Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


18. Saying Goodbye

~~Dark, menacing clouds were looming overhead. I threw my hood over my head and broke into an awkward sprint, with my baby bump making it difficult to run. I felt the tears start rolling down my cheeks as the first clap of thunder came. Rain began pouring down in torrents, soaking me to the skin. I slowed down in front of a near-deserted coffee shop. The remaining customers eyed me wearily as I came in. None of them appeared to recognize me. I went up to the counter, limping slightly as I had run off without any shoes.
“Can I help you?”
The cashier asked, not looking up from her magazine.
“Can I have a cappuccino please?”
I said, voice hoarse. The girl behind the counter rolled her eyes moodily and threw down her magazine. I went and sat down at the table, my wet jeans rubbing uncomfortably against my legs.
The girl placed my coffee on the table. I waited until she was back sitting with her magazine before burying my head in my arms and bursting into tears again.
I sat there for hours, until eventually, the coffee shop closed and I was forced to leave. I leaned, shivering, against the wall in the cold night air, contemplating where to go next. I wanted to go home. But I was worried at the thought of what would happen when I finally faced Liam. Would he be mad? We’d never had fights like this before. Occasionally, one of us would leave the house for a few minutes to breathe, but neither of us were ever away for this long. And we could always count on the other to come back. My cellphone buzzed, Lola’s number coming up on screen. I answered quickly.
“Bella? Thank god, are you ok? Where are you?”
Her agitated voice came from the other end of the line.
“I’m fine.”
My voice was croaky and parched from crying.
“We’ve been worried sick! Liam nearly called the police for God’s sake.”
I remained silent.
“I’m sorry.”
I whispered into the receiver.
“Please come home.”
Lola sounded like she was crying too.
“I will.”
I pressed the end button. A list of my missed calls came up on screen. There were twenty eight missed calls from Liam. Tears began to slip from my eyes.
I fingered the whalebone necklace that hung around my neck. He promised never to leave me. And here I was, out in the middle of nowhere. Alone. I left him. I choked down a sob and started running in the direction I had come from. Back home. I sprinted most of the way, despite the fact it was the middle of the night, I was seven months pregnant and I didn’t have any shoes on.
I slowed down before the front steps, my previous thoughts finding their way back into my mind. I shook my head, telling myself that he vowed he would never leave me. With this sudden burst of confidence, I jogged the rest of the way up to the door, letting myself in. It was eerily quiet.
I called, only hearing my own voice echoing around the foyer.
I repeated. Again, I only received silence as my reply. A lump began forming in my throat as the silence continued. I went into the living room, exhaling when I saw his figure curled up on the couch.
I went over to him. He didn’t move. The rims of his closed eyes were puffy and red. He had been crying. I felt weak on my knees as I approached him.
I whispered. Liam remained motionless. There was no point in trying to wake him up. I lay next to him on the couch, draping his limp arm over my damp body. His grip tightened, curling his arm around my waist.
“Don’t ever do that again.”
He murmured into my ear, kissing me gently on the cheek.
“I’m sorry.”
I choked, felling my throat constrict itself again.
“It’s ok. I’m just glad that you’re safe.”
He laced his fingers through mine.
“No. I’m sorry for over-reacting about you going on tour, I’m sorry for not telling you about Rick, and-“
Liam pressed his lips to mine to silence me.
“Don’t ruin it.”
He said softly, pulling me in closer to him.
One week later
I was beginning to regret my decision to let Liam go on tour. But I knew it would be incredibly unfair on those all over England that had booked tickets for one of their concerts and to the other four boys, not to mention Liam himself. Although he would never admit anything, I knew he would much be rather performing on stage as opposed to sitting at home with me. All I really did these days was eat and sleep anyway, so it didn’t really matter to whether or not he was here. I hated to say it, but my life was not dependent on him, and as much as I loved just lying there in his arms, or waking up to a nice meal, I could live without it for a few months.
“Are you sure you’ll be ok?”
Liam asked me for what seemed like the millionth time since we got in the car.
“I told you, I’ll be fine. El and Perrie are staying with me. And Lola will pop in from time to time.”
Liam gave my hand a squeeze.
“If you don’t want me to leave, I won’t.”
He murmured softly, pulling me closer to him.
“No. Go. I’ll be alright.”
Liam nodded, and kissed me gently on top of the head.
“I love you.”
He said, in not much more than a whisper.
“I love you too. Forever and always.”
I breathed, clutching his hand even tighter. This was a mistake. It only made it even harder to let go.
His grip didn’t falter as we moved swiftly through the airport. I looked worriedly down at my stomach, now protruding over the waist band of my jeans.
“It doesn’t matter, Bella. They already know.”
Liam reminded me. I reluctantly moved my hands away from my abdomen, wincing as the paparazzi attempted to duck under the safety rope to catch a photo of my baby bump. Eleanor and Louis met us near the gates. El’s tears were red and swollen, and she was clutching Louis like she could never bear to let him go. I knew I looked the same.
“You are huge.”
Louis commented, hugging me.
“And you’re a little bastard.”
I said, trying to sound confident and sassy like Louis, when really I was dying inside. It was only a few weeks. But without Liam, it would seem like an eternity. I had gone through this before, while he was on tour. And that had been for nearly a year. But now it was different. I was pregnant and going through things I’d never been through, and with him gone, I’d be doing it alone. Well, not completely alone. Perrie would be there. She would be experiencing the same things as me. But it wouldn’t be the same as having Liam there. My vision clouded as the tears began to arise. I laced my fingers through Liam’s as we moved closer to the terminal. As we neared the entrance, I had the sour temptation to drag him out of the airport, somehow get him home and make him stay. But I knew I couldn’t. My heart shattered as I finally let go of his hand.
“Look at me.”
Liam said gently, tilting my chin upwards and looking into my eyes. He placed his hands around my waist.
He opened his mouth, no doubt to say something sweet and endearing, but I cut him off.
“Don’t say anything. You’ll make it harder for us to let go.”
Liam nodded, and instead pulled me into him and kissed me softly on the lips. We closed our eyes, letting it linger. Until finally he had to let go. He hugged me briefly, my whalebone necklace getting pressed into my neck.
“I love you, Bella.”
He whispered, as he hoisted his bag onto his back.
“I love you too.”
I said, as he began walking away with the other four boys into the air-bridge. I felt Perrie, Eleanor and Lola hug me. I knew their hearts were breaking, just like mine. Liam blew me one last kiss, before we lost sight of them. The tears began overflowing, spilling over and down my cheeks. He was gone.

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