Eenie Meenie

(Non-famous) Aly and Harry have been friends since they were in kindergarten, but what happens when Aly, Harry and the boys take a vacation to Florida for march break and Aly finds emotions she's had for Harry and the boys that she didn't know she had? Will they remain friends, or get torn apart by the powers of lust?


3. Wait, what!?

"Aly can you please come down! I swear I won't hurt you!" Harry wimpers, "We are going to be late!" "Sorry Harry, I know you, the second I get out of the.... Wait, what?!" I ask confused. "You said we would just chill tonight, what will we be late for?" The look on his face goes from exhaustion to panic. "Did I say we would be late?" He laughs nervously, "How silly of me, all I meant is that I want to watch a movie and go to bed at a good time so we aren't tired tomorrow...." He gives me an innocent smile. I don't believe him but I'm to tired and hungry to argue, "Fine!" I say as I start climbing down the tree. As I reach the ground, I turn to find that Harry has disappeared. "Harry?" I wait for a few seconds. No answer. Ok this I weird. "Harry!?" I search around the tree, nothing. Where could he be? The car! Of coarse! He's gotta be back at the car! I start walking along the wet grass, and get to the car. He's not there. What the hell? "Harry! Where are you?" I yell, people walking past look at me, judgment in their eyes. "What are you looking at?" I hiss at a group of guys laughing at me. They just laugh more as they pass me. I watch them disappear around a corner. Now I'm alone, no one in sight. I'm going to get murdered! I hear a branch break and just about shit my pants. "Hello?" I say, feeling my heart beat faster. I dang know why but I've always had a feeling the way I would die was by being murdered. I look around, not a soul in sight. I feel like breaking out in tears, when a hand falls on my shoulder.

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