Melody: A One Direction Fanfiction (Sequel to Gwen)

I am Melody Malik, and someone is after my family. I don't know who, but they're targeting us all.


6. Dark as Ink, Light as Paper

I shivered in the freezing morning air. As always, London was surrounded by a cold and unrelenting fog and cloud cover. Oceana was chattering on and on about how this was "definitely a bad omen" and how we're "all gonna die." Not only was it getting annoying, but it was scaring Robin.

I bit my lip to keep from telling her to shut up. She may have inherited Mum's love for the paranormal, but it wasn't an excuse to scare an eight-year-old. Of course, it was keeping her calm. So I kept my mouth shut.

Robin was pretty much stapled to Gwen's side. He looked like he was about to cry. "Gwennie, we're not really gonna die, are we?" he asked her.

Gwen glared at Oceana before replying, "Of course not, Robin." There came a chime from her pocket and she read the text, paling. I got the feeling that dying was a very real possibility.

We finally found the airport. I couldn't remember what it was called, but I knew from stories that it brought a lot of nostalgia to Gwen in some way.

"Fog's a really bad sign, really! Doesn't it look like it's about to rain? Rain's a sign of sadness. Something about angels crying in Heaven."

This was when I lost my temper. "Oceana, we're in England! Of course it's foggy! We're not going to die!"

All three of my siblings stared at me in shock. I'm pretty sure they had never seen me raise my voice before, much less in anger. I was shy and quiet, like my mother had been at my age. I was very good at controlling my temper though, unlike her.

"Okay, Melody. Whatever you say." My twin was hurt, I could tell. I instantly regretted yelling at her. I looked down and stopped as my sisters and brother continued to walk. Slowly, I followed.

We took our seats, and the plane rose in the air. I looked down at London's shrinking form, taking note of how dark it was. Dark as ink, in fact.

By the time we were above Traverse City, a town close to Cedar, I noticed the difference between the two places. Against my better judgement, I also made a mental note of a deeper meaning that my mother or Oceana would have found.

London was dark. It signified no hope.

America was bright, like paper in the sunlight. It signified hope.


Maybe we'd make it out okay.

Just maybe.

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