Melody: A One Direction Fanfiction (Sequel to Gwen)

I am Melody Malik, and someone is after my family. I don't know who, but they're targeting us all.


14. Safe and Sound

The man that was in charge was a skinny person, only about 5'5", thin and balding hair, moustache. His eyes were cold and grey. He wore a striped suit and had pale skin with dark circles under his eyes. He reminded me of Beetlejuice, that ghost from Mum's favorite movie.

He certainly didn't look like the sort of person that would try to kill a whole family, more like the type of person that would chill in his basement sending scam emails.

"Why did you do it?" Mum demanded with a growl.

"You don't recognize me, Erica?" his voice was scratchy, and had a bit of a mental-disability sound to it.

"No, I don't, I just want to know why you did it!" she was angry for once in her life. She was moving fine and freely, but she had a hunch to her and occasionally her breathing would hitch and she'd need the machine.

The man looked up at her with sad brown eyes. They were filled with adoration. He seperated the folds of his suit top, revealing a Kirby t-shirt.

"Kevin..." Mum spat, backing away. Dad pulled her behind him.

"Erica, I love you! I thought that if I killed your husband and his children, then you could come back to me, we could start fresh, have our own kids, be happy together, Erica! Don't you see it???" he sounded desperate, like a lovesick puppy. "I didn't mean to shoot you. I meant to hit your son. I'm so sorry."

Everyones' faces turned angry and shocked. He tried to shoot an eight year old so he could be with his mother?

"No, Kevin. I'm happy now. I loved you and you betrayed my trust. We're not meant to be together. You're autistic, our children would've been autistic, and I don't need to raise a house full of mentally needy people! I have three children, a loving husband, and a beautiful stepdaughter! I told you to get out of my life seventeen years ago and I MEANT IT!" Mum was angry.

So, her autistic ex was trying to kill us because she broke up with him almost twenty years ago?

"I've had enough of this. Send him away." Dad spoke in an angry growl.

The guard nodded and took Kevin out of the interrogation room. Mum collapsed in tears as Dad held her. Oceana and I just looked at each other.

It was over. We were okay.

And we couldn't wait to tell Robin that we could go somewhere by ourselves.

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