Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


6. Road Trip


People: Mae-Lynn, Owen, Corey, Suzanne, and SA Tyler Maxwell Vargas

Relation: Its Complicated

Location: US Highway

Intent: Rescue Claudia Vincent and Daniel Vargas. Put to rest Nikki

When: One month after Cure Distribution





I sat in the back of the military issued van while I waited for my friends to finish talking with the hotel staff to make sure our suite will be well taken care of and won't be rented out to anyone else. They assured us that our suite was ours for as long as we wanted it, but Owen and Corey weren't going to take any chances. Ever since their fight a few nights ago, they've been acting like well 'friends' would be embellishing what their relationship was. They were more like family who couldn't get rid of one another because their mother's are best friends.


The van door opened and Maxwell's face greeted me. He looked so much like Danny and each time I saw him, the guilt reared its horrible head and blew fire a crossed my heart and happiness. 


"Hey, Mae we're heading out soon, Corey wanted to know if you needed anything."


"Oh, no but thanks anyway." Maxwell turned to go but stopped and turned around,


"Mae, I don't blame you for moving on. Corey is a great guy and Danny, he might not even be savable."


"Hey, I'll deal with when it comes. I have to choose between two great guys." I let the tears fall down through my eyelashes.


"Hey, don't cry. Danny will understand." 


"Thanks." I looked at him, and really saw the boy I fell in love with, Danny he was there in Max's face. "You really do look like him, are you sure you aren't his brother?"


"I'm sure, I'll go get the others."


"Okay." Mae Lynn leaned back against the seat and for the first time in weeks pulled out her phone. To her surprise there were a few missed calls from her mother, and from Danny. Curious she hit 'Call Voicemail' to her delight she heard the message from her mother,


'Mae, sweetheart Danny and I found shelter in the basement of the school. We're fine we don't know how long ago the bombs went off just know we're safe, we couldn't save Nikki. I don't where you are or if you're even alive just know that I love you.'


'Babe, hey I'm with your mom in the dungeons. I miss you, I love you, and please babe be alive.'


Mae Lynn let the tears fall. She hit 'Call Back' and the let the phone ring. The other end picked up and she heard her mother's voice.


"Mae Lynn?"


"Mom! Tell Danny that we're coming to get you. We ran into his cousin and we're coming to rescue you guys."


"Oh, sweetheart, its not safe."


"Its fine mom. We know what we're doing. We'll be there soon."


"Well, alright dear. I love you its so nice to hear your voice. Do you want to talk to Danny?"


"Uh no, I'll talk to him when we get there. We're going to lose reception soon anyway. Just tell him I miss him."


"I will. Is there something you're not telling me Mae?"


"Mom, I thought Danny was dead so, I started a new relationship."


"With who? Owen?"


"No, a guy we met on the way to New York. He's super nice. There' s so much I have to tell you."


"Alright I'll talk to you later."

"Bye Mom."


"Bye sweetheart."


Mae looked up just as the sliding doors opened. Corey's head appeared,


"Hey Mae, what's up?"


"My mom and Danny, they're not mutants. They're alive,"




"They found shelter in the basement. I just talked to my mom."




"Corey, I haven't made a decision yet. I- its going to be difficult."


"Yea, but I'll support you in any decision. If I can't be your boyfriend, I'll be your friend."


"Thanks for being so understanding." Her friends and Max loaded up the van and everyone kept their distance, or as much as they possibly could from her. Except Owen, he sat right next to her and held her hand. He was her brother in every sense of the word. "How am I going to choose Owen?"


"I don't know. Corey-he's a great guy; awesome fighter, great under pressure; but Mae you've got history with Danny. He's done so much for you-and for me. I'm not asking you to choose Danny because its an obligation, I'm just stating the facts. We've only known Corey for a month, not even but Danny we've known him our whole lives. He at least deserves a chance."


"And Corey doesn't Wen?"


"I haven't heard you use that nickname in a long time."


"Well I'm pissed."


"At me? What did I do?"


"Nothing Owen, I'm sorry. I'm just tired." Mae leaned her head against Owen's shoulder. "Its not like a regular break up. I've been cheating on Danny for a month!"


"Hey, you didn't know he was alive. Corey was there, hell Anne was there as well. Although Danny would've taken a lot better if you cheated on him with Anne."


"You sick pervert!"


"I'm your sick pervert. You're stuck with Mae."


"Owen, I'm going to sleep."


"Okay. Night; sweet dreams."


"My dreams are never sweet anymore." Mae answered him. Mae Lynn went in the farthest back seat of the van/bus as she could and stretched out her body. Hopefully her subconscious could decipher her true feelings for the boys who obviously had feelings for her. Mae Lynn let her eyes close and she let herself drift off to dream land.





People: Daniel Vargas, Claudia Vincent

Relation:Boyfriend of Mae Lynn, Cousin of Maxwell, mother of Mae Lynn

Location: Saint Augustine's High School basement, Fort Myers Florida

When: One month after Cure Distribution



Daniel's POV


Danny Vargas paced the boiler room nervously. He had been trying to call Mae Lynn for hours, ever since she had refused to speak to him. What Mae didn't know was that her mother had her on speaker phone. Mae Lynn had started a new life without him. She thought he was dead; probably just checked her phone. God what had he gotten himself into? If he had never done that stupid prank, he'd be holding Mae right now. Somewhere out there in the country. Instead some guy swooped in and stole her heart. While she was depressed and vulnerable. Danny felt like crying his eyes out right now. He could still hear her laugh, her cry, her voice...he remembered how it felt to hold her in his arms, comfort her when she cried, play with her auburn hair, he remembered the day she found out her mother had died, how he'd been seconds after Owen entering Mae Lynn's home. He remembered her falling and Owen catching her. He remembered the months that followed. He remembered how pale she had gotten, how depressed and sad. He remembered how she changed from her yellows and pinks to the army brat uniform she adopted. He remembered when she chucked her chucks and replaced them with combat boots. He loved her more than ever, now she was his bad ass girlfriend and now she was gone. She wasn't dead but she was being comforted in some other guy's arms. He couldn't blame her, she thought he was dead, Nikki was dead so Danny must've been too. The school must look like hell. 


"Mrs. V, when did Mae say she was getting here?"


"A couple hours at most."


"That was a couple hours at most ago." Danny said.


"Oh sweetie, its alright she'll be here; I promise."


"I love her Mrs. V, what if she doesn't choose me?"


"Sweetheart she loves you, she'll come back to you; have a little faith."


"But Mrs. V, what if she doesn't make it in time?"


"Danny, if I die I die, but you have to promise me you'll take care of her. Its a miracle I was able to hold on for so long. I'll try to hold on, but I can't promise that I won't turn before she gets here, if I do lock me up or kill me."


"I won't kill you Mrs. V."


"If you have to, you have to do it. Daniel Vargas do you understand me? If I pose a threat to you or Mae or anyone put me down!"


"Mrs. V."


"Promise me!"


"I promise." Danny promised the woman slowly bleeding through the bandages. "Please try to hold on."


"I promise."





People: Mae-Lynn, Owen, Corey, Suzanne, and SA Tyler Maxwell Vargas

Relation: Its Complicated

Location: US Highway

Intent: Rescue Claudia Vincent and Daniel Vargas. Put to rest Nikki

When: One month and a day after Cure Distribution





"Danny, you have to catch up if you wanna kiss me!" Mae Lynn screamed from the merri-go-round, 


"Don't tempt me Mae Lynn Vincent! You know I love you! I'll do anything to kiss you again,"



"Anything within reason of course."


"Kiss Owen full on the lips and then you can catch me." Nikki laughed and pushed Owen towards Danny. "Danny you said you'd do anything for me. Prove it!"


"Fine I will. Pucker up pretty boy!"


"Oh Jesus Mae Lynn, why me?"


"Because this is funny, now pucker up!" Mae Lynn laughed. 


"Fine. The things I do for you Mae Lynn!" Danny grabbed Owen by the cheeks and pulled him close, 


"Dude I'm sorry," Danny kissed Owen full on the lips, it was quick and brief. "Are you happy Mae?"


"You actually did it, Danny I love you!"


"I love you too Mae, I really hope you know that by now." Danny said pulling Mae Lynn into his arms. "Now for that kiss." Mae Lynn smiled and softly pressed her lips to Danny's. Their lips moved like notes in a song; like they were made for each-other, their kisses were effortless. 




Mae Lynn woke in a cold sweat, she suddenly knew who she had to choose. She didn't have any true feelings for Corey, she had just been stringing him along as her rebound. She took out her phone and dialed the only number she knew by heart; Danny's. She let the phone ring and on the fourth ring the other end picked up,


"Mae?" a breathless Danny asked.


"Yes, its me. Oh gosh Danny I'm so sorry."


"Mae I understand."


"Danny I chose you, like the day at the park."


"When you asked me to kiss Owen to prove I'd do anything for you?"


"Its a two way street. I'm braving a horde of mutants to get you back alive, I love you I've never stopped loving you Danny. It was just too hard to think about you dead somewhere. Or worse on of them."


"God, Mae Lynn I've missed you like crazy. How's Owen holding up?"


"Fine actually, he has a new girlfriend."




"Yes, the twin sister of the guy I rebounded with." Mae Lynn looked up when she heard the muffle cry of Corey. "Corey!"


"Is that all I was to you? A rebound?"


"Corey-I- Danny I have to call you back."


"Alright, how far away are you?"


"We're a half hour from the high school."


"I love you. Be prepared to either cure your mom, or kill her."


"What why?" The phone went dead, "Hello? Danny why?" Frustrated she threw her phone into the trunk. 


"Mae, answer my question."


"Corey, I thought I had feelings for you."


"But you never did,did you? Your emotions were just clouded with grief right?"


"I'm sorry."


"No, no I understand at least you didn't get my sister killed with your grief. You just happened to break my heart instead."




"Save it for your boyfriend. I'm just the rebound remember? Why bother patching it up with me." Corey whispered harshly before turning around abruptly. 


"Uh we're here in case anyone wanted to know." Max said from the front. "Just in case bring some  guns filled with the cure. We don't know what we're dealing with. Just try to remember they were people once."


"I know." Owen said as he cocked his rifle. "Let's do this."







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