Waking Up

After issues that were never resolved during The Cold War, and all nuclear bombs are detonated across the globe, only four teenagers are left alive-or so they think. Secrets that the US government wished to keep hidden are unearthed as these four travel across the country to save the world. When all is said and done, will there be peace-or will a war be raged on these heroes?


9. Characters


Corey is seventeen years old, he's super protective of his sister. He's a pacifist at heart but if it comes down to it, he will defend his sister and his friends. He comes a crossed as hot tempered and recluse, but in actuality, he's outgoing, funny, and smart. He has a gigantic appetite that's only amplified by stressful situations. He's hopelessly in love with Mae Lynn Vincent, and has a passionate hatred for Owen O'Connor. He doesn't like change and he's torn about whether to act brave for 



Mae Lynn:

Mae Lynn Vincent has been through a lot in her seventeen years. When she was thirteen, she lost her father in a war, and four years later the Nuclear Apocalypse ruins her life once again. She may not show her emotions very often, but deep down her emotions are in turmoil, she's confused on whether to be heartbroken over Danny's possible death or to be happy about her new possible relationship with Corey Phelps.  She's not oblivious about Owen's feelings for her, but she chooses to ignore it, not wanting to ruin their seventeen year friendship. Mae Lynn would do anything to protect Owen; who she views as a brother and wouldn't know what to do without him.




Suzanne Phelps is a firecracker; she's extremely family oriented and an animal lover. She loves art, and martial arts, and her brother of course. She's an understanding person and full of life and optimism. Even when she's a Mutant.



Owen Reid O'Connor is a kind, sensitive, bright, funny, caring, and loyal friend and son. Unfortunately, he dies an early death, but it was an honorable death. He died trying to save his first girlfriend, and best friend turned Mutant; without him, Mae has gone a bit... Crazy. Suzanne is a bitch, and Nikki is a nervous ferret. Owen held them all together and now that he's gone the group is slowly falling apart.


Colonel Denton:

Jack Denton was raised with one single belief to cling to that the United States destroyed his family and his country and that he would be the one to avenge a one hundred year old vendetta.

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