the boy at the end oth the street *COMPLETED/ SEQUAL IS OUT!*

Daria Smith has moved from Nebraska where there is corn and farm land everywhere, there is no house next to you for miles, now she is moving to Rochester,New York. Daria moves to a small neighbor hood, for Daria it seems like life is going to suck, until she meets the boy at the end of the street. is he seems nice at the begginging but will he turn dark.. and stay dark.


17. what..

      Daria's POV:

I cant believed I kissed him. ugh, I I forgot he was a player, only wanting to get into my pants. I pushed away from him and ran out of the room. I ran to the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby floor. The door opened to the lobby, I walked out holding back tears I felt coming. I ran for the door, I ran down to the beach. I wanted something to calm me. all I could think about was the beach.. so I went there. I hated everything that was going on now. "DARIA" my parents screamed for me, I turned around. nope not my parents Louis, "what do you want" I asked between sobs. "Are you crying because we kissed.." he asked I nodded. "I am crying because I love you but you wont feel the same,  I am falling for the player, My heart has been played soo many times that I don't want to go through it anymore." he lifted my chin up. "I love you Daria Smith." he kissed me, it felt like a fairytale.



             ok, I might make a sequal, I know the story is short but I might just make another book...... comment what you think if I should or shouldn't. ;) thanks for readingggg my fan-fic.

ohhh ya advice of the day..... <if life hands you lemons, give them back because they might be poisned ;)

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