Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


19. Executing the Plan

People: Suzanne, Corey, Owen, Mae, Denton

Relation: Strained

Location: S.C.B HQ

When: Two Years after Apocalypse


Corey's POV


"Lock her up." Corey ordered, Mae Lynn voluntarily entered a storage closet and Owen, closed the door shut on her, and chained the door shut. 


"Alright Owen, show us to the Vault." Corey said. Owen took off down the hall, Corey and Anne following close behind. Their weapons in hand, Owen opened the door. Denton sat in his chair, in the same position they had left him previously. Denton was slumped over in a drunken stupor. His incoherent mumblings and orders seemed distant and Owen poked him roughly, to see if he would be a worthy fight. Denton fell from the chair. He wasn't dead-but the alcohol would make it that much easier to correct that. Corey edged closer and nudged him with the muzzle of his gun. Denton groaned, but didn't move- Corey cocked the gun, and placed his finger on the trigger-was he really going to kill a human? Denton may be human...but he was more monstrous then any Mutant Corey had encountered...he didn't think, he let his mind go void of all emotion as his pulled the trigger...the bright flash of the gunpowder igniting blinding them momentarily in the dark room. When they regained their vision, Denton laid dead at their feet. Corey restrained his need to dance with joy at the sight of the dead monster.


"Go, get Mae...she's safe now. We're all safe now." The emergency alarm went off- oh great.




"Hide the weapons...go, uh put his pistol in his hand-take a bullet out or something. They won't test it if they thinks its a suicide, Anne and I got to go. Owen, good luck." Corey turned and ran off, Suzanne right behind him. Owen did as he had been instructed and left as well.


The three of them ran down the hall-having memorized the layout of the SCB they quickly located the storage closet with Mae inside. Corey threw open the door and Mae lunged at him, he had forgotten how afraid she was of enclosed places and he put his arms around her, she was safe, the baby was safe. They were all safe.


"We've got to move, let's go!" Corey cried out as he heard boots on the floor above. They took off once more and found themselves outside...Mae looked around, pulling Corey along frantically searching for a Hover. When she found what she was looking for she led her friends into it.


"A gift from the now dead Colonel." Mae whispered; "C'mon we don't have much time!" The three of them still outside piled into the Hover. Mae closed the dome and took off towards the Atlantic. 


"Mae, where are we going?" Owen cried, "We've got to get Slyvester! I can't just leave him." Mae nodded and turned towards the Hyatt. 


"Hurry and grab the dog do not get sentimental." Mae cautioned. "We're fugitives now. The hotel staff may not know yet, but we have bodyguards that do." Owen took off down the roof access door and disappeared. Moments later he was back with Sylvester in tow and enough money to last them awhile. "Where did you get that?" Mae asked incredulously. 


"My sock drawer, and your safe." He set the duffel on the floor of the Hover and picked up the German Shepard and put in the back. Owen climbed in next to Suzanne and once again Mae closed the dome. "Where we going?"


"Anywhere but here Owen." Mae whispered. It was hard to believe that it had been almost three years since the bombs hit. A year since Owen had died and come back, and killed- she couldn't bring herself to think about it. Mae flew for what seemed like hours. She heard engines-that didn't belong to her silent craft. She looked around and saw US flags embellished on the sides of these hovercrafts. Bullets were being fired. "SHIT." Everyone woke up, and Sylvester started barking.


"Mae, what's wrong? Is it the baby?"


"No, we're under fire. I don't know how they found us!" Mae cried. "I don't have any weapons on this thing!" 


"Go invisible, Denton said it came with every hovercraft." Owen spoke up, looking around him for access outside. Mae fumbled on the dashboard until she found it. They were invisible now, and she then found the sunroof button. She opened that for Owen. Owen popped out of the hole and began firing at unexpecting pilots. The pilots were shooting blindly now and a missile struck the Hover, they were going done, Suzanne pulled Owen back in and Mae tried to land the Hover the best she could, they landed on a rocky cliff. Breathing heavily, Mae undid her safety belt and got out of the Hover. The rest of them followed, Mae had no idea where they were. If had to guess, somewhere in either Greenland or a part of Scotland. She heard planes landing and Mae hoped they didn't find them quickly, there so much she wanted to tell her friends, she wanted to hold her baby, it wasn't fair-they were protecting the government, the citizens of the country she had grown up in. 


"We have to run, we don't have much time."


"There's nowhere to run." Owen whispered looking around.


"Then, we have to jump." Mae said quietly. 




"No, Suzanne its the only way we have a glimmer of surviving." Mae whispered quietly.


They stood on the cliff edge, Suzanne holding Owen's hand, Corey holding Mae-Lynn's, Suzanne extended her hand out to Mae, a warm smile on her face, Mae took the hand of friendship clapping it tightly.


Mae felt her hand shaking as she reached out to take Suzanne's and she saw and felt the nervousness coursing through her sister in law and the future aunt to her's and Corey's child.


After everything the two of them in particular had been through thanks to that bastard Denton, Suzanne remembered what Mae had said a few days ago.


'You know all that has happened between us, all of it is false it was all the manipulations of that psychotic banker, Denton.'


"I promise you, you've never met the real me, the Real Mae Lynn. I promise you'll like me, you'll see the me that your brother fell in love with and I will get to meet the real you, the Suzy as he calls you."


"I think, no, I know that we could be friends, that the four of us once we get away from that poisonous parasite Denton." Suzanne said happily,


"We can all live happily ever after. What do you say?" Mae asked hopeful. "Can we start over and try to become friends, for us for the sake of Owen and Corey - for our baby," Mae said.


"Please say yes, Suzanne." Owen said.


"Yes, Mae Lynn I never wanted to be your enemy especially after you and my brother got together, I always knew deep down that he is a good judge of character, so if he can love you then so can I."Suzanne said smiling before she continued, "I promise you too Mae, I will be your friend I will be a great aunt to your child and maybe one day you and Corey will be aunt and uncle to any children Owen and I have together."


"The important thing is that once we are safely away, safely free of the clutches of that evil bastard even though he's dead. We will all be friend's, there is just a little way to go and we will be free."


"Ready Suzy, ready Owen, ready Corey," Mae asked them one by one.


"Ready," Corey replied.


"Ready," Owen replied.


"Ready, well as ready as I'll ever be." Suzanne  replied. With that all four of them took several steps back and then just for safety reasons, took a few more steps back.


​"Okay, maybe we should put a bit more distance between us and the cliff edge."


Still holding each others hands they stepped back several more times until they felt they had given themselves enough space.


"Right, so is everyone ready," Corey.


"If by ready I take it you mean, absolutely beyond terrified, then yes I'm all set, I don't know if you remember but I don't really have a great track record when it comes to jumping or falling from great heights." Mae answered.


"There's nothing to it, Mae. Just step off the edge and let gravity take over," Owen said to her.


"I know you mean well babe, but you're really, really not helping," Suzanne said.


"Look we don't have time his men can't be far behind, we have to go now, come on let's go," Corey said, before without warning he started to ran towards the cliff edge forcing Mae, Owen and Suzanne to start running.


Within seconds they had built up some speed and then one by one went over the edge and began the fall of the 150 foot drop and having all let go of the hand they were holding on to, one by one hit the water disappearing beneath the waves.


One by one they eventually stopped falling the momentum causing them to sink deeper beneath the waves, they were able to begin swimming and rising back up to the surface where they could finally catch their breath again.


In the dark of the ocean they had leapt into they lost sight of each other and as three of them. Corey, Suzanne and then Owen broke the surface as they saw each other again.


That is when it dawned on all of them simultaneously that Mae had yet to reach the surface.


Mae struggled to pull herself free of the seaweed that had wrapped itself around her ankle. She needed to get to the surface, her baby-her baby was dying she was dying. Suddenly hands were around her, and another pair were pulling her leg free the three of them swam up to the surface and Mae gasped for air, her saviors, Owen and Corey holding her the best they could in the churning water. 


"Come on, we've got to get to shore!" Corey yelled above the howling wind and crashing waves, Mae looked up and saw the pilots searching the waters for them,


"Dive!" Mae went under the water, and waited until the planes were gone. She sputtered water out her mouth before starting the swim to shore, her friends close behind her. She pulled her tired body onto the sandy edge of the beach and crawled the rest of the way before collapsing on the rocks. Her three friends did the same. She fell into unconsciousness and welcomed sleep. She woke only because she felt water surrounding her, the high tide. She woke her friends and they got up gingerly adjusting their limbs before helping her stand. Corey picked her up, against her many arguments and ran towards the forest. When they found a clearing, Corey set her down and went to work with Owen finding items to use for shelter.


"Owen, let's go up the cliff and get the Hover, we can use it for parts or something." Mae looked up from making the fire, when Corey spoke.


"I don't know if its safe."


"Come on our weapons are in the Hover too, we can't hunt or protect ourselves without them." The two men disappeared into the wilderness, Mae looked down at her protruding belly and realized she was seven months pregnant. She had gotten married seven months ago. Today was her seventh month wedding anniversary.


"Mae, are you alright?"


"Yes, I'm fine. I just realized I've been married for seven months, and its my seventh month being pregnant."


"Oh, two more months then huh?"


"Yes I suppose you're right. I just didn't picture myself giving birth in the forest."


"Yes well we didn't want to wait until the baby was born to make the great escape huh?" Suzanne said.


"Yes, good point. God, why am I so tired?"


"Well you almost drowned for one thing, and you haven't gotten your injection for energy in two days."


"That could be it." Mae said leaning against a tree. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling safe with Anne there. She heard voices and opened her eyes, Owen and Corey had returned pieces of her hover craft, and Sylvester in hand. The dog barked happily when he saw her. Sylvester came bounding over to Mae and nuzzled her neck. "Its nice to see you too."


"How did he survive?"


"He stayed in the Hover the whole time you left it invisible, that's what took so long." They dumped their arm loads and Corey went over to her and kissed her. "Hey Suzanne made you something."


"What?" Suzanne motioned to two trees, and in the middle of them was a woven hammock. 


"You were out for hours, and you looked so uncomfortable and I used to weave baskets with my mother. I even made a cradle."


"You're amazing Suzie."


"Thanks." Suzanne said bashfully. Mae walked towards the hammock and climbed in, it was carefully woven and supported her weight well, and the cradle was beautiful. 


"Now, you just lay there and we'll put everything together." Corey said clapping his hands. "Now then, who here knows how to make a shelter?" Sylvester barked next to the fire and everyone laughed, "Sorry dog, but I don't think you do." Mae watched as they put together a shelter large enough for the four of them and a baby. Her eyes began to droop once again as she watched Anne weave more hammocks, her skilled fingers moving faster than her tired eyes could follow, it was like a silent lullabye. She drifted off to sleep once more, the gentle breeze rocking her in her hammock.  She woke only to the sun's rays beating down on her face, and the gentle snores of her husband on the ground next to her, she gingerly coaxed herself up and put her feet on the dirt floor of the clearing. She stretched her arms and yawned. She went to work starting the fire back up, and went scavaging for food. She found fruit she identified as banana and apple, where were they? Surely she had kept them on path for England in all the chaos? What if they had been pulled towards Africa instead? She didn't want to bother with details, they were here, and there was no way off wherever they were. She gathered as much as she could and thought to ask Suzanne to make baskets. She dumped her arms of the food and got a flat stone and put in on top of the sticks on the fire, making a cook top. She then put the fruit she had found on top of that, making a hot fruit salad. 


The smell of food soon woke her friends. Suzanne was the first to wake completely and Mae smiled in her general direction. 


"Where did you find all of this?"


"In the forest. We're definitely not in Scotland or England. I think we're either in Spain or Africa." Mae said as she stirred the fruit concoction, "Eat up." Mae said loudly, making the boys wake up. Mae rocked herself up onto her feet and went back to her hammock and laid down. 


"Thanks Mae." Owen said in between bites of food. Corey approached her with a banana leaf filled with food. 


"I'll go hunting later, and cook dinner, okay?" Mae nodded and accepted the banana leaf.


People: Mae Lynn, Corey, Owen, Suzanne


Relation: Family

When: Two Months, nine days, and seven hours after Denton's death


Mae breathed heavily and squeezed Corey's hand. She huffed and pushed as Suzanne instructed, and she could feel herself getting weaker and weaker. No, she couldn't die-her baby needed her.

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