Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


14. Fight

People: Mae Lynn, Suzanne, Corey, and Owen

Location: Hyatt Hotel

When: Four Months after Owen's return




The relationship between Owen and I couldn't have been stronger; but my friendship with Mae is dwindling. I was upset with her, and with Corey they were going to leave us. They found an apartment that the landlord was willing to give to them for free. They wanted their space and living with us wasn't going to give it to them. Mae was taking my brother away from me and I couldn't do anything to stop it...besides kill her of course. I couldn't kill her, she was still my friend and Corey's fiancee. The elevator stopped on our floor and the four of us piled out, the room or rather the whole suite was empty. Mae's mother had started work as a volunteer nurse at the board walk; and was even considering being deployed to Chicago.


"Suzanne, can you help me in the kitchen?" I groaned as I followed her into the kitchen. I noticed the window behind her and smiled. If she annoys me to my breaking point I could just shove her. "Suzanne why are you so distant? Did I do something?"


"You're kidding? What did you do? You're breaking up the group! You need space? The suite fits twelve people! God you can be so so infuriating!"


"Don't you think its time to let Corey go? For God's sake we're going to be eighteen!"


"Yes eighteen not twenty eight!"


"Suzanne, whether you like it or not I'm going to be your sister in law! Your dating my best friend and I'm dating your twin. Sooner or later one of us was going to get married."


"Mae I knew that already! I just didn't think it would be in the middle of the fucking apocalypse!"


"The apocalypse is over! If you hadn't noticed lately we're just cleaning up!"


"Half the country is dark! The other half is under domes!"


"I'm not having this discussion with you! Not when you're acting like a spoiled bitch!"

"What did you just call me?"


"You heard me!"



"I am not acting like a spoiled bitch Mae! YOU are. I cannot believe my brother actually loves you! All you care about is yourself. Oh, my best friend is dead and I don't love my boyfriend, I actually never loved him, I was just with him because I could be so I didn't have to date Owen, oh I hurt Corey's feelings blah blah blah. Seriously get it together, there are bigger things then your problems right now." 


"I how dare you! You don't know me you bitch! I care about everybody in this hotel suite. I want the world to be cured. I love your brother and although at the moment I regret it, I love you like the sister I never had. Yes, I was depressed after losing Owen, but that was because he was my brother for all intensive purposes! He's been at my side through it all. Danny never cared about me, he just cared about appearances. I lost my father at a young age and I had to go through life knowing that an unnecessary war killed him."


"You're not the only one with problems you know. My boyfriend fed me to Mutants."


"You forgave him."


"Bitch." I lost it, I pushed her out the window. After it was done I regretted it. She fell two stories before landing on the concrete. Her legs were turned up in odd positions. They were definitely broken. I didn't know if she was alive or not so I did the only logical thing; I screamed. All she did was speak the truth, and I had pushed her from the fucking window. What kind of person am I? 





Corey heard the scream from the other room. He rushed into the kitchen and when he saw the broken window he knew what must've happened.


"What did you do?" He screamed at his sister.


"I didn't mean it...I'm so sorry."


"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to!" 


"OWEN! CALL DENTON!" Corey rushed down the stairs, he couldn't wait for the elevator. When he reached Mae he saw her breathing. Her head was bleeding and her legs were definitely broken..."Mae, Mae answer me."


"C-C-Corey. S-S-She p-pushed. S-S-Suz-z-zanne pushed m-me."


"I know love, I know. Help is coming."


"I-I can't f-feel my l-l-legs C-Corey, I can't feel them!"


"Shush now love. Everything is going to be alright." Corey held her hand and didn't let it go even when he heard Denton's siren wails. "Everything is going to be okay. I'm not going to leave you." The truck Denton brought parked precariously on the curb and Denton and two other federal agents jumped out and rushed to Mae's side. 


"Mae Lynn, can you hear me?"




"We have to lift you now. Its going to hurt."




"Ready, 1,2,3" The three agents lifted her up and she cried out in pain. They carried her to the truck's bed and pushed the stretcher into it. Corey jumped up as well and off they went. The make shift hospital was four blocks away. Mae was losing a lot of blood and shock was setting in. If Mae survived this she was going to be paralyzed most likely without medical help. If she died he would personally kill Suzanne himself. 


"Mae, stay awake. You've got to stay awake."


"I-I c-can't. C-Corey I-I'm so s-sleepy."


"No, Mae you've got to stay with me. Squeeze my hand. Baby please."


"I-It h-hurts. L-let m-m-me sleep Corey." Mae's eyes began to close.


"Mae! Mae Lynn Vincent you stay with me!"


"C-Corey l-let me g-g-go."


"I can't do that Mae. You've got to live."


"I-I c-can't i-i-it h-h-hurts t-t-too m-much." Mae's blood started to seep into Corey's pant legs but he couldn't care less. 


"Mae, you stay with me. You have to beat Suzanne's ass." Mae forced a smile.


"I-In her defense I-I did c-call her a s-spoiled b-bitch."


"Well she is even before the apocalypse."


"I-I have t-to beat her up f-for..."


"For me Mae, stay alive for me please."


"C-Corey. I-I'm scared."


"Ssh don't be scared. I'm right here." The truck pulled up to the old Marriott and Denton and his men piled out of the truck and came to get Mae's stretcher.


"How is she?"


"She's losing blood, losing consciousness, and she's going into shock." 


"We'll take care of her. We have the best doctors on call." Denton assured him. The look in his eyes told Corey that Denton believed every word he was about to say. "She will live. I will not let her die. On my honor and my Purple Heart I will not allow my oldest friend's daughter to die like this."


"I trust you." Corey watched as the three agents wheeled Mae away. He didn't have much else to do besides go home and confront Suzanne or to wait in the hotel while they operated on Mae. He didn't much like the second option nor did he prefer the first. Corey did what Corey did best in high stress situations; he found a place to eat. Corey walked along 27th looking for the pizza place that had reopened. His mind wandered to Mae and then to his anger towards his sister. He hoped that the spicy pepperoni would distract him for a few hours. He walked in silence; his breath hardly making the familiar whistle he had grown accustomed to. The pizza parlor drew him closer by the warmth of wind that escaped through its doors and the intoxicating smell of their pizzas.


Corey walked in and plopped into a bar stool.


"What can I get you?"


"One Corey Special please." The man behind the counter eyed him and then suddenly recognized the lad in front of him.


"Hello lad, what's got you down?"


"Mae, she's in the ER."


"Oh my, why, what has happened?"


"My sister had a hissy fit and pushed her out the kitchen window." Corey spat out the word 'sister'.


"The Hyatt is exceptionally tall. Has its own way of making 'stories'. What floor you on boy?"




"My goodness that a two hundred foot drop right there boy!"


"I know that." Corey eyed the name tag. "Richardson."


"Why are you here; and not at the Marriott?"


"I can't just sit there waiting to hear the fate of the woman I love."


"If your here and not there you won't know either way, and maybe she'll wake up and you won't be there."


"I guess I'll take that pizza to go then." Richardson smiled and went to the kitchen.  Corey sat there alone wondering what had happened to have everything go so awry so quickly. Sure he had asked Mae to marry him; but not right away. Her mom was moving soon and her mother wanted to be sure her daughter was in a stable relationship; what Claudia should've been worrying about was stable friends. The pizza was brought to him in a box and Corey paid for it and left quickly. He ran the rest of the way back to the Marriott. 


When Corey arrived the Colonel was waiting for him. His expression didn't give away anything dire. So Corey relaxed slightly.


"The woman you love is in the hospital; possibly dying and you went to get a pizza? Are you feeling alright?"


"Yes. I stress eat. I'm under stress so I'm eating." Corey answered. "Any news?"


"She's stable. But they still don't know if she'll pull through. There seems to be a correlation with the cure and a string of violent attacks throughout the city."


"How so?" The Colonel and Corey began walking towards a corner, darkened from lack of light. 


"It seems the longer one is a 'mutant' and the longer without the cure the more it becomes likely that they will become violent even when cured. Your sister was a Mutant?"


"Yes, but I can't be sure for how long."


"I think it would wise to send her to the SCB for observation. Just to be sure that she is alright."


"You think she could still carry the virus?"


"I do believe so, yes."


"Alright. She won't go quietly."


"You say that like its my first time abducting her." Corey blanched at the man next to him.


"Oh please you act like its the first time someone's told you!"


"Well its quite different coming from the actual kidnapper!"


"I returned her when I got the information."


"One of your men shot Owen!"


"It was merely a flesh wound!"


"Did you just quote Monty Python?"


"Yes." Corey stopped talking and opened the box. "Is that peanut butter? On your pizza?"




"And sardines?"


"Of course. I couldn't have it any other way." Corey said simply taking a larger bite than what was normal. Making the Colonel cringe. Corey looked up and saw a doctor coming towards them. A smile on their face.


"Hello, I'm Doctor Brock Saunders."




"Mae, she's going to be fine. She's asking for you, Corey? You are Corey right?"




"Then come with me." Corey closed the pizza box and handed it to the Colonel, he got up and followed the doctor to what used to be the ballroom. Corey didn't need to be told which way to go. He just walked until he found her. Her legs had been placed into casts and her head had been bandaged. But she was alive; 


"Mae!" Corey whispered.


"Hey. You look like you've seen a ghost."


"I thought you were dead. Oh Mae, never scare me like that again!" Corey sat on the edge of bed and took her hand. "I love you."


"I love you too Corey. Its not like I meant to be pushed from a two story window."


"I know love. You can beat up Suzanne when you're better."


"Thanks for your permission." Mae said sarcastically.


"Denton is taking Anne in for observation at the SCB."


"Oh. She won't go quietly."


"That's what I told Denton." Mae smiled.


"When can I go home?"


"Babe,  I don't know." Corey said stroking her cheek. "Don't cry. I'll stay with you for as long as you're here."


"I know you will. I'm tired."


"Then sleep my love."


"OK, promise you'll be here?"


"I promise." Mae drifted off to sleep.






Denton traveled towards the Hyatt with the agents he had brought with him to retrieve Mae. Anger could not even begin to describe what the Colonel was feeling-but no one not even a fellow federal employee could get away with attempted murder; especially one who was once a Mutant herself. Denton parked the truck haphazardly on the curb like he had done earlier. The three of them traveled up the stairs and into the suite. 


"Suzanne Phelps, you are hereby under arrest for the attempted murder of Mae Lynn Vincent. You are under the jurisdiction of the Supernatural Containment Bureau. Come quietly and you will not be harmed."


"I'll go. But why do I have to go to the SCB?"


"You were once a Mutant and given the new evidence and correlation to a string of attacks you Suzanne are under our jurisdiction. Matthews cuff her please."


"No! Do you really think she wanted Mae dead?"


"No, and stay out of this O'Connor." Matthews brought forth Suzanne, freshly cuffed and struggling towards Denton. "We're taking her and you will not follow like last time." Denton shoved Suzanne out the door and shoved her into the nearby elevator. Owen went to move towards them and he was cuffed to the table. 


"You can't be serious! Denton! Denton bring her back!"


"Owen, I can't do that. Mae is like my daughter and I'm surprised you still want to look at her." Denton said, her being Suzanne. "I brought you back. I can take you right back out." The elevator door closed leaving Owen alone with the one named Matthews.


"It is unwise to struggle."


"Why is that?"


"I am stronger than I look."


"How so?"


"I'm a vampire."


"I saw you today."


"I'm different I suppose you could say. Just don't do anything stupid."

"Sure." Owen looked around the room and sighed. "Could you get me a chair if you insist on me being chained to the corner table?"


"I suppose." Matthews looked around and retrieved a small chair and placed it next to Owen.


"Will Suzanne be alright?"


"I don't see why she wouldn't be alright. Do you?"




"Alright then. You should rest."


"Do you know if Mae is alright?"


"Special Agent Vincent is resting comfortably. Captain Phelps is with her."


"Thank you."


"Rest now O'Connor." Owen didn't move. Well he couldn't but if he could he still wouldn't because the day had been emotionally overwhelming. He closed his eyes not because Matthews had instructed him to but because he was simply tired. The two women in his life were in a fight and the one he thought would win was in the hospital. The fight was  the end of the two girls relationship. He hoped it wasn't the end of Corey's and Mae's or his and Suzanne's. He fell to sleep hoping for Suzanne's safety. 

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