Melody: A One Direction Fanfiction (Sequel to Gwen)

I am Melody Malik, and someone is after my family. I don't know who, but they're targeting us all.


11. Shivers

"I was thinking we could go to Victoria Creek today. Just for a little while. You kids need to have some fun."

Robin, Oceana, and I looked at our father, startled. Usually, he was the kind of person that wouldn't let us leave the house when there was a snow warning in July, so the fact he was letting us out with murderers lurking in the shrubbery was surprising. However, we didn't have any objections.

"Okay." We replied in unison. We didn't come to America often - only once, actually, in the only tour we could remember, before Robin was born - and it was hard to recall what the little river in the village of Cedar looked like outside a car. It had a rusting red bridge for fishermen, a parking space of dirt, some picnic tables. Lots of risk of flooding.

"Gwen'll take you. I need to stay here. You're mom's getting airlifted here tonight, and I need to be in Munson Medical Center when she gets here."

So that was his incentive. He had to go to Traverse City for the day to take care of checking her in, and once she got there he would never leave that hospital.

"Okay." Oceana was the one to speak this time.

He gave us each a hug. "Do not let each other out of your sight. If you're together, if you get hurt, you can have somebody get help. Stay safe."

"We'll be fine, Dad." Gwen reassured him. He straightened up and smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles out of his black t-shirt. He looked like he was about to cry.

"Then get outta here, you crazy kids." he smiled for the first time in almost a week.


"Where's Robin?"

"What do you mean, where's Robin? I thought he was with you!"

"I thought he was with you!"

"Gwen told you to watch him!"

"She told us both to watch him!"

Oceana and I stared at each other, the realization of what was happening dawning on our faces. The youngest, the little boy dubbed the family mascot, was missing. And we, the middle schoolers responsible for him, had let him wander off.

"Robin!" I screeched, running deeper into the park, deeper than we'd been advised to go. Melody ran in the opposite direction.

"Mellie?" Robin jumped out of a tree after I'd walked for about half a mile. "Is something wrong?"

I didn't know whether to hit him or hug him, so I just started to cry.

With two members of our family down, it was very likely that if he'd been gone alone for just a minute longer, he would've been shot.

It was a good thing I was there to hug him and take the bullet for him just in time.

It all happened in kind of a blur. There was a sharp crack, and an excruciating pain in my shoulder.

I touched where the pain was. My hand came back covered in blood.

I collapsed to my knees. The world was getting fuzzy.

"Melody!" Robin's voice sounded like he was underwater. "Melody! Help! Somebody! Help!"

I collapsed the rest of the way, and everything went black.

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