One direction backstage love

Woke up in the morning to find out I had one direction. Backstage passes.
I screamed at the op of my lungs it was only in one week i cried with bursts of tears in happiness of course .


1. Finding out backstage

When I woke up on my birthday I found out my first present from my mum and dad  was backstage passes.i started crying in tears happy tears of course I screamed to the top of my lungs.i had one spear ticket so I decided to take my friend Emily.

It was only a week till I got to meet them at school all my friends were so jealous and they asked me if I had a spear ticket I had to say to them sorry I am taking Emily  . For the whole week I couldn't sleep because I was so exited . xx

i thought to my self what I am going to do I am ever going to cry and not be able to talk or I will ever not be able to talk or I was be crying to much 

that day Emily came over to my house so that we could plan it out what we want to write on the banner and stuff and what one direction tea shirt we would were. 


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