Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


5. The Surprise

~~The Surprise

El yelped in pain as the beautician attacked her eye brows.

"Bear with it Eleanor, we have to suffer for our beauty."
Perrie called from across the room. She looked a lot better than she had yesterday, a bit of color in her cheeks, the dark circles underneath her eyes gone.

"She's right!"
Ri winced as they braided her hair.

"Shut up, the lot of you."
Another cry escaped her lips.  She gripped the edge of the salon seat, her newly manicured nails digging in to the padding.

"It's ok El, breathe."
I said, speaking out of the corner of my mouth, as not to crack my face mask.

The lady walked away from her.
"Oh thank God! Is it over?"
She felt around her face, exhaling when she knew it was unscathed.

The lady returned, accompanied with three others, each bearing a boat load of make-up.

One came in my direction. She started on my face first, washing the facial off, then coating my skin in a layer of foundation and blush. She moved onto my eyes, applying a thick coat of mascara and dark eyeliner with smoky eyes to finish. Then she bought out a tube of scarlet lip stick, telling me to pout for optimum results.

I wriggled into my dress.  I smoothed it out, admiring the creamy, beige complexion, the halter around my neck, and to set it off, a string of beads set loosely around my waist. I fixed my whale bone around my neck for an accessory.

Perrie came into the room, now changed into a blue dress that complimented her eyes.
"This thing is so damn skimpy!"
She tugged on the hem, trying to lengthen it so it covered more of her legs.
“Does it make me look fat?”
She patted her stomach worriedly. Actually, it did look like she’d put on a bit of weight lately, which was funny. Perrie has never been the type of person to care about her weight. Growing I remember it always used to aggravate me to extremities when Perrie could eat as much as she wanted and still stay as thin as a pin.
I lied all the same wanting to spare her feelings. Perrie was my best friend, and I knew I could be brutally honest with her, but now, looking at her face, I knew she would shatter if I told her the truth.
“You look gorgeous!”
I said, honestly.
"I can't walk in these."
Ri stumbled in, wobbling precariously in a pair of stilettos, eyeing my Roman sandals enviously.

"Where's the bride?"
Asked Perrie, adjusting her dress again.

"I'm here."
El emerged from behind the screen. She wore a dress that had a single strap over one shoulder. The front of the dress ended just below her knees, but the back hem went down to the floor. Her hair was down and curled, a veil covering her eyes.

I gasped.
"Bloody hell, Eleanor! You look beautiful!" I went over to hug her.
"Stop! You'll get make-up all over my dress!" She held her arms out, trying to act cross, but she had a huge grin on her face.
Shit! I’m gonna cry.” I knuckled my eyes fiercely. Ri touched my arm.

“No you’re not. Be brave.”

I sniffed, nodding. El exhaled slightly.

“Come on. Let’s get this show on the road.” She reached for a bouquet sitting on the table.

“My last few minutes of being a bachelorette.” El sighed. “I can’t believe this is actually happening!” she clutched the flowers tight.

She stepped onto the beach, veil billowing. Perrie, Ri and I followed, treading lightly on the sand. Everyone turned to face us. Louis was positioned at the altar, dressed in a tuxedo. He looked at El, grinning broadly. Harry stood alongside Louis, as the best man.

We branched off, onto different sides of the aisle. I went to stand beside Liam. He wrapped his arms around my middle. I flinched at the weight of his hands on my stomach, remembering the dream again. But then again, that's all it was. A dream.

“You look gorgeous.” He whispered into my ear. I jumped, his voice startling me.

“You too.” I leaned back to kiss him, attempting to hide my worry. It wasn’t that hard actually. He was wearing a dress shirt, jeans and bare feet. So incredibly hot.

El had reached the altar now, holding hands with Louis. They said their vows. Exchanged rings. The priest paused for a moment.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Eleanor threw herself on Louis, kissing him passionately. He hoisted her into his arms bridal style, running down the aisle to the ballroom. I went over to congratulate the happy couple.

“Welcome to the family, El.”

There was no way some stupid nightmare was going to ruin El's wedding day.

It had been several hours since the wedding. Liam sat next to me, arm draped around my shoulders. I loved having the warmth of him around me. I teased him, poking his cheek whenever he tried to take a drink.
“Cut it out Bells!”
He pushed away my hands.
“You’re acting like a child!”
I stuck out my bottom lip, acting.
“Daddy Diwction.”
I lisped, poking him again

He put his drink on the unoccupied bar stool next to him and pulled me onto his lap, one arm supporting my neck and the other holding my legs. My legs kicked in the air, stilettos waving dangerously close to Louis’s turned head.

“What about that surprise?” I purred. He smiled mysteriously.

“Ah. That. In a minute.” He smirked, excusing himself from the table and putting me gently down back in my chair. The rest of the boys followed him, giggling.

“Boys.” I rolled my eyes.

“Has he told you yet?” El asked, admiring the ring on her finger.

“You know?”

“Darling, nearly everyone knows.”

“What is it?”

She glanced at Liam, with the boys in the corner of the bar in a huddle.

“He would kill me if I told you. Let’s just say, it’s a big one.”

“I hate surprises.” I took a sip of my drink.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned. There was Liam with a guitar in his hand.
“This is for you Bella.”
He smirked.

“105 is the number that comes to my head
When I think of all the years I want to be with you
Wake up every morning with you in my bed
That's precisely what I plan to do

And you know one of these days when I get my money right
Buy you everything and show you all of the finer things in life
We'll forever be in love so there ain't no need to rush
But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough

I'll say will you marry me
I swear that I will mean it
I'll say will you marry me

How many girls in the world could make me feel like this?
Baby I don't ever plan to find out
The more I look, the more I find the reasons why
You're the love of my life

And you know one of these days when I get my money right
Buy you everything and show you all of the finer things in life
We'll forever be in love so there ain't no need to rush
But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough

I'll say will you marry me
I swear that I will mean it
I'll say will you marry me

And if I lost everything
In my heart it means nothing
Cause I have you, girl I have you
To get right down on bended knee
Nothing else would ever be better, better
The day when

I'll say will you marry me
I swear that I will mean it
I'll say will you marry me
I'll say will you marry me
I swear that I will mean it
I'll say will you marry me
Got me singing
Got me singing
Would you marry me baby

105 is the number that comes to my head
When I think of all the years I want to be with you
Wake up every morning with you in my bed
That's precisely what I plan to do”

Liam finished and took my hand.
“Bella Tomlinson, my best friend of eight years and girlfriend of six. A day doesn’t go past when I don’t think of you, or how much I love you. Every second I think I realize how important you are to me, and how I can’t live without you and how so incredibly lucky I am to have you. You stuck with me through X-Factor, through all the fame, the fans, the paparazzi, the tours and rumors. On top of that, you’re funny, beautiful, sweet, reliable, loyal and amazing. I know, a girl like you will only come around once. And so, Bella Tomlinson, will you marry me?”

He fished a ring out of his pocket, and smiled.

“Holy fuck.”
I spluttered, alcohol still in my mouth. I swallowed.
“Yes. Yes yes yes yes!
My voice grew louder with each word until I was shouting. I flung my arms around his neck wrapping my legs around his middle. I kissed him on the lips, catching him off guard.

“I love you!” I cried, while he held me to his body.

“I love you too.” I think Liam was crying as well.

He breathed as I let him go.

“I’ve been waiting eight years to do that.”

My heart melted as I kissed him. This time more avidly. Liam didn’t stop me.
“Get a room you two.”
Niall said, covering his eyes.

Liam grinned at me. He kissed me one more time, before grabbing my hand and running with me the elevator.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”
I said, fingering the ring that now shared a place on my ring finger next to the promise ring Liam had given me when we were sixteen.
“I did it because I love you.”
I said nothing, but responded by wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him gently on the cheek.
He put one hand on the small of my back, guiding me to our room.  I kept staring at the ring. Liam had really done it. He had asked me to be his wife.
He unlocked the door, letting us in. For a minute we just stood, facing each other, his hand resting on my waist and my arms still draped around his neck.
“I knew you were the one.”
He whispered.
“The day I first met you at school, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you.”
“I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else, Liam. You make me strong.”
“Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker, is that so wrong, is it so wrong….”
He sung softly, stroking my cheek with his thumb.
Finally he closed the gap between us. He pulled me into his body and pressed his lips to mine.  I shut my eyes. I needed to remember this. I had cowered out of it too many times, scared of the consequences. He pushed me against the wall, kissing me heavier now. . My dress zipper was rubbing against my spine painfully.
"Liam..." I whispered.
He stopped for a moment.
"Sorry." Liam backed away from me, looking shameful.
"No! Just... Undo the dress. It's really uncomfortable."
He grinned, coming back over, throwing off his shirt.
I draped my arms around his neck again, kissing him. He struggled with the zipper on my dress. I felt the cool night air on my back as it came away, now only wearing black lace underwear. We fell gently to the bed, still in a tight embrace. Suddenly he broke away.
"If you want me to stop, just tell me."
I tried to pull him back to me.
"Don't stop. And take off your jeans. It'll be the death of me to get those off."
Liam hoped off the bed, struggling to get his jeans off. I kneeled on the edge of the duvet, waiting patiently for him. I felt him grab me from behind, kissing my neck. A moan escaped my mouth. My bra strap slackened, indicating that he had just undone it.
"Cheeky bastard." I breathed, ripping the support off. I then pulled him back into the bed, ending up on top of him.
"Cheeky bitch." He said, mimicking my earlier comment. A tingle of electricity shot down my spine at the exhilaration of skin on skin. His hands moved down to my thigh, bringing it upwards to his body. Liam paused again, before reaching up and slipping off my underwear. I slapped him lightly.
"My turn."
I whipped off his Calvin Klein’s. We took a look at each other, now both of us exposed. And kissed again.


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