Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


9. Rick

~~It wasn’t a joke. Perrie had found out she was pregnant the day before we were due to leave for Fiji. She said they had tried to hide it, as they didn’t want to ruin Eleanor and Louis’s wedding. El and Louis had stopped their dance, and were staring at her.
“I’m sorry.”
She cradled her abdomen.
“We were scared.”
I was speechless for second.
“Perrie, that’s fantastic!”
I came over and hugged her.
“You wouldn’t have ruined it.”
Said Eleanor.
“It would only have made it even more exciting. “
Perrie finally had some color in her cheeks.
“A double pregnancy.”
Said Harry
“Where’s the champagne?”
“How did you find out about it?”
Ri asked. Perrie seemed embarrassed.
“My period was late. So I took the test.”
“Ew… girly things.”
Louis squealed.  El wacked him around the head with the rolled up “Hello” magazine Perrie had left on the floor.
“That hurt, Eleanor.”
“It was supposed to.”
Louis stuck out his bottom lip and crossed his arms over his chest. Harry came back with a bottle of wine.
I reached out for a glass, but Liam snatched it out of my grasp.
“No. You’re pregnant.”
I scowled at him.
“That goes for you too Perrie.”
Zayn took the glass that Perrie was about to take a sip out of.
“Damn you.”
She muttered, and sat next to me on the couch.
“At least we won’t have to go through this alone.”
I said, hands resting on my stomach. I grinned at Perrie.
“Isn’t this funny?”
“When we were kids, we always did everything together, and now we’re pregnant at the same time.”
Perrie giggled and took my hand.
“Love ya Bells.”
“Love you too Pez.”
I smiled at my best friend.
Liam passed Perrie and I a wine glass.
“I thought we weren’t allowed to drink.”
I said, taking the glass.
“You’re not. It’s raspberry cordial and lemonade.”
I scowled at him again.
“Don’t look at me like that!”
He said, putting his hands up.
“It was Niall’s idea.”
I turned my glare on to Niall.
“Cheers ladies.”
He lifted his glass, arm around Ri.
“Here’s to a good pregnancy!”


Liam wasn’t in bed when I woke up. I got up, searching around the flat. He wasn’t anywhere upstairs. I made my way downstairs. There he was, in the foyer. With a suitcase. He looked at me like I was something disgusting.
“Go away, Bella.”
He snarled.
“Where are you going?”
I asked, although I knew only too well.
“I don’t know. Anywhere but here.”
“No. You promised.”
I tried to take hold of his arm, but he shook it out of my grasp.
“Promise revoked.”
He shoved past me into the bathroom.
“Liam, wait-“

Liam pretended to ignore me.
I screamed, as he disappeared around the corner
He opened the door.
“You’re not really leaving, are you?”
“I should have done it a long time ago.”
He grabbed his suitcase.

"Liam please don't do this."
I tried to grab his arm again, but he pushed me away with such force that I fell to the ground. I sobbed, curled up in a ball, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

The door slammed. 

I whispered weakly, tears blurring my vision.
He was gone.

Liam shook me gently awake. He was leaning over me with a concerned expression. I threw my arms immediately around his neck.
“I thought you’d left.”
I breathed.
“Never in your wildest dreams.”
He murmured.
He kissed me on the cheek. Liam rolled over, and within minutes he was snoring away again.
I hopped out of bed, scraping my hair into a messy bun and getting changed into a pair of  light denim ripped skinny jeans, Converse with the Union Jack on them and a plain, black tank top, slipping on a brown leather jacket to hide my scars.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Liam came into the bathroom, half dressed.
I tried to push past him to get out the door.
He caught me painfully on the arm, fingers digging into a wound.
“Not until those stiches come out.” He slackened his grip a little, seeing he was hurting me.
“I’m fine.”
I protested.
“It’ll take my mind of the baby.”

Liam pulled me into a hug.
“It’s ok.”

He let me go.
I went downstairs. Liam followed me a few minutes later.
He said, pushing me down on the couch.
“Do you want something to eat?”
“No thanks, babe. I’ll go to Starbucks on the way.”
I said, getting up.
“I’ll come with you.”
He took my hand.
“Didn’t you have a children’s benefit concert at the hospital?”
I asked, opening the door.
“It’s not until later. Please, just let me come with you.”
He put on a puppy-dog face. I rolled my eyes.
I went to open the driver’s seat of the car. Liam stopped me.
“You can’t drive in your state.”
I threw my hands up.
“I’m perfectly fine!”
“Let me drive.”
He said firmly.
I scowled and stuck my tongue out at him, but did what he said and got into the passenger seat.
“It’s for your own good.”
Liam said, grinning as he got in on the opposite side of me.
“You’re too protective.”
His expression suddenly went serious.
“You’re vulnerable. There are some people who will take advantage of your pregnancy.”
“How would they know?”
“It’s like you said in the hospital. You never know what sort of technology they have these days.”
He started the car.
“You’re such an idiot.”
But I leaned over and kissed him.
He insisted on walking me into to the salon. Just to make sure I was safe.
“I’ll pick you up at four. Wait inside until then.”
I hugged him.
“You worry too much. You were just like this when we first started going out.”
“I worry because I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
I kissed him on the cheek.
“That’s sweet. But I took, like, five years of karate. I can protect my own ass. ”
Liam laughed and broke away.
“Be careful!”
He said, as he walked away. I waved until he got in the car and drove away.

“I never realized Liam was that protective.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was just Eleanor.
“You scared the shit out of me!”
I said, hugging her.
“It’s just because of… you know.”

“Yes, I know.”
El steered me in the direction of the break room.
“Why are we going in here?”
El smiled.
“There are some people that have missed you.”
I was lifted immediately off my feet by Rick, the massage therapist. He kissed me on the cheek.
“We’ve missed you so much!”
He said, kissing me again.
“Lay off, Rick.”
He can be a little over-friendly sometimes. Rick’s just like a human puppy, always clamoring for attention.
Rick put me down, only for me to be bowled over by Lola, our boss. She gives the wrong impression with her appearance, with her vivid red hair and heavily outlined eyes. But once you get to know her, she’s actually really nice.
“You poor dear! We heard on the news.”
She took my jacket from me, gasping at the scars on my arms and shoulders.
“Darling, we didn’t know it was that bad!”
Rick put his arm around me.
“It didn’t really hurt that much.”
I mumbled, feeling a flush creeping up my neck.
“Stop being so damn brave!”
Lola said, handing me my apron.
“Sorry I’m late.”
Perrie walked into the room. She looked a lot healthier than I had grown used to her looking like over the last few weeks.
“Its fine, love.”
Lola hugged her and gave Perrie her apron. Perrie pulled me aside.
“Do you think we should tell them?”
She asked, struggling with the straps of her apron.
“Defiantly. We trust them. They’re practically family.”
I said, turning her around and doing up her apron for her.
Perrie breathed.
“Lola, Rick, we have something to tell you.”
They both looked at us expectantly.
I swallowed.
“While I was at the hospital, they did some scans to see if the glass did any muscle damage. The scans picked up something else. As it turns out, I’m pregnant.”
They stared at us. I giggled nervously.
“Oh, I get it.”
Said Lola, smacking herself on the forehead.
“This is a joke.”
I shook my head.
“Deadly serious.”
Perrie stepped forward.
“It’s a huge coincidence, but I’m pregnant too.”
Lola just gaped at both of us.
“Oh my god! Congratulations! This is great, how long have you known? What’re you gonna call them!”
Lola bombarded us with questions.
“I’m so happy for you! Oh, can I be an Auntie?! This is going to be so exciting!!”
She came and hugged us around the neck.
“Ok, I’m sorry. First client should be here soon. Let’s get to work!”
I reached for my jacket that Lola had hung on the hook to move it to my locker. Rick was blocking the door.
“Pregnant, huh?”
He said, shutting the door and locking it. His face was dark, so unlike the bright, happy one I knew and loved.
“Yeah. Shocked me too.”
I made a move to the door. Rick seized my wrists.
“Going somewhere?”
He asked, in a dangerously quiet tone.
“Work. We’ll be late.”
I attempted to break out of his grasp, but he held firm.
“Don’t you worry about that. This Liam guy, he’s your boyfriend, correct?”
I was starting to get scared.
“And I would presume he is the baby’s father?
I said, voice wavering.
Rick studied my face for a long time.
“I’ve always liked you, Bella. So pretty.”
He brushed a strand of hair away from my face. I let out a slightly hysterical giggle.
“Thank you.”
 I said, shakily.
“And then that boy had to come and ruin you. Ruin your beautiful body.”
He looked me up and down, licking his lips.
I remained silent.
“You don’t really love him, do you? You’re only, what, nineteen? And now you’re going to be a mother.”
 I cleared my throat.
“I love Liam with all my heart.”
I said firmly, surprised at the strength of my voice
Rick pinned me against the wall. Looked at me for several seconds. Then kissed me hard on the mouth. I tried to scream, thrashing, but he kept me held firmly there. Finally he let me go. Breathing hard, he said
“If you really love Liam, you’ll keep that quiet. Or I’ll hunt him down. And kill him.”


Ooh scary. So hope you liked those three chapters bc it's all i'll be posting until next week :(((

Love you all xx


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