Eenie Meenie

(Non-famous) Aly and Harry have been friends since they were in kindergarten, but what happens when Aly, Harry and the boys take a vacation to Florida for march break and Aly finds emotions she's had for Harry and the boys that she didn't know she had? Will they remain friends, or get torn apart by the powers of lust?


1. Last day of school!

                     Aly's POV 


    'Meow, meow, meow....' Jesus Christ! I forgot to turn my phone down, so now my phone is  meowing full blast in the middle of English class. Everyone looks at me, knowing it was my phone because this isn't the first time my phone has gone off in class. And of coarse it's always the same person calling me. "Alyson?" Mr. Sampson says looking up from his book. "Sorry!" I say as I rummage through my bag to find my phone. "Just take your bag out in the hall." Mr. Sampson sighs. I thank him and shuffle out the door, with my bag in my hand. "Be quick!" He adds quickly as I close the door behind me. I find my phone just as it stops ringing. "Really?" I ask my phone under my breath. Seconds later my phone starts meowing again. I quickly pick it up. "Hello?" I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm. I know who it is, hell everyone in my English class knows who it is. "Hi Aly! Are you almost done?" He asks. "Jesus Harry!" I yell, "I told you an hour ago that I'll be out at 2:15! I have half an hour left! Can you try not to call me every hour unless its an emergency!" I yell. After a few seconds I realize how much I sound like a freaking yappy chihuahua. "Sorry," I add lamely. "I'm just really stressed about this trip, and I didn't get much sleep last night, and....." He cut me off, "No need to say another word! I'll stop bothering you. I'll be in the car." Harry reassures me. "Thanks, see you in like half an hour." "Ok. Bye!" "Bye." I hang up and walk into class. Everyone looks up at me, some smirking, some just look irritated. I sit back down in my seat. "So, Aly," Alex says looking over at me (Alex is the most popular guy in school (apparently he's hot but I don't see it) and he just so happens to sit next to me (yay!)) "How's your boyfriend?" He asks, mocking me. "Harry is NOT my boyfriend! He's  my best friend!" I exclaim. I'm getting really sick of all these boy friend jokes. "And anyways he's got a girlfriend! Well at least temporarily.." I add. Harry goes threw girls like a painter goes threw paints. Alex snorts and continues to doodle in his binder because his phone was taken. I roll my eyes and pick up my book, Mortal instruments, city of bones, good times.



    Final bell rings after what feels like forever. I grab my bag, shove my book into it and make my way to my locker. "So how did English go?" I jump, I didn't notice that Gillian had gotten to the lockers before me. Gillian is average hight, thin, blue eyed, pale skinned (it's march every one is pale) and has long curly brunette hair. "God you scared me!" I say clutching my chest. "Sorry, I should probably clear my throat or something before I talk to you." Gillian apologizes with a smrik. "Ya, probably." I pause forgetting what I had to get from my locker. "Oh ya!" I reach for the lock, "You still haven't answered my question yet!" Gillian says laughing and grabbing my hand. "Oh, sorry. It was boring as usual, but Harry called me again! Can you believe that! I mean he's called me like 5 times today!" I exclaim opening my locker. Well not really opening it more like ripping it open and nearly hitting someone in the face with it. "Sorry!" I say finding Julia, my other really good friend, pinned behind my locker. Julia is short, she has blue eyes, pale skin (again its march, everyone is pale!) and she wears glasses because she says contacts are "uncomfortable" and "hard to put in". "That's okay Aly," she says flustered, "just try not to kill me!" She says with a smile as she opens her locker which is on my right side. I grab my books, iPod, charger, and everything else in my locker. "Why do you always bring all of your stuff home with you?" Gillian asks, watching me empty my locker. "Because!" I didn't have a better answer so it works. I close my locker, gently this time, grab my bag which is now 100 pounds and look at my watch. "Shit I'm late! I told Harry I'd meet him like ten minutes ago!" I. Really bad with time. I turn and start running down the hall, they start laughing. "I'll text you guys later!" I yell back at them, they wave to me as I disappear down the stairs. 




    I get to the car to find Harry asleep in the driver seat. Aww, he's actually kind of cute when he's sleeping. I take a picture of him. That's going on Facebook later! I open the backseat quietly, throw my stuff in and start walking to the passenger seat, when I get an idea, an evil idea! I grab my phone, and click on iTunes. This is going to be good. I find the song, I can't believe I'm spending money on this, oh well, and I buy it. I make a one minute timer and make rebe

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