the boy at the end oth the street *COMPLETED/ SEQUAL IS OUT!*

Daria Smith has moved from Nebraska where there is corn and farm land everywhere, there is no house next to you for miles, now she is moving to Rochester,New York. Daria moves to a small neighbor hood, for Daria it seems like life is going to suck, until she meets the boy at the end of the street. is he seems nice at the begginging but will he turn dark.. and stay dark.


16. read this now

ok here is to the bitches who are haters. I don't give 2 fucks if you hate my book. I am trying my hardest, I am not perfect and neither are you so shut the hell up.STOP BEING A DUMB ASS BITCH,.  to all the nice ppl out there thank you sooo much. I know I may sound mean but it really pissed me off.

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