Bye My Song

The Doctor and River Song, who have a daughter called Alicia, get into trouble in Manhatten when re-paying their respects to the Ponds.


3. Back

A sudden lurch in the stomach, more painful than before, took them soaring through a different dimension in Space, not seeing or hearing but feeling the speed of which they moved.

On landing the woman gasped and clamped her hands on her stomach as if cradling it, the man rushed towards her.

“Amy, are you alright?” He breathed deeply while speaking, watching her gasp and clutch her stomach.

“I’m fine, Rory. Honestly.” She added as he looked at her disbelievingly.

Alicia whipped round, feeling she remembered the names but couldn’t place them. She twirled around a bit and caught a look of glee on Amy’s face.

“What?” asked Alicia, not helping but to smile.

“I had a friend who used to do that. Twirl around like a mad man.”

“I get it from my dad I guess…Now.” She started abruptly, “Let’s get a move on.” She raised her Sonic Screwdriver in the air, waving it around for signal.
“What are you doing?” asked Rory, bewildered.
“I need reception.” The Sonic vreeped louder and louder until Amy and Rory covered their ears.

Alicia stopped and turned, waiting and listening for the noise. The noise that meant the world to her. It started, louder then it normally did, and with a lot more of the usual scraping, but this was because she was controlling it.

Amy and Rory stared at each other with deep looks of joy, the TARDIS materialized just a few centimetres from Alicia, who stepped back smiling.
The door flung open to the Doctor, his hair flapping wildly and River, wiping away her too feminine tears.
“Alicia!” shouted the Doctor, pulling her into his arms, holding her head to his chest, tears welling up again. He stared above Alicia’s dark brown, wavy hair to Amy and Rory. Who looked astounded.

“Amelia! Roranicus!” Doctor looked down at his beautiful daughter, resembling River more than ever, crying into his shirt. Causing more tear stains than before.
River, who had been standing in shock as her dead family conversed looking healthier than ever, walked forward sheepishly and hugged Alicia, hesitantly let go of by her father.

“Alicia, I’m so sorry. I love you.” Whispered River as Alicia grew another round of tears.
“I love you too, mum.”

Doctor stepped forwards to Amy and Rory who were smiling ear to ear over the word ‘mum’.

“She’s your daughter?” asked Rory, looking faintly pale but happy.
“Yes, and your granddaughter.” He yanked them into a hug, Amy grinning so much her jaws ached.

“She’s beautiful.”
“just like her mother.”
“Her hair is definitely yours though.”
“No, it has a bit of River’s in it. Not to mention the length is Amy’s.”

And as the Ponds marvelled over their blushing not-so-new granddaughter, everything was whole again.

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