Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


19. Wake Up

~~It was around eleven at night. Us four girls had stayed up, watching The Notebook.
“You never wrote to me.”
Allie says.
“I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote to you every day for a year.”
Noah tells her. Beside me, all three girls are in tears, including me. But I was crying for a different reason. It sounded like Liam on his last tour. He had called or texted me every day, no matter what country he was in. Once he skyped me when he was in Australia. It was about four in the afternoon here, but about three in the morning there. I remember his cheeky grin as he told me the time, laughing at my shocked expression.
“Lighten up.”
He had joked, whispering as not to wake the other boys.
“But you should be sleeping. You get cranky when you’re tired.”
I nagged him.
“I couldn’t sleep. I was too busy thinking of you.”
My heart had melted when he said those words.
“Shit. I have to go now, ok? Paul’s coming and he’ll kill me if he sees me still up. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you, bye!”
He hung up in such a rush that I wasn’t able to say goodbye.
“I love you too.”
I had whispered to my blank screen, before shutting the laptop down.
The phone rang, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“I’ll get it!”
El said, and stumbled from the couch.
 Her eyes widened with what I recognized as fear as whoever was on the other line spoke.
“Who is it?”
Lola mouthed.
“The hospital.”
Eleanor answered, putting her hand over the speaker. She swallowed, face going pale.
“It’s about Ri.”
Perrie and I exchanged worried looks, as El continued talking. Slowly, the corners of her mouth began to curl into a smile.
“We’ll be right there!”
She exclaimed.
“She’s waking up!”
We rushed to Ri’s room, pushing past various doctors and the odd paparazzi. Nurses flocked around Ri’s bed.
“You must be friends with Aria Miller I presume?”
One of them asked with a kind smile. It took me a second to register that “Aria” was Ri’s real name.  They shifting a few of the others away and creating a gap for us to see Ri in. Her breathing pattern was different, sharp and fast, unlike the monotonous, steady rise and fall of her chest we had been used to seeing for the last few months.  She appeared to be trying to break out of  her coma one bit at a time- first we’d see her fingers twitch, before she’d clench her hand into a fist. Her feet flexed, eye lids fluttered, but remained closed. Every time she made a movement we’d all squeal in excitement, telling her to try harder. She seemed to hear us. One by one, she opened her eyes, blinking groggily at the bright lights shining on her.
“Welcome back, love.”
El said in a hushed voice, a huge grin spread over her face.
“Hey Ri.”
I smiled. Ri knuckled her eyes.
She suddenly exclaimed in a croaky voice, the fear evident on her face.
“Is he ok? Where is he? I’m going to find him.”
She attempted to get out of bed, but was forced back down by the doctors.
“He’s fine.”
Lola assured her.
“Then where is he?”
Ri demanded. We shifted uncomfortably.
“Ri, sweetie, Niall had to… go.”
Ri’s eyes swum with tears.
“You mean he’s dead?”
She hoarsely whispered. Her eyes rolled backwards into her head, and she slumped backwards back onto the hospital bed.
“Ri? Ri, wake up!”
Perrie said in a panicky tone. The doctors rushed to our aid, injecting something into Ri’s left forearm. Ri stirred, opening her eyes once more.
“Careful not to overwhelm her with information. She’s still very unstable.”
One of them warned us. We nodded.
“Niall’s dead?”
Ri asked again.
“No! Definitely not!”
El reassured her.
“Then where is he?”
“The boys had to go on a tour around London for a few weeks, that’s all.”
Ri gave us a quizzical look.
“He’s not dead, I promise. Niall and the rest of the boys left earlier this evening.”
Ri relaxed, looking at ease.
“Shit, I need to call him.”
I said, fumbling around in my pocket for my phone.
It was Louis who answered the phone.
“Louis, give the phone to Niall.”
“Bella? What are you doing? It’s like midnight over there.”
“Just give him the phone!”
I said urgently, beginning to get annoyed with my older brother.
Louis sounded slightly off-put.
I heard him screech.
“What are you doing with my phone? Give it here!”
Niall demanded.
“Say please.”
Louis said, being his obnoxious self.
“Louis goddamnit give me my phone!”
I couldn’t help but smile at their childish antics.
Niall’s voice came from the other line.
“She’s awake.”
I said, grinning. I knew he would know who I was talking about.
“What? Let me talk to her!”
Niall demanded. His sharp tone frightened me, and I hurriedly passed the phone to Ri as if it were a wild animal that might bite me.
Ri clutched my phone so hard I was nearly positive my screen would shatter, her eyes filled with tears.
“Niall, I was so scared, the last thing I remember is you, and then that truck coming and you turning and then the car flipping…”
She was so choked up by this point that she was unable to finish her sentence.
“Ms, this conversation is obviously distressing you, we must ask you to end the call for the sake of your health.”
One of the doctors said, gently trying to pries my phone out of her hand.  Ri held firm, sobbing even more now.
“I love you, Niall.”
She whispered before the phone was ripped out of her grasp.

“You’ll be able to talk to him soon again soon enough.”
A nurse said, chuckling.
“You kids and your cell phones.”
“We’ll do some stability checks and then you’re free to go.”
The doctor said, giving Ri a reassuring smile and pulled out a needle.
Ri shrunk back.
“You alright love?”
Perrie asked, crouching down on one side of her.
“I hate needles.”
She whispered
I whipped out my phone and texted Perrie “Distract her.”
The doctor saw what I was doing and gave me a nod of approval. Perrie winked at me when she got the text and immediately began talking.
“You know I sat in this chair two months ago when you first went into your coma. You couldn’t talk, couldn’t move. Niall was there too. He was falling apart.”
“They had to do his cast here because he didn’t want to leave.”
Eleanor said, sitting on her other side, joining in the charade. I flopped on the bed at her feet.
“Really. He loves you, Ri.”
“I was at work when you had the crash. You gave us a bloody heart attack, babe.”
Ri giggled feebly, as the doctor quickly inserted a needle into her left forearm.
She shot evil eyes at the doctor.
 Ri suddenly blinked at me, taking in my full appearance.
“Bella… You’re huge!”
“That’s something every woman wants to hear…”
I muttered.
“And Perrie!”
She gasped.
Perrie smiled and patted her own baby bump. Each of us looked fit to burst.
“Not long now.”
At that moment I felt that familiar pounding sensation underneath my ribs.
“She’s kicking again.”
I said, rubbing my swollen abdomen, feeling a tiny foot make contact with my hand from underneath the skin.
“You wanna feel?”
I asked
Ri nodded enthusiastically, beaming. She placed a hand over the bump, her smile growing wider.
“It’s so weird!”
“Lemme have a go.”
Lola flicked Ri’s hand off.
“Oh my god!”
She squealed.
“I read somewhere she can hear you if you talk to her. Hear that?”
I said, tapping my stomach.
“Stop kicking me! You’ll make me black and blue inside and out.”
Ri laughed.
“Be good for mama.”
Lola said.
“Does yours kick, Perrie?”
I asked, fumbling with my whalebone necklace.
Perrie rolled her eyes.
“Yes. He’s going to be an athlete this one, I can tell. He uses me as a bloody soccer ball!”
“You said it! Does it kick at night?”
“Does he ever! He only kicks at night.”
“What’re you going to call them?”
El asked.
“Zayn and I were thinking of calling him Niall.”
Ri perked up.
“Niall will love that.”
She beamed.
“But I’m not letting him anywhere him if he holds him like Theo.”
Perrie tried to look serious, but burst out laughing.
They turned to me.
“Liam and I haven’t really discussed it yet.”
I said, although I had a few names in mind.
“She’s good to go.”
The doctor said, coming back into the room.
Eleanor handed Ri a bag of her clothes.
“Ready to come home girly?”
“Hi Liam.”
I was smiling at my fiancé from my laptop screen.
“Hey Bells.”
He said back, waving.
“How ya doing?”
“I’m exhausted at the moment to be honest. We’ve had three shows in three nights, sound checks, interviews and a photo shoot. But it’s been fun.”
Liam smiled.
“What about you?”
“The baby’s been kicking. A lot. She’s going to turn out a soccer player like Louis.”
“Let’s hope not. Louis isn’t exactly the best soccer player, no matter how much he brags.”
A hand reached out and slapped Liam over the back of the head, which I guessed was Louis’s.
“I’m better than David Beckham.”
Louis shouted. Liam chuckled.
“I miss you Liam.”
“I miss you to, Bella. If you need me back home, I’ll come.”
“No, no. We’re managing fine here. Aren’t we girls?”
I said, turning to the others behind me. Ri gave me a silent thumbs up, as she was on the phone with Niall, like she had been for the last hour. Perrie, Lola and El were piled over each on each other, half asleep on the floor, having stayed up for most of the night with Ri, and only gave a grunt as a reply. 
“We’re bored.”
Liam laughed again.
“Alright, I better get these girls off their asses and into the sunshine. Bye babe! Sleep well.”
“Bye Bella, love you.”
“Love you too Liam.”
I smiled and blew a kiss before ending the call. I shut down my laptop and moved to the sleeping pile of girls by the couch.
“Move it bitches! We’re going shopping!”
I gently poked Perrie in the forehead with my foot.
“Yay! Shopping!”
Lola jumped up from the bottom of the pile, sending the other two girls flying.
El shouted, cursing as her head caught on the side of the coffee table.
“You right El?”
Perrie asked groggily, rubbing her eyes.
“Yeah, thanks babe. No thanks to Lola.”
El shot Lola an evil glare.
“Ri, honey, off the phone please.”
Ri looked heart broken and mouthed “one minute”.
I rolled my eyes and nodded.
“Bye Niall, I love you.”
She looked as if she was about to burst into tears as she pocketed her phone.
“It’s alright love. He won’t be away much longer, they’re back in like, what four weeks?”
“Four and a half.”
Perrie corrected.
“I just hope they get hurry it up. The baby’s due around that time, it’d kill Zayn if he missed the birth.”
“They’ll be back before that, now come on!”
Lola rushed out the door, obviously eager to get out of the house.  The other three groaned and complained, but followed anyway.
“It’ll help cheer you up,”
I said when I had got out onto the road.
“Perrie, you and I can go baby shopping and get the groceries, mumsie stuff, and you girls can get a new outfit, or new shoes or something.”
Eleanor and Ri perked up considerably, and Lola was practically jumping up and down in her seat with excitement.

“This one!”
Perrie held up a blue jump-suit with a mustache on it.
“How about these?”
I showcased a yellow stripy t-shirt and a pair of denim dungarees with little orange flowers stitched on the pockets. 
“Oh and this for an accessory!”
Perrie threw an elastic headband with large saffron roses on it towards me.
“Yes! I love it!”
I said beaming, hugging the outfit to myself as if it was my newborn child
“They could be matchies!”
Perrie squealed, seizing a pair of overalls similar to the ones I had picked out, except with a train on the pocket.
“Shall we get him a floral head band to go with it?”
I joked as we made our way to the check-out, arms laden with baby clothes. Perrie scoffed
“Come off it.”
She said, elbowing me with difficulty.
“Oh! We could have a barbeque for dinner?”
I asked, as we exited the store and started walking in the direction of the supermarket.
“And then a movie night!”
I confirmed, grabbing my phone from my pocket and dialed Eleanor’s number.
“Hiya Bella!”
El answered, seeming to be enjoying herself.
“Hey babe! How’s a barbeque sound for this evening?”
“Sounds great!”
“Can you rent a film or something for afterwards? Perrie wants to have a movie night.”
“Sure thing lovie! We’ll meet you at the front entrance in ten, ok?”
“Cool, bye.”
“Bye bye!”
“Make sure it’s a good one! Lots of drama.”
I shouted before she ended the call.
By the time the day was out, we’d have had more drama going on to last us a lifetime.



Suspense!!!!!!!! I'm so evil like that >:) keep commenting and favouriting for the next few chapters ok? Love you xx


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