Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


15. Run

People: Corey, Owen, Mae, and Suzanne

Relation: Strained

Location: NY

When: One Year after Suzanne's arrest





I stood tall in the church that had been freshly rebuilt. I stood in front of the priest as he smiled at me. The grand doors opened and I saw Mae Lynn; walking; yes Mae was walking towards me. The faith I had put into Colonel Denton to fix her paid off. My Mae was walking again. Little did I know that what he did would make her into something I would never recognize; she was a sleeper cell and I had no idea until it was too late. When she reached me, and Denton released her to me I took her hands in mine and unveiled her. She was mine, and I was her's forever and always. 


"I speak to the witnesses. If you have any objections as to why these two can not be married; speak now or forever hold your peace." No one spoke and I relaxed a bit more. "Now I speak to the happy couple. I understand that you have written your own vows. Corey, will you read first?"


"Yes of course. Mae Lynn, I have known you for almost two years, and I have loved you from our very first meeting. We have been through so much together. I have seen you at your best; and at your worst. But you were always beautiful to me. Even when you weren't yourself, or when you were dying on the back of that truck. You promised you would keep living; if not for you than you'd do it for me. That day I thought I would lose you, I thought I was losing my best friend so I did what I always did, I went to get pizza. There I was met by a wise man who told me that I would never know if you woke up if I was there and not with you, what if you woke and asked for me? I promised myself then that I would never abandon you. I promised you today that I will love you forever and always. I will give my life to protect you...and if that means leaving my sister I will do it."


"Mae Lynn?"


"Corey, my Teddy Bear. I am sorry for all the hurt I have put you through. But I would never change it because if I had done it we wouldn't be standing here today. You were there when I needed you the most, you stood by me even in my craziest moments. You helped me through my darkest of times and even though I pushed you away; I promised you that I would live; that's true but it wasn't for me, or even for me to beat Suzanne to death. I promised I would live for you. It was always for you; I wanted to kill Suzanne for putting you through what she put you through. I promised that day that I would pull through for you because I love you with all my heart; you allowed me to be myself. You stood by me while I worked out what I had to. You helped me get over the hardships that I needed to go through. And then you were the light at the end of the tunnel you were the good to the bad in this dark dark world. I love you forever and always."


"Now then, Do you Corey Michael Phelps take Mae Lynn Vincent to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness, and in health, for richer or for poor, through good times and bad, till death do you part?"


"I do."


"Do you Mae Lynn Vincent, take Corey Michael Phelps to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, through good times and bad, till death do you part?"


"I do."


"You may kiss the bride." I smiled and pulled Mae to me, our lips touched and our world around us melted away. The desolate world around us disappeared and only we remained. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. I give you Mr and Mrs Corey Phelps!" The witnesses erupted into applause as Mae and I made our exit. Owen smiled at Mae and took her into his arms.


"Congratulations Mae."


"Thank you Owen. I hope you find happiness one day."


"Me too. Go on, go enjoy yourselves." 




I watched them leave, my two best friends were leaving me for a few weeks. There were few places suitable for a honeymoon, and Fiji just happened to be one of them. A dream location of Mae's. I waved them off and stalked off towards my new apartment building on 23rd Street. I walked, no jogged up to my apartment and opened the door. I turned the lights on and was greeted my Slivester; my dog. 


"Hey buddy." Slivester looked anxious so I dug out my military knife and went in search of the reason. On the couch in the sort of living room sat the woman I thought I loved. It had been over a year since I had seen Suzanne and I wanted to call Corey straight away; after all this psycho bitch put Mae Lynn through hell. But I couldn't really be mad at her anymore-after all what kind of horrors did Denton put her through?


"Hello darling." Suzanne turned and faced me. Her hair was shorter and her eyes showed no compassion-they were vacant even of the love she once had for me.


"Suzanne; what are you doing here?"


"They released me. They figured since Corey and Mae would be out of the country I couldn't do any harm."


"No, I meant here, how did you find me?"


"Denton was more than happy to help. Why did you let them take me Owen?"


"They had guns! Not to mention the fact that you had just landed my best friend in the hospital on the brink of death! So I'm sorry I wasn't feeling all that loving towards you!"


"Do you want to know what they did to me? Do you want to know what I learned?"




"Sit awhile and I will tell you. Nice dog by the way."




"So anyway, after I was taken away and you didn't rescue me-"


"I was handcuffed to a table, being held captive by a vampire."


"Oh. Anyway they put me in a van and drove me to Headquarters. They took me below the interrogation chambers and below the VCC rooms. The place they took me was all white, like Men in Black white. There was nothing resembling color, Mae would've died. They shoved me into a cell and left me there for five days; the amount of time I was a mutant, without food or water. No one spoke to me, no one told me how Mae was doing and no one told me what had happened to you or Corey. I was so scared Owen. On the fifth day food was brought to me and I had my first conversation."


"Who did you speak to?" I looked into her eyes and her love for me shone brightly. I exhaled in relief.


"I'm not sure but I think it was Max. He told me Mae was fine and everyone was fine. Max hadn't spoken to me since Danny's death."


"Sorry about that."


"Its alright. Anyway he told me things were changing. Denton was different; like he had planning something and the plan was being put into motion. I didn't like the sound of that. He left and with him my contact with the outside world. I didn't speak to anyone for two month after that. Then in the third week of the second month Denton requested my presence in room 54A. I didn't know what awaited me." Tears streamed freely down her face and I had all I could do not to wipe them away. "They strapped me to a table and Denton stood over me, with a sadistic grin on his face. He told me that he was doing this for the greater good or something and he sliced into me! He was dissecting me! They took blood samples and tissue samples and they prodded at me. Denton's a monster Owen."


"He fixed Mae's legs, he can't be that bad."


"Owen; he fixed Mae's legs not because he loves her but because he wants to use her!"


"What are you talking about?"


"I know you have this man crush on him because he brought you back; but he has plans and they're not good! Corey has killed innocent children! Do you really think Denton thought those children were evil? Denton and the whole SCB stayed underground throughout the apocalypse while the four of us put the weight of the world on our shoulders; said goodbye to our families and saved the world! Do you really think Denton; the nice guy facade he's putting on would do that? Unless he had an ulterior motive in doing so?"


"What are you saying?"


"What I'm saying is that when Corey came to visit me he and I would look at this website, it was the last conspiracy site still active and somehow they had gotten the Russian's plans for the the nuke attack. Denton's name pops up a lot. Like as a star conspirator. I know you don't believe me but he printed out the pages and made copies. Here-." I took the pages from her and read them.





The plans for ultimate world destruction is complete and ready to go. I hope you hold up your end of the bargain-remember our plans are to off the president. We cannot do this without your formula for Mutants.

~P. Koscovovitch





I have sent the package; can you not be discrete in the matter of your correspondence with me? Remember no one can know we must keep up appearances.



"This is impossible! Denton working with Koscovovitch?"


"Yes! If anyone finds out Corey and I know-they might kill us."


"Why tell me?"


"I need someone who Denton trusts and who kind of trusts me to know. Just in case."


"Whats going to happen?"


"I don't know. But their plan is to ultimately kill the president. Denton has every motive to off the guy. Denton does the president's job; everything besides his own paycheck! The president is an awful man and I can't stand him; but he doesn't deserve to die."


"What do you propose we do? Storm into the Oval Office and say that Colonel Jack Denton; your best friend wants you dead?"


"Well yes."


"That's crazy! They'd have us arrested for sure!"


"What else do you want me to do? I can't just stand back and watch!"


"That's exactly what you're going to do. I can't lose you again."


~Two Weeks Later~




"Now, Mae may need to be restrained when she sees you."


"I understand." I saw them coming towards us, luggage in hand.


"Owen! Its so good to see you! I hope you weren't bored out of your mind while we were away!" Mae said happily and newly tanned. Then she noticed Suzanne. "Suzanne; I promised Corey I'd beat your ass the next time I saw you."


"Feel free. I totally deserve it."


"Hello Suzanne." Corey said icily.


"Guys, Corey you visited her in prison. Let her off the hook."


"Funny! That's exactly what I had to use to get into a bathtub!" Mae spat. "Because she couldn't stand the thought of me marrying her brother."


"Look, I'm sorry. I was tortured...they released me. I have news."


"News?" The television behind Mae and Corey clicked on with a BREAKING NEWS banner. The newscaster came on the screen their face lined with shock and horror.


"The President of the United States was found dead in the Oval Office early this morning. Witnesses have confirmed it was in fact murder. Who would do something like this? The US Military have released a number one suspect; a fugitive by the name of Suzanne Phelps-if anyone has seen or has had any contact with this woman is asked to come forward and contact the Supernatural Containment Bureau. The number is listed on the screen."


"Suzanne you said that you were released!"


"I was. They gave back my possessions and told me to leave. Oh God! This was his plan! To kill the president and to frame me! Two weeks ago they released me from SCB prison and now the president is dead and I'm being framed."


"Sorry again but it is said that Suzanne Phelps may have had the help from her brother, Corey Phelps."


"What the hell? I wasn't even in the fucking country!"


"Suzanne; do you promise that you had nothing to do with this?" Mae asked.


"I promise! Please you've got to help me." 


"On one condition." 


"What?" Mae pulled back her arm and punched Suzanne in the face. 


"I get to beat the shit out of you!"


"Oi! Break it up! Aren't you two gonna do anything!" 


"Its alright sir, they won't hurt eachother."


"Mae-come one she gets it."


"Suzanne! Suzanne don't!" Before they knew it the first floor window was broken and Mae was laying in the bushes.


"You bitch." Mae got up and ran at Suzanne.


"Should we do something?"


"Mae won't kill her." Mae tackled Suzanne and punched her in the face so hard her head ricocheted off the ground. "Okay maybe we should do something." I ran towards the two girls and pulled Mae up. "What the hell?"


"I was only going to bruise her up so the authorities didn't recognize her and then the bitch threw me out another window!"


"You could've told us that!" Corey said, "Suzanne really?"


"It was the first floor and there were bushes." Suzanne said holding her jaw as blood ran down the back of her neck, her nose and her eyebrow.


"Well no one will recognize her." The four of them walked to Owen's flat and went inside. 


"What the hell are we going to do?"


"Corey, Suzanne; you've got to run. Suzanne I will never forgive you. But keep him safe please. I will go to Denton; and try to keep him off your trail. Owen-play cool do not under any circumstances give way that you know about Suzanne. Or the plans Denton has." Mae whispered.


"Mae I can't leave you."


"Corey, I can't watch as you're pulled away from me. I love you but every hero has to make a sacrifice. This is mine. You and Suzanne have to run. I can't go with you. Denton will know. Owen will take care of me and the other thing I promise. Just survive."


"I can't leave-"


"You have to. You have to protect your sister. I know she's innocent." I whispered, I pulled out a medical kit and the gun collection I had acquired from the van we had gotten.  "Remember these? I fixed up the van awhile ago and I kept the guns. Just in case. Take as many as you can carry discretely-and ammo. Take the food and medical supplies and try to survive. Suzanne I love you-no matter what. Corey I will protect Mae Lynn. I promise you."


"I know you will man. Mae-I'll miss you so much."


"I'll miss you too baby."


"Mae-I'm so sorry." Suzanne whispered. "I wanted to apologize so many times. I wanted to call and and take it all back. I was jealous and what I did was inexcusable. I almost killed you. I'll protect your husband and my brother. Take care of Owen."


"He wouldn't be here if I hadn't taken care of him." Mae whispered. "Now get out of here the both of you."


"I love you." Corey whispered to Mae before engulfing her into a bone crushing hug. "Get this sorted out and I'll be back-I promise,"


"Corey-" Corey turned around to face me before he disappeared out the door,




"Don't die."


"I haven't died yet." Corey chuckled before leaving. Mae had tears streaming down her face as she collapsed into a bar stool. 


"What was she thinking coming back?"


"She missed me. She wanted to apologize I don't think she realized that Denton was going to frame her. What are you going to do?"


"Contact Denton and tell him that they're going South, in reality I texted them to go North. I have friends there."






"Oh. I'm sorry my girlfriend is kind of crazy."


"Kind of? She's insane but she makes you happy. Owen-"


"Yes Mae?"


"I'm pregnant."




"I found out over the honeymoon. That's why we came back a few days early. We should've just stayed in Fiji."


"They'll be fine Special Agent Phelps." Mae smiled but the smile quickly disappeared when her phone rang. "Who is it?"











People: Suzanne, Corey

Location: Northeast, United States Border

Relation: Brother and Sister

When: Two months after President's death



They ran deeper into the cave, they were lucky to stumble upon it. If they hadn't it would have been just a matter of time before someone caught them, whether it was the mutants or the military either way they would undoubtedly have been dead by now.


The mutants, she didn't want to just think of them as zombies now, they were so much more than that. The thought of how someone could do that to other human beings disgusted her, well it disgusted both of them.Two months ago she had been released from prison,two months ago the president was killed, two months they had been running. They had been framed for the president's death shortly after it had been broadcasted-but they knew the true murderer and they also knew him personally and once had foolishly trusted the man.That had to be why the entire world by now believed they had killed the president of the United States.


Suzanne was brought out of her shock induced haze by a twinge of pain in her left shoulder from the gunshot wound. She had been able to seal it temporarily with the foam from the medical bag she had grabbed when they ran. Her thoughts ventured to Owen and to Mae. The last thing Corey had mentioned about his wife was that she was with child. Suzanne couldn't imagine the horrors, what if Mae had miscarried, what if they were dead? They had escaped their camp somewhere in Michigan, barely alive.


Which they wouldn't have been able to do if it wasn't for the tip off, she was 90% sure, despite the fact the voice had been disguised that the caller was Mae Lynn. Even after all they had been through that the last time they had been together the fight had been pretty brutal, she had needed stitches and had to have her broken leg reset, and she had a concussion, so who knew how bad Mae's injuries had been after the fall out of the first floor window on to the bushes below.


She had never meant for that to happen and she had tried to find out how she was- but Denton made sure she couldn't. He had probably even got rid of the messages she had left on Mae's phone crying and apologizing. She had desperately wanted to repair their friendship, but that seemed so unlikely now it was doubtful that they would ever see Mae again.


Even if that was her who warned them about the unit of soldiers headed for them. While they were fleeing she had heard some chatter between the members of Corey's old unit they had orders to shoot to kill on sight.


They were lucky to have gotten away and the realization that she had been forced to shoot someone that she had killed at least one of them weighed heavily but she knew that she didn't have time to deal with that right now, she had no idea how they were going to get out of the cave and beyond the military lock down trying to trap them.


Plus there was the matter of the area being over run with mutants and they had no idea where to go next even if they do make it past all that.


She thought for the first time in ages about Corey and she had to admit she was glad it was him she was with, things had been so tense between them that maybe they could reconnect with each other. Corey was her savior for a lack of a better word. He had a wife, a child on the way and he's been framed like her. He had been the Captain of Denton's attack team. Corey had also quit a few days before the wedding. Now his former platoon were after them.


As perverse as it might sound if she was going to die and frankly she didn't believe they were going to, she had no idea how they could even begin to be able to prove their innocence, so if she was going to die then she would bizarrely like it to be with him.


She hoped though that she would be do what ever she could to get him somewhere safe even if it meant she had to sacrifice her own life. That's when she realized that Corey had been really quiet since they entered the cave.


Suzanne turned around and looked on in horror as she saw her brother laying face down on the ground blood oozing out from underneath him. She screamed and dragged her self over to him and struggled as she turned his body over.



A few hours earlier


He stumbled and fell over the fallen tree branch, he was falling over more these last few yards after starting to run since he had used up all the ammo from his AK-47 machine gun providing cover fire while Suzy searched for the cave they had been given directions for, of course it would be harder to find after they had lost the map.


After he had lost the map when they were disturbed in the middle of the night at the makeshift camp. He had dropped it as he slid the last magazine into his gun while running away in woods with all the obstacles on the ground, but it was too dark and the mutants and his old unit were both closing in making it to dangerous for him to stop go back and look for it once he realised he didn't have it anymore.


Corey picked himself up and the wave of pain that hit next to his hip and shot all the way down his leg and he realised he had been shot. He looked down and saw the blood flowing from his wound he put his hand over it pressing down to try to stop or at least slow it down.


He rolled over on to his back and reached into the bag to pull out the canister of medical foam he pulled the cap off and lifted his top to spray some on to the wound, ah fuck he said to himself the can had a couple of bullet holes in and the foam in its liquid state inside the can before you shook it to spray it on.


Another thought struck him, it was dark now but if it set in daylight hours it would leave a convenient trail for his guys to follow right to him.


He had a choice either change direction or stay on what he believed was still the right path to the cave. He heard a noise and scrambled for his gun before realizing it was empty. He kept it pointed where the rustling of branches was coming from, he was happy to see that it was Suzanne. She had doubled back worried her brother hadn't caught up to her, he tried to hide the blood and the gun shot injury, with it being so dark still and her only having the torch on its lowest setting to avoid being seen by the soldiers or the mutants.


She helped him up and he put his arm around her shoulder he heard her grimace trying to do it quietly through clenched teeth and took the torch from her and shined it on her shoulder and saw the blood stains on her jacket.


"You've been shot," he said to her worry creeping into to his voice and tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes.


"It's okay I'm fine, I've sealed it up if we get to a town we can find a doctor's surgery and I can try to dig the bullet out."


"Never mind that now, I found the cave we were looking for, by accident I have to admit. I literally fell over it. I tripped over a dead deer and when I looked up I saw the entrance, could not have been more dumb luck," Suzanne said to Corey.


Suzanne led them back to the cave they walked in so they were about a quarter of a mile away from the entrance. Suzanne propped Corey up against the cave wall as she walked in further looking for another way out. She dropped the glock 43 handgun as it was now empty then fell to her knees.


Corey slid down the wall and tried to wipe away the tears that were now falling freely, he was in pain but that wasn't why he was crying, he was thinking about how they had come to be here, the truth they had discovered that had to be why they were being framed and with both of them shot no weapons left and no idea who had set them up let alone any clue how to prove they weren't the ones who had murdered the President.


He believed that they were going to die out here, either the mutants would get them or his former unit would.


Only two things were giving him any small piece of comfort, the first being that he was here with Suzanne, weird as that sounded at least he had gotten the chance to repair their relationship before the end.


The only other comfort was that at least Mae Lynn would survive. At least his unborn child would survive, unless fate had a sick sense of humor and Mae showed up and saved him.


He wondered if Suzanne knew it was Mae who had warned them, that there was at least it was a sign she might be prepared to let go of her anger, he hoped so as he couldn't bare the thought that the two women in his life couldn't get along anymore.


He knew despite the attempt to disguise her voice he knew it was Mae Lynn he would know his wife's voice anywhere.


They had only been married a few weeks now,  He had also been angry with her and the way she had agreed to be a guinea pig for Denton in the medical trials his people were conducting that he promised her that she would be able to walk again when they repaired her spinal damage. But he had been his idea as well to trust Denton; how stupid he was, now his wife was a sleeper cell. Only mere moments was she herself. Corey cringed at the thought of the woman he loved as a mutant like shell of herself.


He didn't actually trust Denton anymore which is why he had been out of his unit for months after quitting in anger.


Despite the way things had gone it was a nice surprise that Mae had warned Suzy in fact when she called him he asked if she would warn his sister, he had worked hard to get Mae to forgive Suzy after he had learnt to forgive Suzy himself.


He reminded Mae that she had thrown the first punch and Suzy had never intended for her to go through the window and fall down to the ground floor.


That Suzy had been beside herself with guilt and tried to find out how she was once they took her away and that she had begged for his forgiveness and was equally desperate for him to tell Mae how sorry she was.



He was still a bit surprised to find Suzanne waiting for him at the rendezvous point. As he sat there Corey felt himself getting weaker. He tried to stand up but his legs gave way and he collapsed to his knees clutching his wound and then he slipped into unconsciousness and fell forward his face hitting the hard on the Rocky ground. He heard the screams of his sister but he couldn't do anything about as he slipped into unconsciousness. He was going to die and he was never going to see his child or his wife again. He was going to die in a cave in northern Wisconsin. 


"Corey you've got to stay awake!" 




"No, its Suzy."


"Suzy, it hurts."


"I know big brother I know. Hold on though, think of Mae."


"Mae is pregnant."


"Yes she is." Suzanne dug into the bullet wound on his leg and squeezed the medical foam she had with her into the wound. His scream was cut off by the wad of cloth she placed into his mouth. "I'm sorry Corey." Corey fell asleep and Suzanne curled up at his side afraid for the first time since she was twelve of the dark.

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