Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


10. Revelations

People: Colonel Denton, unknown federal employee

Location: Supernatural Containment Bureau, NY, NY

When: Three Months after Apocalypse, Two months after Cure distribution, One month after Owen's 'Death'


Colonel Denton sat twiddling his thumbs together. He was ashamed at himself for high jacking Owen's body from his casket but it had to be done. Denton had the means to reverse death and if it would help Mae to return to her right state of mind then he would do it. It was tricky and it involved using a Reaper he had captured years ago but he would do anything for Mae Lynn; he looked up when a young man in a military uniform walked in.


"Colonel Denton? Prisoner 345 is ready."


"Thank you Jeff."


"No problem sir." The military officer saluted and exited the office. Colonel Denton rose from his seat and went deeper into the SCB Headquarters. He went below the floor that housed the Video Conference room, and below the interrogation rooms. He finally entered the Containment Floor. The colonel walked with the confidence that was brought to a human being that was separated from the creatures that stalked the night from their greatest weaknesses; silver, wolfsbane, salt, ash, and so forth. Iron was the main ingredient in the jail bars. The colonel walked towards the jail door that was marked '345' and stopped and turned the way a military officer was meant to.


"Hello 345."


"I have a name; Colonel Denton."


"Do you? It's been too long."


"Two decades I have been your prisoner. Two decades I have not done my job for the Great Father. Now what is it that you want?"


"If you bring back someone from the other side, I will give you your freedom."


"What if I don't believe you?"


"You don't have to believe me; or trust me if you don't want to. But you will bring back the soul I want."


"Fine; who is it?"


"Owen Reid O'Connor."


"Yes; I tasted his soul. He is a hero is he not?"




"I will bring him back; in exchange for my freedom."






"Deal Valerie."


"Thank you. Now take me to the body." Colonel Denton against his better judgement opened the cell door. He slapped the iron cuffs around her wrists before her beauty blinded him. The Reaper was compliant and allowed him to lead her towards the morgue. Colonel Denton wasn't sure as to why he was helping the children; he only knew that he needed them to trust him. 


They arrived at the morgue and Valerie smiled. 


"His body is in good condition. I was worried."




"If the body is not perfect. Consequences could be great."


"Oh, well how long will this take?"


"Not long. Couple minutes at most. Give me space to work." Valerie indicated the cuffs around her wrists. The Colonel released the Reaper and the creature stepped towards the body of Owen O'Connor.  "Fero animo volenti. Vocans Owen O'Connor ed. Ex eo. Spiritus Aliquam magna." The language the Reaper used the Colonel recognized as Latin, but he couldn't decipher it; and even if he could he couldn't do it justice. 


"Is it done?"


"Yes. His soul is taking over the body. You need not worry; now fulfill your end of the bargain."


"Of course Valerie. You are free to go." Colonel Denton handed over the scythe he had confiscated from her, and without a second glance Valerie was gone. Colonel Denton walked over to the body; still in the suit that was donated to him in death. The boy's eyes started to flutter until they opened. Bright blue eyes starred at Colonel Denton; filled with confusion, and fear.


"Do you remember me?" Colonel Denton whispered.


"Yes. You're the guy who told Mae that Mr. Vincent died."


"Good. I'm also the man who brought you back."




"Good question. Your friend, Mae has gone a bit...crazy."


"Oh...that can't be the only reason Colonel."


"It isn't but the rest is need to know." Owen didn't look convinced but Colonel Denton didn't care. "Do you want to see Mae Lynn and the others or not?"


"Of course I do."


"Good. Corey, Mae, and Suzanne are coming in for a case briefing well its a fake case briefing but anyway come along. You smell of death but it will have to do because I don't have clothes for you."


"Alright. I don't smell that bad." Owen said as he sniffed himself. Owen's eyes started to water from the stench. "Never mind." Owen shut his mouth and followed the Colonel up two flights of stairs into the briefing room. 


"Stay here." The Colonel opened the door and disappeared, leaving Owen by himself in the hall. He noticed Maxwell and Owen smiled.


"Max! Hey Max!" Maxwell turned towards the sound of his name being called and Owen thought Max would faint.


"Owen? Are you the Top Secret operation I didn't have clearance for?"


"Apparently." Max walked over to where Owen was leaning against the 'In Memorial' Wall.


"Dude, its nice to see you again."


"Same here." The door opened and the Colonel ushered Owen inside, "I'll see you later man."


"Yep. See ya."  Owen sauntered into the room, and the gasps of shock ricocheted off the now closed door.


"OWEN!" Mae screamed in disbelief. She got up and ran to him. "You stink, but I love you." Mae whispered as she wrapped him up in her arms. "I never thought I would see you again." she said as she started to cry. 


"Owen." Suzanne whispered; guilt and shock stripping at her confidence she held whenever she came in for a briefing. The Supernatural Containment Bureau was her life now, well now that Danny ditched her. 


"Hey." Owen whispered disentangling himself from Mae's embrace. "Suzanne, its so great to see you." Owen approached her as he would an ex girlfriend; who knew if she had moved on or not. He certainly didn't.


"Owen; I missed you so much!" Suzanne whispered as she threw her arms around his neck. "You do stink."


"Thanks. I missed you too." Suzanne planted a kiss on Owen's lips; mostly because she could; but also because she knew deep down she only paid attention to Danny to piss off Mae and Nikki. "Wow, I really missed you."


"Oh please." Corey said as he stood up to come over to where the reunion was happening. "Man, you have no idea how crazy its been without you. These two especially." Mae rolled her eyes as she playfully punched Corey on the arm. "So, how did you come back? Pretty sure we buried you six feet under three months ago."


"You did."


"Do you remember anything?"


"Like how I died, or if I was at my funeral?"


"Both," Suzanne said.


"Well, I was trying to reason with Nikki, but she wasn't having it. She was already human by this time and I was explaining how I had fallen in love with Suzanne. Nikki was so angry; she ran at me and I freaked and I fell. She saw what she had done but by the time she reached out to save me I had already fallen to the pavement. I remember Mae screaming, and Suzanne crying. I remember being injected with the Cure and then nothing. Then I woke up and I wasn't in my body instead I was overlooking it. I remember all the heartfelt goodbyes. I especially remember Mae Lynn's."


"What was so special about Mae's goodbye?" Suzanne inquired.


"Nothing; I've known her longer and she's been my best friend for so long that her goodbye brought tears to my eyes."


"That and I kissed you." Mae whispered.


"Okay that too."


"You kissed my boyfriend?"


"Should I tell him what you did while he was dead?" Mae countered. 


"Girls please its fine. I was dead. I'm curious though, what did you do?"


"I may have flirted with Danny."


"While I was still dating him!"


"Oh you were in love with Corey, while dating him! I thought he was fair game."


"Obviously you two have issues that need to be worked out." The Colonel returned as Owen finished breaking up the would be cat fight. 


"So, Owen are you ready to return to the Hyatt?"


"Of course." Owen took Suzanne's arm and they exited the room. Followed by Corey and Mae. 


"So uh, what do want to do?" Mae asked quietly. 


"Um...I don't know take a shower comes to mind." Owen said sarcastically.


"We sure missed your sense of humor Owen." Corey said. 


Corey felt uncomfortable with the sudden and confusing return of Owen O'Connor. The man had died and no one had noticed that he smelled of death and decay. Or the fact that Denton wouldn't tell them how Owen had returned from the dead. The four of them took the elevator up to the main floor of the Statue of Liberty where the museum was. Tours with oblivious students and cured tourist filtered in and out of the turn stiles and guards. The elevator they exited simply said in big black bold letters; Service Elevator: Employees Only.


"So; in the three months you've been-dead the SCB has made leaps and bounds in the campaign to return America back to normal." Corey said as they walked.


"God you sound just like Denton." Suzanne said.


"Its true dear, you sound extremely like Denton. Just tell him that America is almost back to normal. Texas is the only state with Mutants still running around. Mutant proof fences have been installed around the Texan borders, enforcing the other border fences. Mutants can't get out, and we can't get in. Texas is ground zero now. Its where all the research is being done." Mae Lynn said, trying to explain the complex situation the country was now in.


"What about that guy Denton was talking about?"


"Koscovovitch? Oh yea Denton had a hay day with that psycho. Denton caught up with him just outside of Moscow. Denton was not happy that Koscovovitch played him with the whole 'you're son faked his death so he could join my side of this big dispute'  thing so Denton took it into his own hands and shot him point blank in the temple. No questions asked, and Denton's a hero." Corey said.


"How the hell do you have that kind of clearance?" The four of them jumped at the sudden arrival of Max. 


"I was in Denton's chosen elite. He made S.A.C.K.A not me, Denton shared a lot with me because I was the leader of S.A.C.K.A so that's how I have that kind of clearance Max."


"Its good to see you Owen. Its going to be nice to hang out with someone that won't be a jerk about such things as killing Mutants."


"Hey, Corey and I used to have contests. He's a sore loser just sayin'." 


"Alright. At least I didn't call my best friend a boat for twelve years."


"Hey! I wasn't taught otherwise that the name Mayflower was a boat!"


"Boys, we have enough embarrassing stories about all three of you. So shut up and stop this."


The friends laughed and continued their way back to the Hyatt, their home, and sometimes their safe haven. Owen was back...and ready to kick some Mutant ass.

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