recognized his mother's voice, so strange for such a young baby. Claudia looked up at the moon and hoped to the absent God above that Corey would survive. Or at least find a way to make Mae right in the head again. Claudia picked up Caine and pushed the collapse button. Good thing she had a spare room. Claudia walked tiredly up the stairs and popped the crib again.


"Good night Caine. Don't let the mommy monsters bite." Claudia said sadly before switching on the mobile, and turning off the light.  Claudia returned to her own room, and tried to sleep. But flashbacks of her time trapped in a basement haunted her. And being saved by her daughter just made it worse. Now in Mae's time of need, Claudia couldn't do anything to help but keep her only child safe...which was a huge thing considering it was Mae that was after her child...not to cherish it, but to kill it. Claudia closed her eyes but images of Mae choking the life from Caine didn't permit much sleep. Instead, Claudia found herself sitting in a rocking chair, keeping watch over the helpless infant.



People: Corey

Location: UNKNOWN


Corey flew mindlessly, he was tired but he didn't dare land to rest, he could however put autopilot on and snooze for a bit. But Corey didn't want to risk it, instead he flipped on the NEWS broadcast, and picked up a message coming from SCB. He turned up the broadcast and listened...it was Maxwell alright but Corey didn't know what he was saying exactly, the signal was too weak.


".....Su....an...e Ph...el...ps.....and...........O...we....n O'.................are presumed.................de...........ad. ......Loc...ation....of Cap....tain ...............Phe...lps.................................................."


Corey shut off the radio when it became only static. Presumed his ass. Suzanne was most definitely dead, and Mae had taken off her head so she couldn't be resurrected. Corey shook his head in disgust. He would kill Maxwell one day, and one day soon...if Mae didn't find him first.



People: Mindless Mae, and Conscious Mae

Location: Somewhere in Chicago.


Mae had searched Chicago four times over and no signs of her 'husband' or her child could be found. Of course she had little to go on, after all she had only heard snippets of information. She would find Corey and she would find Caine even if it meant waiting years to do so. Maxwell would just have to wait. She would wait until Corey thought it was safe to return to his child, and then she would attack. Corey had tried to derail her in rural New York but even mindless as she was, she knew he planted his tracker in the ground. So, she flew onward to Chicago, but had no idea where to go after that...it was a big city-but she could wait as long as it took, even decades. She had nowhere to be.


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