Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


12. Trapped

~~“I’m starving.”
“I’m bored.”
“I am dying.”
“I bet I’m dying more than you.”

Louis and Niall were having a competition to could be the most annoying. Right now it was a tie, as I felt like jumping up and strangling both of them, rather than just one. We had only got the news that we would be stuck here an hour ago.
“Shut up.”
Liam mumbled. He had his head in my lap, trying to sleep.
“But I’m hungry.”
“How about a knuckle sandwich?”
Liam sat up.
Niall shot him a withering look.
“That is like the most cliché comeback ever.”
“I’m tired Niall! I can’t think of clever comebacks when I’m sleep deprived.”
There was silence.
“I’m still hungry.”
“Can somebody please get him some food before I kill him?”
Mumbled Harry.
I gave a sigh of exhaustion.
“I’ll do it.”
I got up and blearily stumbled to the kitchen. There wasn’t much food there. Flour, sugar, butter. Nothing that could be eaten straight from the pantry. I sighed again, pulling out everything we had. For a while, I just stared at them.
“You could make a cake.”
Liam had crept in behind me.
“Geez! Don’t do that.”
I hugged him around the middle.
“Good thinking. Do you know where how to?”
“No. But I’m sure we have a recipe book somewhere.”
He began trawling the cupboards.
“Actually, no we don’t.”
He scratched his head.
I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone.
“That’s what the internet is for.”
“Smart girl.”
Liam ruffled my hair.
“This one looks good.”
I showed him the picture that came with the recipe.
“Isn’t that a bit…fiddly?”
“I need to learn how do this stuff if I’m going to be a mum.”
I patted my stomach.
“Dads don’t bake.”
Liam began to walk away.
“Get your ass back over here.”
I grabbed his shirt without looking up from the recipe.
Liam sighed and picked up the bag of flour, studying it.
“Have you ever made a cake before?”
I asked, watching him wryly out of the corner of my eye.
“Honestly, no.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Ok, first of all, the flour is added last.”
I took the flour from him.
“We melt the butter first.”
I placed the butter block in front of him. He picked it up and put it in the microwave whole.
“You are an idiot. You’re supposed to dice it.”
“I’ll leave it to the baking expert then.”
“No, you need to learn this too.”
I handed him the knife.  He just stood there blankly.
“I actually don’t know what dicing is.”
Liam grinned.
“You are a hopeless case.”
I leaned over him, guiding his hand.
Eventually we got the cake in the oven.
“I smell food!”
Niall came charging into the kitchen.

“What is it?”
He tapped the glass of the oven.
“I love you two.”
He grabbed both Liam and I and pulled us into a suffocating hug.
“You can lick the bowl if you want.”
Niall’s eyes widened.
“I love you even more now.”
He seized the mixing bowl and ran into the living room, Liam and I following him. Liam flopped immediately on the nearest couch. Eleanor and Louis were curled up together on the couch. Zayn looked like he was fighting to stay awake, with his arms protectively around Perrie, as if to protect her from the abusive eye of the public. Ri and Niall were sharing the mixing bowl. And Harry was next to them, staring intently at his phone screen.
“Watcha doing?”
I sat down beside him.
“Texting Lolly.”
Harry blushed.
He corrected himself.
“Nicknames already? What’s yours?”
Harry went even redder.
“It’s still Curly.”
“Classic Lola. Or should I say, Lolly.”
I teased, grinning.
“Shut up.”
He turned over.
“Ok! I’ll leave you in peace.”
I stood and padded over to Liam.
“Have they gone yet?”
He mumbled, not opening his eyes.
“The paps.”
“I’ll check.”
I went over to the window. They had done exactly as they had done in the hospital. Except there were more. Far more. They were everywhere. Sitting on the lawn, polishing equipment, spilling out onto the streets. It didn’t look like Perrie’s speech had any effect on them. If anything, the photographers that had witnessed it had called over more paparazzi. I went back and sat next to Liam.
“Far from it.”
“There’s more.”
“I know.”
He swore again.
“What is it now?”
“The cake!”
Liam got up, calling over his shoulder as he ran.
“Oh my god."
I jogged after him, giggling.
He had it out of the oven, and placed it on the counter.
“We are morons.”
He said staring at the smoldering thing in front of us.
He looked at me and started laughing.
“We’re morons. We are total and complete morons.”
Liam shook his head, still in a fit of laughter.
“We could cut off the burnt bits?”
I grabbed a knife and went to do so.
I had forgotten that the cake was fresh out of the oven.
Liam dissolved into another fit of laughter.
“It’s not funny.”
I brushed past him to the sink.
“You know this just proves my point.”
He came over to me and hugged me from behind.
“What point?”
“That we’re morons!”
“Be quiet.”
I pushed him away playfully and went to get some ice, my still wet finger dripping over the tiles.
“Does it really hurt?”
His face was suddenly concerned.
“No, it’s just a burn.”
Liam kissed me on the cheek.
“You’re so brave.”
“No I’m not. Now hurry up, that mixing bowl won’t last Niall forever.”
He giggled feebly and took the knife from where I had left it.
“Careful, it’s hot.”
I tossed him a pair of oven gloves.
“No shit.”
He glanced at the shiny, red spot on my finger.
“It’s fine!”
I grabbed some plastic wrap and fixed it around my finger.
“What are you doing?”
He looked curiously at my plastic-bound finger.
“Basic first-aid.”
“Where’d you learn that?”
I shrugged.
“Mum taught me some bits and pieces. It comes in handy sometimes.”
“Right. Well now that you’ve shown what a good doctor you are, hand these out and demonstrate your waitress skills.”
He gave me a plate with seven poorly-cut pieces of cake on it.
“Serve Niall first.  I don’t think he can take it a minute longer.”
I rolled my eyes, but did what he said.
Niall had fallen asleep with Ri on top of him. They both had chocolate cake mix around their faces.
“We need to take a photo.”
I whispered, giggling. Liam obliged and got out his phone.
“They’ll kill us.”
“What they don’t know won’t hurt them.”
I murmured, going over to them both.
“Niall, Ri.”
I shook Niall’s shoulder.
“Go away.”
He mumbled.
“I have food.”
He sat straight up, sending Ri flying.
“Oh my God Niall!”
She yelled from the floor. Niall grinned and reached for the biggest piece of cake. Ri was quicker.
“You owe me this.”
She grabbed it and took a big bite out of it.
“I don’t like you now.”
Niall pouted.
“You can have mine.”
Ri mumbled through the crumbs, talking with her mouthful.
“So nice.”
Niall said sarcastically, snatching the remaining piece of cake off the plate.
“Nothing has ever tasted better.”
I heard Louis say from behind me.
“Is it really that good? I thought it was total shit.”
I said, bewildered.
“Oh, it is. Bella, I’m starving. I could eat dirt and say it tasted good right now.”
I threw a pillow at him.
“It’s actually not that bad.”
Perrie said being her kind self.
At that moment, the power went out.
“Just our luck.”
Came Eleanor’s voice from somewhere in the darkness.
“I know where the torches are.”
I got up and went to look in the cupboard under the stairs.
I opened the door.
I screamed. Somebody was in the cupboard. I went to flick the lights on, but then remembered that the power being out was the reason I was in here in the first place.
“Calm down.”
It was just Harry. I could see him grinning in the faint glow that was emitting from his phone screen.
“What the hell are you doing in here?!”
“Texting Lolly. I mean Lola.”
“But why in here of all places?”
I asked, forgetting to tease him about getting her name wrong.
Harry shrugged.
“Niall was bothering me.”
I gave him a look.
“And so you locked yourself in the cupboard?”
“You are a strange child Harry Styles.”
I reached for a torch.
“The power’s just gone out by the way.”
Harry said, groaning as he got up.
“I am starving. Where’s the food?”
Harry clapped his hands together.
“There’s cake in the kitchen.” I gestured vaguely into the darkness.
“Cake? Why didn’t somebody tell me there was cake before I came in here?”
“Because Liam and I just made it now.”
“Since when do you two bake?”
“Since about half an hour ago.”
I flicked the torch on, shining it at Harry.
Harry glanced at his phone.
“Yeah, hold the door open for me.”
He said, smiling no-doubt at whatever funny, witty reply Lola had just sent.
“You two are a match made in heaven.”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“I know right!”
He squealed, following me into the living room.
“I got a torch.”
“I’ll go check the fuse-box.”
Zayn held his hands out for me to give it to him. Louis dived in and intercepted it before he did.
“Harry, catch!”
But Harry was still staring at his phone and failed to see the torch flying towards him. It hit him square in the forehead.  He dropped his phone. And slumped backwards onto the couch.



Does anybody actually read this or should I stop writing it idk


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