Bye My Song

The Doctor and River Song, who have a daughter called Alicia, get into trouble in Manhatten when re-paying their respects to the Ponds.


2. Bewilderment

Alicia felt bewildered, but then realized what had happened. She was dying, into a different dimension that the Angels had taken her to by a single touch. She let out a low cry but knew that this wasn’t what her Dad would do. She mustered up every ounce of her strength that she had left, while it was being drained from her, and yelled as loud as she could.

She landed, sort of. It felt like landing to her but really she was still “falling” in the white canvas. As she “landed” she noticed a ginger woman with very long, covered up legs wearing complete white outfit and a caramel hair coloured man, also in white, with a long nose stood nearby, talking.

“Hello?” Alicia noticed her voice was cracking. “hmm, more like my mother then.” She thought to herself. She nearly skipped over to the couple who turned, looking as confused as she had felt.

“Hello. Who are you?” asked the man, stepping in front of the woman.

“I’m Alicia, but don’t worry about names, we need to get out of here.

“There isn’t a way out. We’ve searched, called, waited for a long time. Nothing works.” Replied the woman who Alicia felt she recognised some features of her face.

“Ah, but you don’t have one if these!” she held out her wrist and showed them her watch.
“Actually, have a watch.” He showed her his posh Rolex.
“This isn’t just any watch! It is called the Vortex Manipulator of Time and Space. Thus letting us travel through different fields, sifting through the very fabrics of the Universe…ses.” She thought she saw him roll his eyes. The woman on the other hand raised her eyebrows, like River did when the Doctor said something stupid.

Melody?” She asked, looking weary. Alicia lifted her eyebrow.

“Sorry, there aren’t any melodies in Space…Unless you go to Akahten. They sing annually.”

“How can we trust you?” asked the man, looking highly agitated.

“As if you have any other option to get out of here, but if you don’t want to, I could leave and go myself-“

“No! No, we trust you.” The Scottish woman stamped on her partner’s foot.

“The plan! I will use my Vortex Manipulator and we’ll get out of here,” said Alicia, a glare lingering from the annoyed man. After rubbing his foot, he stood up straight and rolled his eyes again. He stepped forward. “So, hold on to me and off we go.” They both stepped forward and held her bare arms, a bracelet bearing the inscription:

Time and Space

resting on her silver and blue watch. She tapped in a date, place and time and then slammed the cover down onto it.

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