the boy at the end oth the street *COMPLETED/ SEQUAL IS OUT!*

Daria Smith has moved from Nebraska where there is corn and farm land everywhere, there is no house next to you for miles, now she is moving to Rochester,New York. Daria moves to a small neighbor hood, for Daria it seems like life is going to suck, until she meets the boy at the end of the street. is he seems nice at the begginging but will he turn dark.. and stay dark.


15. mr.Perfect

   ATTENTION MUST READ OR DIE. -to all the ppl that ignored this, I will hunt you down-anyways ADVICE OF THE DAYYY:  if a bitch pushes you too far, push her off a cliff :) ok I will let you get on with your life.

                Daria's POV:

"so what do you want to do today." he smirked moving his hand to my thigh. He was just like Louis, I froze as his hand was still there. I pushed it away, he looked at me scornfully. "fuck you, using me the whole time. what a dick."  I ran out before he could see me cry. I ran down the hallway to me and Louis's hotel room. he was gone, I ran to my room and cried myself to sleep. why does everybody use me. why.

           I felt hands grab my waist, pulling me across the matress.  I was thinking about bruce, I have been used too much. I know when they are using me. it took me long enough. ugh.  I had the strength to open up my eyes. I turned around and saw Louis, his eyes locked to mine. "go back to bed babe." I didn't have the energy to tell him to fuck off. I just layed my head down and fell asleep.

        Louis POV:

I came in the hotel giving up after searching for her. I went to her room and opened her door. it took me by surprise that she was here. She looked as if she had been crying, I walked to the side of the bed and got in with her. I grabbed her waist and moved her closer to me, she turned around and looked at me with big eyes. "go back to bed babe." Please don't slap me, please don't slap me. she turned around and went to sleep. she didn't get mad tht I called her babe. wow that is a first..

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