Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


8. Recruited

People: Mae Lynn, Corey, Suzanne, Daniel, and Claudia Vincent

Relation: Mother and Daughter, Brother and Sister, Friends, and Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Location: Hyatt Hotel, Suite 304, New York New York

When: Two Months after Cure Distribution, One month after Owen's death.




Corey sat alone, the living area of the suite was empty apart from him. He knew he had given Mae a month to break it off with Daniel, but given the state she was in, he didn't want her to make any rash decisions, and he couldn't have moved on even if he tried, after the funeral he had been recruited by Colonel Denton to become part of the unit called S.A.C.K.A or Save America's Children and Kick-Ass, that focused on curing or exterminating Mutants. Colonel Denton wanted the cure distributed a crossed the country, and was working on distributing it to the other countries affected by Koscovovitch's actions. 


For the past month he had been in the Midwest, or the land of the Mutant. Corey had seen things he'd rather forget. Little children, pigtails, and buck teeth foaming blood and white ick from the mouth, the look of hunger and lust for blood in their angelic eyes; ironically Corey still thought of the Mutant Children as just that, diseased angels. He prayed with each bullet laced with the cure that somehow the Mutant Child he shot would become the little Tommy or Mary that they were before the attack. But each time it was the same, the child died after turning fully human once more. His platoon, they were seasoned soldiers, they were used to death, but Corey; he was a pacifist really at heart; he only attacked Owen because of the hot anger that surged through him after losing his twin. Now that Owen was gone, and Mae Lynn was in a state worse than death or being a Mutant; Corey saw no other option than to accept the offer of becoming the leading officer of the platoon. At the thought of the state Corey had left Mae Lynn in, he doubled over in guilt. She had needed him, and he had left her; with the boy she really didn't love; and her mother.


Suzanne hadn't spoken to him since the death of Owen, and Nikki, she was a different character altogether. She had been a Mutant a lot longer than Suzanne had been, did she still hold the blood lust the Mutant Children had, even when they were cured? Was it better to just exterminate them? What if the longer one is a Mutant, the harder it is for them to return to the mind state they were in before the change?


"Corey, can we talk?" Corey looked up and found a bleary eyed Mae Lynn looking at him. 


"Uh yes of course. Have a seat." Mae looked hesitant to sit on the same couch where they had shared so many heartfelt conversations. So many kisses, caresses. "I won't bite Mae. At least not without your permission."


"Haha. Corey; I broke up with Danny." Corey looked up at her, from where his attention had been previously trained on the hang nail that he just found very interesting.


"You did?"


"Yes, you seem surprised."


"No, no I'm just afraid that you being here also means you no longer wish me to be a part of your life."


"The opposite Corey. I was so worried for you after you left. I realized you were so much more than a rebound to me. You were someone I could picture a future with. Danny and I are good friends, and we shouldn't have ever decided to get together. Our relationship was more of a best friend thing; like the one I had with Owen. But we kissed and stuff...with you I felt something I had never experienced before; passion, desire, wanting and need for you. For your safety. I love you."


"I love you too Mae, I never stopped loving you." Corey crossed the distance between them and kissed her. Like he'd been dreaming of doing since she chose Danny over him. She deepened the kiss and moved closer to him, molding her body against his. Moving slowly with each moan that escaped her. Corey reached his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. This kiss was like nothing he had ever experienced, and he never wanted it to end. But it had to at some point; not in the way Corey would expect of course. His sister, followed by Nikki, looked shocked and slightly amused to find the two in such a compromising position.


"Naughty, naughty Corey; she just broke up with Danny boy a few minutes ago, he's in the room crying his little eyes out. Max is trying to comfort him, but Max knew this was coming and Max is the one who told Mae it was okay to break up with Danny boy." Suzanne said. Ever since the death of Owen she had become a cold and uncaring person; much like the Mutants he would kill; but she was very much alive; just heartbroken and unsure of what to do with all of her pent up emotion.


"Suzanne, it just happened." Mae started. "You know what. I don't need to explain myself to you. You're already hitting on Danny anyway! Even when we were dating. So shove it Suzanne."




"Nikki you aren't much better. You're trying to shack up with Max!" Mae Lynn snapped at her before she got up and stormed off to her end of the suite.


Leaving a fuming Suzanne and a whimpering Nikki behind. The two remaining girls turned on Corey, seeking explanations for Mae's rash behavior.


"What? Mae has every right to blow up at you two. Suzanne, you were dating Owen; you claimed you loved him yet you're trying to get with Mae's ex boyfriend. And Nikki technically you killed Owen, and you're trying to get with your best friend's cousin."


"I suppose you're right Corey." Nikki said.


"How can you possibly take her side?" Suzanne screamed.


"Easily. She's not acting like a spoiled bitch." Corey said and walked off to find Mae Lynn. He knocked on her door, and heard crying from inside. Corey opened the door, and saw a hysterical Mae Lynn on the bed. Her eyes overfilled with tears. She was holding an old newspaper with Owen's picture on the front page, the headline read;


'Hero Dead. Killed in Rescue Mission Gone Wrong.'


Mae Lynn looked up at Corey and tried to stop crying. 


"Owen, used to stand right there; he used to come in to say goodnight." Mae said in between tears. 


"Mae, if I could bring him back I would. If I could switch places with him, I would. But I can't. I'm here and I will not leave you. I promise."


"You can't promise you won't die. You're a soldier. Soldiers die." Mae whispered.


"I will not leave you on purpose. I love you; I wouldn't hurt you intentionally." Mae looked up; 


"It wouldn't matter if it was intentional or not, Owen didn't die intentionally but it still hurts because he's not here. For the first time in seventeen years he isn't here."


Corey didn't know what to do...sure Mae had comforted him when he thought he had lost Suzanne but Owen was actually gone. There was no chance of him coming back; advancements in science couldn't overcome death. Nothing could, death was something that was to be accepted; and sometimes to cherish. Owen wasn't in pain physically; but mentally...he was fucked up at the end. Corey sat next to Mae Lynn and enveloped her in his arms. 


"Hey I'm sorry for leaving. I'll quit the platoon if you want me to."


"Its not that easy Corey; you can't just quit the military." 


"I'm trying Mae, I'm trying to get through to you, but you're not letting me in. Hell you're not letting anyone in! Between you and Suzanne its like walking on eggshells. I'm sorry Mae, but Owen's been gone for two months, don't you think its time to buck up and start fighting again? Don't you think that's what he would've wanted you to do?"


"I suppose, Corey; how do I survive without him? He was someone that had always been there. I've known him forever. Danny and Nikki would never understand. Its their fault he's dead. If they hadn't gotten detention, they would've never turned into Mutants, they would've been with us trying to escape the Mutants and we wouldn't have had to go back. Owen would still be alive. I hate looking at them and know that Owen is dead because of them."


"Do you want me to tell them to move out?"


"If you would, that would be great. I love them; they're my best friends but Owen; he was my brother at heart and he's dead and they're at fault." Corey kissed her, and left the room. Corey slicked back his hair with the palm of his hand and went off in search of Nikki and Danny and hell he'll kick out his sister if he had to. He found the three he was looking for in the living area,


"Danny, Nikki I want to discuss something with you."


"Oh look at that, the man my girlfriend left me for... twice has come to talk to us about what is right." Danny said.


"Look man; she thought you were dead. Not my fault if she never really loved you."


"What do you want Corey?" Nikki asked.


"Mae feels as if its your guy's fault that Owen is dead. She's so depressed and angry because when she looks at you all she see's is Owen's death being replayed in her head. So she asked me to tell you to find another room until she recovers or at least forgives you. Suzanne if you don't shape up and stop acting like a spoiled bitch I'll ask you to leave as well." Suzanne looked up surprised that she had been called out as well.


"What? You'd kick out your own sister?"


"I will if you don't stop acting like a bitch to everyone. Mae and you have taken Owen's death a little to the extreme. Mae I understand she's known Owen for seventeen years; you on the other hand Suzy have only known him for a few months."


"Fine. I won't express my feelings." Suzanne said, she didn't say it to be mean or to smite him in any way; she understood.


"Now Danny and Nikki you have to leave. Mae Lynn is on the verge of mental collapse. Please pack up your things and leave."


"Sure thing special soldier dude who's seriously whipped." Danny said.


"Alright bastard what the hell is wrong with you?"


"You seem to forget man, that I lost my best friend and my girlfriend to you. So why don't you back the fuck off?"


"Just remember I was the one who decided to save your ass. Mae was pretty close to just forgetting about your sorry ass. Be grateful I didn't gun your ass to the ground when you kissed her like nothing happened. I was the one who mopped up her tears, I was the one who made sure she survived, I was the one who kept her alive. The only reason you weren't the one was because of a childish prank."


Nikki and Suzanne just looked between the two boys that were now standing above them.


As Danny hit back, "I lost a friend to. I lost a brother too. I lost Owen too! "


"Oh don't you dare give me the wounded war hero speech you son of a bitch! While you were holed-up in a fucking basement the rest of us were either a mutant or freaking fighting a war that shouldn't have happened! Mae Lynn, Owen and I with the help of the still human Suzanne saved the fucking world, what the hell have you done?"


"I saved her mother, I nursed her mother so she didn't bleed out. Claudia didn't survive this long because I neglected her! Each time I thought about leaving Claudia, Mae's face popped into my head and I knew how heartbroken she'd be if I left her mother to die; even if it was to find her and Owen and even Nikki. So don't you dare say I did nothing; because I think saving the mother of the girl I love is far more important than getting off my ass and saving people who I don't even know!"


"No its not Danny; you couldn't have known how I would've reacted! You're a heartless person my mother would've understood! Don't you think she would've rather died than to keep on thinking her daughter was alone and scared or I don't know dead?" Mae Lynn yelled as she emerged from her bedroom.


"Mae, I."


"NO! You're so lucky my mother survived, you son of a bitch! I thought you were dead! The school was in fucking ruins and you couldn't have picked up a fucking phone? I would've stopped everything and come to get you out!" Mae Lynn said as she started crying.


"Mae that was a bit harsh; he did save your mother." Corey said looking at Danny. Mae turned on Corey,


"Oh so now you're taking his side?"


"No, its just that, that was a bit harsh Mae; have you listened to yourself lately?"


"I- well I. Danny I'm sorry."


"Its okay really; I'm going to go get another room. Come on Nikki." Nikki obliged and followed Danny from the room. Suzanne didn't move; she didn't have to say anything either we all knew what Owen would've said if he was here. 'Well who's hungry, there's plenty of tension.' Corey smiled at the lame joke that Owen had come up with a few weeks before his death when he and Owen had finished their fight. 


"Mae, are you alright?" Suzanne asked.


"No. Are you?"


"No. Hug?"




"And why couldn't you two do this before?"


"We were very emotional and that clouded our judgment. I'm sorry Mae."


"I'm sorry too Suzy." Mae whispered. "You can join the hug too Corey."

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