the boy at the end oth the street *COMPLETED/ SEQUAL IS OUT!*

Daria Smith has moved from Nebraska where there is corn and farm land everywhere, there is no house next to you for miles, now she is moving to Rochester,New York. Daria moves to a small neighbor hood, for Daria it seems like life is going to suck, until she meets the boy at the end of the street. is he seems nice at the begginging but will he turn dark.. and stay dark.


6. what are we....

Louis's POV:

Her eyes were shining bright as she surveyed the land. Her blue eyes were as blue as the sky, I really wanted to kiss her.. again. " thank you so much, how can I ever repay you." she asked. well she can kiss me and we will be good... nag. "it's ok, I wanted to see you smile, that is my reward.  She stepped closer to me and kissed me. I pulled her closer, she didn't hesitate. We slowly pulled away. she smiled at me, it made me grin. "it is getting dark, lets go back." she nodded walking back to the car. I walked after her and opened her door for her. "thank you mr.tomilson"

"my pleasure Miss.Smith" I said bowing. she giggled and got in the car. I shut the door  and walked to my door. I grabbed the handle. but it was locked. oh I see how it is. she started laughing, I remembered I had the keys. I took out the keys, she unlocked her door and ran. I ran around the car after her, she was kinda slow haha. I grabbed her by the waist pulling her back. "I win." I said smiling. "I win!" she replied. I threw her over my shoulders. "put me down" she screamed lauging a bit. "not until you say I win." I grinned. "fine, we both win." unfair, if anyone asks I won! "good enough." I said. still keeping her on my shoulders. "umm did you forget something.." she asked. I thought for a while. "hmmm nope." I walked to the car and set her down in her seat.i ran to the other side before she could lock it. "haha" she laughed too. I started the car and we drove back.                                                                                                                                             

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