Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?



Corey's POV


Mae held Corey's hand tightly, so tight he could feel bones breaking. Suzanne was having difficultly stopping the blood, Mae was hemorrhaging and without a doctor, she was going to die. Mae Lynn's hold on Corey's hand was loosening, and as the first cries of their newborn child broke across the dying screams of his wife, Mae Lynn uttered her last words;


"Name her Lena....name him Caine." Suzanne looked up and whispered,


"Its a boy." with tears in her eyes she handed the screaming baby to Corey, who took him gingerly.


"Hello Caine." Corey whispered "Son of a fighter." Mae Lynn's eyes rolled back in her head as she took her last breathe,


"Caine, bye my child." Mae Lynn's eyes closed and she exhaled one final time before letting go of Corey's hand. As her porcelain white hand made contact with the dirt floor of the hut, Caine's cries ceased as if the child knew his mother was dead-it was impossible for the newborn to know-but Corey knew  that Caine somehow knew his mother died giving birth to him. The hut was silent as the three of them tried to process what happened, blood soaked the dirt floor, and Suzanne. Corey studied his sister, as she looked down at her blood covered hands and arms, her legs and her leaf skirt-tears formed in her eyes and spilled over. Her gut wrenching sobs made him put Caine in the cradle Suzanne had built, he crawled over to her and enveloped her in a bone crushing hug.


"Its-all-my fault, C-C-Corey you should hate me!"


"Hush now, it isn't your fault. Mae knew that child birth was risky, especially given her medical history."


"What do you mean?"


"In the fall, her uterus collapsed, the doctors had to repair it the best they could, unfortunately it limited her chances of surviving childbirth without medical assistance. Caine is a miracle child, and Mae was a fighter, and she died fighting for her child's life."


"So it is my fault Corey! I pushed her, therefore I killed her!" Suzanne said, her tears falling more quickly than before. "I killed my boyfriend's best friend Corey! I killed your wife!"


"Shush, you didn't mean it. You were being manipulated remember?"


"It doesn't matter, It was still me! It was my hands that pushed her! It was me that they arrested, it was me that they framed!" 


"Shhh, do you hear that?"




"Its a hovercraft engine. Grab Caine!" Suzanne rushed to the baby and cradled him in her arms, Corey picked up Mae's body and ran towards the beach. Corey pushed past Owen who was stroking the fire, unaware of the fate of his best friend. When he saw Corey run past he followed without thinking, his unshaven face and long hair giving Owen the impression of being savage, Corey didn't look much better. Suzanne, Corey, Owen, and now baby Caine stood on the beach as they watched a hovercraft land a few feet away, the pilot that stepped out was Maxwell. Corey without thinking this could be a trap ran towards him.


"Do you guys know how hard it is to find you?" Maxwell said laughing. "I thought I could track Suzanne given her fugitive status and the GPS chip indicating that but no luck." Maxwell looked down at Corey's arms, and cried. "She's dead?"


"Yes." Corey said choking back tears.




"Giving birth to this little guy." Suzanne said stepping forward. Maxwell took in Caine and whispered,


"Beautiful, what's his name?"


"Caine. It means son of a fighter. Mae and I discussed it when these two were on the run. It was between Lena and Caine-Lena being her aunt. Caine just describing how much she had to fight, how much we all had to fight." Owen spoke, not caring to hide his tears. All his friends pre-apocalypse were dead. Two of them being his fault. Maxwell regarded him, as if he were a speck of dust-it seemed he hadn't forgiven Owen for the death of Daniel-even though Daniel's death was purely the fault of his own- he should have just let Nikki die. 


"Owen, you must be taking this hard." Maxwell said in such a monotonous way that it made him seem like Denton-which should have been a warning to all of them to not trust him-but Maxwell was their friend, right? "Climb aboard, I have a special place to put Mae for the time being. Denton's death was ruled a suicide, no one wants to investigate a homicide anyway on top of all the Mutant business anyway." Maxwell continued. 


The five of them boarded the large hovercraft and Maxwell coaxed it into the air. The flight was smooth, and long-Corey sat in the seat the furthest from the rest of them, his son in his arms, now swaddled in a blanket. He finally allowed the tears to come...fresh, hot tears stung his eyes as he forced them not to fall onto his cheeks; no one said a word-the aircraft was silent besides the hum of the engine-and even that was almost as silent as the tears falling from Corey's eyes. He stood and gave his son to his sister before walking down a hallway like structure.  He found the room they were storing Mae Lynn's body in, he opened the door and sat in a chair next to the slab. She was covered in a white sheet, but he knew.


Corey took her cold hand in his warm, alive one and stroked it. Wishing life was a fairy tale and all he had to do was kiss her lips to wake her. But this was reality, this was his messed up reality. He kissed her hand, and felt how cold and resistant it was to his lips-he lost it, his warm carefree, lovable, brave, resilient wife was dead. She had fought so hard, for so long and for her life to be taken like this-it wasn't fair. Hot, stinging tears of grief washed down his face-his unshaven face collecting them like a shifter kids would use on the beach. His sobs echoed off the cold steel walls of the containment room...the echoes making any eavesdropping agent shudder at the raw emotion that filled the sound. The sound of man who had nothing to live for besides the cooing defenseless thing that had done this to his wife. But he had vowed to her, to Mae that he would protect their child no matter what-even if it meant her giving up her life.


"Mae-I promise you, I will protect Caine until my last breath. I will love you and him and no one else. I will dedicate my life to protecting the last thing I have of you. I know it's irrational of me to speak these words aloud but I need to, I need to know I am not talking to myself-that I'm promising myself to protect him. I am vowing to you, my love that I will protect the last piece of evidence that our love existed. Caine will be safe. He will grow up, He will live in a world where we are heroes. I promise." Corey cried through his sobs. He dropped her hand-her hand now soaked in his tears. He lowered the sheet, and in a morbid farewell, kissed her lips one final time. Knowing his lips, his kiss could never bring her back. The creatures from his nightmares might exist-but magic that brought the dead to life did not. He wasn't Prince Charming, and she wasn't Snow White. 


Corey stood and left the small room, the echoes of his grief still haunting his ears. He returned to the control center and sat down in his seat, keeping a close watch on his son. Suzanne was combing his hair, what little he had off his forehead and he was reaching up, searching for something. Corey stood and walked over to retrieve his son.


"Look Caine, its daddy!" Suzie cried in a sing song voice women perfected without realizing when babies were around. Corey cradled his son in his arms and searched around for Owen, and he was nowhere to be seen. "Owen went to the bathroom I think." Suzanne supplied, she had changed from her islander gear to the custom uniform the SCB had provided.


"I guess you've been reinstated."


"Yea...Max pulled some strings. There's a change of clothes for you as well. Corey nodded, and held his son more tightly, remembering the vow he had made moments before. Corey returned the the hall and listened to Owen in the room where Mae was. Against his better judgement, Corey began to eavesdrop, 


"Mae, we've known each other for almost twenty years, when I died, you never gave up did you? Or maybe you did, how would I know, I was dead. Denton brought me back for purposes I have yet to figure out, but I don't even know how he brought me back-so I don't know how to bring you back. If anyone deserves a second chance its you. I guess what I'm trying to say Mae is that I've always loved you, and I always pictured us together, growing old, but then this happened and I grew up and realized you were a better best friend then a girlfriend and I met Suzanne and realized she was the perfect girl for me, I can't picture my life with anyone else." Corey heard a dog bark, and Owen laugh before continuing. "Slyvester agrees with me, he loves Suzanne a lot. The point is, is that I'm going to miss you, I'm going to blubber like a little kid for ages, and God Mae, why did you have to die? We need you. Caine needs you. I wish you would just wake up." Corey realized Owen was crying. Caine let out a wail and Corey hurried to shut him up. Corey continued walking towards the kitchen area and found milk and warmed it slightly and put it in a bottle he ordered on the HOLO-Store. 


"Hush little baby don't you cry..." Corey began singing,


"I didn't know you could sing." Owen said leaning against the doorway, his arms folded across his chest, smirking.


"Well its not a talent I have found a use for the last few years." Corey retorted. Caine bubbled milk from his lips.


"Can I hold him?" Owen said quietly looking only at the small bundle in the arms of his 'friend'.


"Of course." Corey walked towards Owen, and handed his only child to his late wife's best friend. "I have to go change, I'll be right back."




"If you need anything just ask Suzanne, she seems to know what she's doing." Corey left the room and entered the restroom. On the counter was a captain's uniform. He picked it up and examined it, it seemed so unreal after all of this-of two months stranded somewhere and losing his wife only hours before to be going back to 'normal'. Nothing was normal about his life-normal would be pre apocalypse. Right now he would be in college, talking to college girls, and going to parties. He would be studying to be a microbiologist. His sister would be goofing off, pretending to study. But he would have never met Mae Lynn or Owen, and he certainly wouldn't have Caine. Corey shrugged off his torn shirt and pants and stepped into the shower-it always amazed him how luxurious these Hovers could get. As he washed away two months worth of dirt and grime, and even blood-Mae's blood he allowed his muscles to relax, along with his mind. Then his thoughts began to wander, as they usually did. Everything seemed to be going too easily. Suzie is no longer a fugitive, he wasn't an accomplice to a fugitive, and Owen wasn't either they had all been reinstated to their former jobs, what exactly did Maxwell do? Surely he wasn't that powerful...or was he? Did he take over Denton's job? Was Maxwell no longer a lowly Agent of the SCB but a Colonel of the United States Military? Was he the head of the entire Bureau? Corey shook the thought from his head, the next thought caught him off guard, Would Maxwell continue Denton's work? Including using Mae Lynn as a weapon of war? Denton had brought back Owen, could he do the same to Mae, but erase her memories of her friends, her child, and use her to kill them all? 


Corey turned off the water and stepped out, he dressed quickly, and tied up the loafers that Maxwell had thought to bring, why had he packed the formal uniforms? Denton's funeral? No, it was two months after his death...maybe that had put him on ice-examining the body for foul play-but if that was the case, then they weren't charging him with his murder. Corey shook the excess water from his hair, making a disarray of spikes. He sighed and stepped out of the bathroom..what if Maxwell was the next thing they had to defeat?


People: Maxwell

Location: Colonel Jack Denton's former office, SCB HQ

When: Three hours after landing


The former Colonel kept an immaculate office, not even a speck of grime could be detected by Maxwell's sharp eyes. His eyes flicked across the room quickly, and he tasted the air with tongue. Maxwell smiled, he was pleased that no one had guessed his true nature. Maxwell was a Biscione, a legendary mythical snake from Mulan folklore. With the passing centuries he had perfected the art of taking on a human form. Now he helped track down other myths, the dying race. He extended his fangs, letting them stretch, his jaw felt lighter, smoother-his fangs folded up against his jaw and created the illusion of him having full cheeks and face-his fangs were a sight to see, it was unfortunate no one was alive to describe them to him- he couldn't see himself in mirrors, it would contradictory if he were look at himself and turn himself to stone;much like his cousin the Basilisk, but that beast was poisonous-lucky beast. Maxwell thought to himself. It took him years to learn the perfect killing technique. If he had venom it wouldn't be that hard. Maxwell continued searching the office for anything connecting Denton to the return of Owen-if he could figure that out, he could bring back Mae and use her as Denton did, as a weapon of mass destruction.  Maxwell found a journal, and opened it,


If I bring back Owen, I can use that for later use to lure Mae Lynn into my grasp. Her mind would be useful, and she is skilled in the art of martial arts and street fighting, and she's a regular Rambo with a gun. I hate to ask that vermin, the Reaper I captured twenty or so years ago to do so...but my plans need Mae to trust me completely. No matter the expense.


A reaper, of course. 

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