Melody: A One Direction Fanfiction (Sequel to Gwen)

I am Melody Malik, and someone is after my family. I don't know who, but they're targeting us all.


10. Frozen

It's freezing in the mornings here. The floor isn't really the most comfortable place to sleep, either.

"What day is it?" I grunted, shivering and closing the wide-open window of Gwen's room. Robin had come to sleep here sometime in the night - nightmares, I was guessing.

"Sometime in mid-September." Oceana sounded as cold as me. Gwen and Robin were still fast asleep, or at least were pretending to be asleep. I guess they got that from Dad.

After forcing the window shut, I curled up next to my twin again and pulled out my phone. To my surprise and delight, there was a text, but it was from an unfamiliar number. Cautiously, I tapped "Read."

Mellie, it's Mum. Where are you? Are you safe? I'd use my own phone but it's still at the house and I'm not supposed to leave the hospital. I love you. Don't tell anybody about the text, and don't give this number. It's not safe. Love you so much.

I grinned from ear to ear. Mum was all right! I typed up a quick reply:

Your parents' old house in Cedar. We're safe, with Gwen and Dad. Love you. Feel better soon.

At that point, I had no idea something might be wrong with that text . . .

But freezing and tired, I drifted back off to sleep . . .

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