Superheroes and comics

About superheroes


1. Superhero

I am a superhero I save people who needs help. I am a boy superhero. I am a powerful superhero and I am a strong superhero. I fight bad guys like my brother Dave is the bad guy and his friends.My superhero team has my sister and friends. Superhero Sahaana beat the bad guys Dave  and his friends and together were are team  hero vs vampire and longer. The battle started when the hero and vampire were still fighting each other and then the hero got superpower and they went in it and stared those vampire they started shrinking. Then the hero could take them out the were slain but one one more teammate karthik .Vampire was left in the dark.He was the hardest of all, he was the great huge leader and they blew up the leader hard and  they had use all the strength and might.So they fighting one more hero was alive to save the world he did he was best hero and started to slain by a wolf . they celebrated with candles and went to a fancy party after he healed all his hero friend and he was there sahaana death all his he told be safe I am the hero for battle he said not you get slain always i have heal all day call me ill be there I am the action . Ok i had do it save there entire world for us we  will be still fighting that wind blower vampire is strength so and action for is captain I am  your captain he is best I am best that's show who the captain it fair strength means captain got strength you now that you cant be unfair then there's a argue are not got its cheating mean fair you blew all we while be dead and then no money and we money to better weapons for i have greatest weapon ever in this hero its because all money fight harder then lots so i get more money you have to save up you only while me i got him down why  don't try next time you will never i taught you new good skill for taking down enemies so go out there take them i took much of responsibility so now its your responsibility all of you even me because responsibly is better attack defense and goodness so only way her techniques for good defenses and good is percent and that what you do in this and god will make safer then me and that ever lose another will i depends on great.So hero live happy and citizen and human so the world be good as sweet and that it mater about because am hero they all rested all day so then they doing fight winning so they thought maybe it keeping world safe sound because of that is good and good what you shall kid should listen to your grown up grown keep you safe give food without parents were would live  homeless and homeless is sad living by yourself no food no drinks no nothing all day there poor  so they bring in grown up  for help and make alive and good and perfect good is behaved to grown ups mum dad granny grand father and friends school are good help you learn then another school then you're are so  smart you no everything  and such a  doctor know everything like you and you can be a doctor and smart then  you can get a car a work and lot of money and then house and then more superpowers and can defeat your boss and enemies of scary and spooky villains . Heroes and the villains take them out to death  we need kill them with the guns of death and i  double sword are called katana. This is what its called a bit strange the name tho  but death kills enemies of death vampire villains all sorts of things to kill slain and death.

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