400 Years

400 years. That's how long they've been apart. They meet, fall in love, the typical thing. But every time they've found each other - they were ripped apart by death.

'Till death do us part' is not the case for these two.

Eva and Dylan have that perfect cliche love story but just a few days before they were supposed to tie the knot, Dylan goes missing. Eva just can't shake off the feeling that it's happened before, especially around the detective Connor. Thanks to Lila, her crazy best friend, she's now going back into her past to find out whats really going on - hoping to save Dylan before history repeats itself once again.


2. I know Russian

Chapter 2 - I know Russian

Eva woke up with a pounding headache. She groaned, turned over onto her back but instead fell onto the comfort of a cold wooden floor. Eva sat up and realised she was back at her place that she shared with her roommate Lila. You see, she, Lila and her sister May shared the apartment but when May left for College in Australia it was just the brunette and the ditzy red. She suddenly remembered her fiancé's kidnap and needed to tell someone about it, before she broke down properly.

"LILA!" Eva yelled. She received no response, just an echo throughout the room. Eva stood up, with a hand pressing her forehead and walked down the hallway to her bedroom, when she noticed a piece of paper scuffed under the bathroom door. She picked it up, noticing it was a newspaper and read the headlines : RUSSIAN WAR CONTINUES. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. There hadn't been a Russian war in a while. She checked the date and her brown orbs widened. 29 September 1501. Tori quickly scanned the article and fell to the ground in agony. Innocent children hostages and murdered, people forced to run for their lives. This is what most history teachers leave out - pain. She buried her head in between her knees and let the sobs shake her body. This might happen to him! He could be held as hostage. Her hands tugging her hair harshly, knowing she needed some time to calm down over yesterdays events and the thoughts running through her mind. Then the voices began.

"Sara! You have to go!" A man's voice shouted.

"Not without you Anton! I need to stay with you!" A woman's voice replied - you could tell she'd been crying.

Eva lifted her head up. Instead of her house she saw a worn down castle, bits still crumbling. Tall emerald trees in the background swaying in the light breeze. The sun was setting behind the ruins, giving it a golden outline, making it mysterious.. almost deadly. Standing up, Eva gripped her hands, one of them crunching the paper and followed the voices. The curious girl came to a clearing where she saw a couple embracing, for the last time it seemed.

"Anton! Were needed!" A gruff voice said, a man emerging from behind a block of marble. Eva hid behind a pillar and watched the scene unfold.

"Vlad, just a few more minutes, be a dear brother!" Anton begged.

"No! You two are dangerous to society, different cultures are not meant to be!" At that he suddenly lunged for Sara, dagger held high but was blocked my her lover, Anton.

"Vlad?! How could you! She's like a sister to you!" Anton screamed, while Sara watched the brothers fight in terror.

"Not anymore, if she can't die, then you will! Either way, I get what I want!" Vlad punched him and then shot his dagger through his brother's stomach, an evil smile playing on his face, while his clothed shoulder slipped down, revealing a deep branded burn. Eva looked over to Sara who was clutching her stomach as well. Eva quickly took in the features of the people; a healthy blue eyed women with blunt features and the two brothers sharing the exact same facial features but with different coloured eyes and hair - red and ginger, brown and blue. Tori averted her eyes from the gruesome sight and after a moment or two looked again. The murderous brother was gone yet Sara and Anton lied on the stone, surrounded with Anton's blood.

Eva covered her gaping mouth with her hand, her eyes attracted to every detail when she felt someone or something touch her shoulder. She spun around to meet a worried Lila, holding grocery bags. Just like that the castle faded into nothing and back to the dull apartment she had grown fond off.

"Omg, Lila you scared me!"

"Sorry Eva, it's just that your in May's old bedroom crying while holding one of my research papers, I really need it back." Lila replied, not questioning her sadness.

"What? You've read it too?" Eva asked the redhead, wiping away her tears.

"No, I can't read Russian! I'm giving it to a friend who can translate it" Lila replied, confused.

"But I can read it and I can't speak or read Russian!" Tori whispered to her friend, her hands tightly knotted.

"Wait, let's check." Lila said, thinking her best friend had gone crazy. They walked into Eva's room and turned on the black dell computer.

Lila brought up the rest of the Russian newspaper article on the computer screen and turned to Eva who was already skimming over the page:


Два человека найдены убитыми в остатках Вао замок. Один ударил другого источника нет вообще. Бомбовым все еще имеют место и после отсутствия мужчин и расходные материалы...


"Two people found murdered in the remains of Vao Castle. One stabbed the other no source at all. Bombings are still taking place and after the lack of men and supplies..." Eva read to Lila.

"How can I read this Lila? I've never even looked at Russian before yet I can read it!" Eva exclaimed in frustration.

"Eva, I have this one idea but you have to trust me on this okay?" Lila sternly told Eva.

Her roommate nodded in response.

"Anything to tell me what's happening"

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