the boy at the end oth the street *COMPLETED/ SEQUAL IS OUT!*

Daria Smith has moved from Nebraska where there is corn and farm land everywhere, there is no house next to you for miles, now she is moving to Rochester,New York. Daria moves to a small neighbor hood, for Daria it seems like life is going to suck, until she meets the boy at the end of the street. is he seems nice at the begginging but will he turn dark.. and stay dark.


11. what the hell

Louis's POV:

I had a feeling of dark, I really let her get to me. ugh I tried so hard to contain myself over this girl, but now I let the real me show. she kicked me good, she will have to pay somehow....

Daria's POV:

I ran back to the café and thanked tom "thank you soo much." i was happy he took over for me, in Nebraska somebody would have been like aw nah or hell no or bitch. i know weird... anyways. " no problem, but you do owe me." he said smiling. shit. i looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "umm would you go o a date with me tomarrow. or not i mean it is okay if you don't want to but if you-" "i would love to Tom." he was cute ,don't get me wrong. he had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes like me , he was tall about an inch or two taller than Louis. he smiled so big, that made me smile by the way he reacted. "ok you two love birds back to work." my boss said while laughing. We looked like we were just caught doing drugs. we smiled soon after. work was fun, i could feel tom sneaking looks at me, i caught him every time, that made me blush every time.

*after work*

I said goodbye to Tom and kissed him on the cheek. his cheeks turned red instantly, i smiled at him and walked out the door. my car was a few blocks, everybody takes all the good spots. it was irritating finding a spot. I started walking when i say a dark figure, he started moving to me. i stopped and turned around and i ran, Great thing o didn't wear highheals. i am pretty fast, but he was faster. he grabbed me and pulled me down an alley, great I am gonna get mugged. perfect. he pinned me against the wall. it was Louis, he looked pissed. "what the fuck you dumbass mother fucker." i screamed at him. he got angry, his eyes were very dark. "who were you talking to back there." he shouted at me. i was not going to be afraid of this prick, i spit in his face. "go to hell Tomilson."  he slapped me hard, it hurt so bad. i fell to the ground, i held on to my cheek. his eyes were back to normal. "Daria i am sorry." i got up and punched him. he fell. "that's is what you get mouther fucker, don't touch me or my BF, got it Tomilson." i yelled at him. his eyes were dark. i ran as fast as i could i heard him cussing and screaming at me to stop. I could see his black eye from here. i smiled, and found my car. I opened it and got it, i locked my door and put the key in the ignition, I took off and drove home. I saw Louis very mad. i opened my window and flipped him off just for the fun of it. I got home, my parents were asleep. i locked all  the doors and windows and i got the basement one too. I went up to my room and searched to see if he was here. nope. I opened my curtains and looked outside. I don't think he will be bothering me for a while. "ahh-" the same hands were on my mouth. it cut me off . "hfmskdf " i muffled. "Listen we are going to talk like civilized people got it" he said. aw nah hell no, i shook my head in understanding. he slowly moved his hand away from my mouth. "listen you fucker, why cant you leave me alone. you already hurt me and now i am done with you and crying. so do me a fucking favor, leave me the hell alone." i yelled at him. he smiled. what the fuck. he kissed me hard, i kissed back i don't know why. crap. arr why did  do that. " shit"  "see you liked it, we could continue." he smirked. I got out of his grip. "you have a girlfriend, what happened to the old Louis." My voice was calm. "that wasn't me, that was me pretending to be like that Tom, that friend of yours." "boyfriend." i sneered at him. "no, no happening, over my dead body." he smiled. "who the hell do you think you are. you don't own me you bastard." i yelled at him. "you are mine" He smirked at me, "no you sick bastard"  I said and slapped him. he put a hand on his red cheek. I smiled, he looked pissed. i grinned at him. "you shouldn't have done that princess." He grabbed me and threw me on my bed, he started kissing me. i kissed back but i stopped and kicked him. he fell off the bed. i ran to my door and ran down stairs. I heard him get up. i unlocked the front door and i ran on my lawn to my door. i dug for the key in my pocket. c;mon keys. he was running to me. found it. It opened i got in and shut the car door. Louis was banging on the window. I pulled out and drove. I had no where to go. i slept on the side of the road. I heard me car door, it opened. i felt to hands pulling me out of the car. I was half asleep. "Tom, put me down. Tom please. i knew it was Louis. his hands, his grip. I kicked him he dropped me, i ran fast to my car. i got in and rove as fast as i could Louis was right on my ass. It was about 3 am. I turned sharp corners and lost him. I turned around and went to my house. I ran to my door and ran in I locked it and went to my parents room. I slept in the living room watching .T.V.

                                                         *in the morning 7 am*

I heard whispering, it was the Tomilsons. "DARIA GET UP GO PACK NOW." "why -I moaned-" are we moving again! "we on going on vacation with the Tomilsons." my mother sqealed in delight. great.                                                                                           

                               *skip to the airport, didn't feel like writing everything in between*

We got on the plane. i had to sit by Louis, of course. When we were caught in between some people, i felt him pinch   my butt. i jumped, and starred at him, he smirked and slapped my butt. "ow you dick" i whisper yelled at him. "ooo what are you going to do." he was ticking me off .      I sat down and started txting Tom. "sorry about cancling our date, i had to go in a stupid vacation." i txt him. Louis starred at me. "that you friend." i smiled 'nope. that was my boyfriend." i smiled and he sneered. That made me smile big. "hey babe, it is ok. take a lot of pictures for me." he replied on txt, I smiled as he called me babe. Louis looked jealous.

                                        I will try to write a chapter everyday oks

thank you for reading ;DD

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