Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


8. Perrie's Confession

~~I woke abruptly, sitting up straight away. I realized as soon as I had done this, it was a mistake. Nearly my entire body was heavily bandaged, and my head was still foggy from the drugs. My world spun.
Liam had stayed beside my bed, hunched over in one of those plastic chairs that looked horribly uncomfortable. With dark circles under his eyes and a general look of exhaustion, he gave the impression that he had been sitting in that plastic chair for hours. He eased me gently back into the pillows.
“Take it easy.”
He took my hand in his and gave me a reassuring smile.
“Finally woken up, have we?”
It was the doctor. She smiled at us, but there was something behind that smile that I wasn’t sure of.
“Hello, Bella, is it?”
I nodded in reply, feeling too weak from the drugs to talk.
“My name is Doctor Ruiz. You had quite a nasty accident didn’t you?”
Again, I just nodded, although this time a bit too vigorously. My head spun again, causing everything around me to disappear into a haze.
“It’ll subside in a few minutes.”
Doctor Ruiz said. She swallowed, looking uncomfortable.
Another doctor came into the room, a man with a beard.
“Have you told them yet?”
“Maybe we should wait for the drowsiness to wear off.”
“No. We mustn’t wait.”
“Wait for what?”
Liam looked at the doctors, the fear evident on his face. Now both the doctors looked equally uncomfortable. I tried to prop myself up on the pillows, staring at the two people in front of me intently.
“We took some ultra-sound scans just to check that the glass hadn’t caused any muscle damage-“
“It didn’t though, right?”
Interrupted Liam. His grip tightened painfully on my hand.
“No, thankfully. But we did find something else. Ms. Tomlinson, have you been feeling sick or nauseous lately?”
I croaked, feeling a knot form in my stomach, tugging on the chain of the necklace Liam had got me in Fiji.
“Have you been vomiting, getting abdominal pains and headaches?”
I silently nodded, pressing my lips together.
“Ah. I take it you already know?”
“Yes. I had a vague idea.”
I whispered so it was barely audible
“Know what?”
Liam stood up, pulling my arm up with him, painfully.
The female doctor, Ruiz, cleared her throat and stepped forward.
“It appears that your girlfriend here is pregnant.”
It didn’t exactly come as a shock. But it was still scary. Hearing her saying it out loud confirmed my worst fears. All those weeks of dreaming about it. All those nights lying awake because I was afraid to sleep. It didn’t feel like much more than a dream. Maybe I was still sleeping. I pinched myself hard, gasping from the sudden pain. It was real. I fell back onto the pillows, breathing heavily.
Liam had sat back down, and was staring ahead blankly, blinking rapidly.
He asked in a husky voice.
“Can you give us a minute?”
He asked the two doctors.
“What do you mean you knew?”
He hissed, turning to me.
“It’s the reason I fell into the mirror, the reason I’ve been having these nightmares and the reason I’ve been sick lately. But I didn’t know for sure. Liam, you’ve got to believe me. “
“But we had protection.”
“I don’t know if we did.  You had a condom on right?”
Liam swallowed and looked guilty.
He finally admitted.
“And I didn’t take any birth control pills because I thought you did have one on.”
We both sat in silence.
“And now I’m pregnant because of it.”
My voice cracked.
Liam closed his eyes for a second. Then he got up again and walked towards the door.
“No! Liam, you promised you wouldn’t leave me!”
I shrieked, trying to stand up, to bring him back, but I was too weak, and just ended up falling onto the cold, polished hospital floors.
“I’m not leaving you.”
He said, helping me back into the bed before the doctors could. He gently wiped away the tears that had started welling up my eyes.
“I promised back in Fiji that I would never leave you, no matter what. That necklace I gave you wasn’t just a gift. It was a promise. And so was that wedding ring. I just need to… get some air and comprehend the situation.”
I nodded. And I let him go. It seemed like hours that I lay there, helpless. At one point, it seemed like he wasn’t coming back.
But then Liam walked back into the room, a smile on his face and pulled me into a hug. I ignored the pain. I didn’t care if he was hurting me. He was back.
“We’re going to be parents.”
He said, breaking away.
I smiled, feeling a wave of relief wash over me. The doctors had come back into the room.
“Once you’ve gotten changed and we give you a check-up, you’re good to go.”
They left the room again so I could get change in privacy.
“My clothes are covered in blood.”
I said.
“I bought you some from home.”
He handed me a bag and turned to face the window. I changed into the leggings and Jack Willis hoodie he got for me.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Liam was staring out the window. It was nearly dark, but you couldn’t tell. Everywhere, there were paparazzi, photographers, all with giant flash cameras that seemed like lightning every time they went off.  I hopped out of the bed, shakily padding towards him.
“We’ll never get home without them finding out-“
“Shh!” I clapped my hand over his mouth.
He shot me a look.
“You never know what sort of technology they have these days!”
Liam backed away from the window, closing the curtains.
“Maybe we should wait until morning.”
He said in a low voice.
“They’ll be gone by then.”
They weren’t. Half of them were still sitting out there in the cold morning air, others leaning against the news vans. There were a few that had even camped out in tents.
“They must seriously want to know what’s happened to you.”
Liam said as we walked out the back exit of the hospital. I looked worriedly down at my stomach.
“Can you see it?”
I asked, fingering my whale-bone necklace like I always did when I was nervous. 
Liam cocked his head to one side.
“No. You’ve only been pregnant for two weeks. It just looks like you’ve put on a bit of weight.”
I punched him.
“Thanks a lot.”
I breathed and opened the doors. We were ambushed almost immediately. News reporters, paparazzi, even people mucking about with their cell phones.
“Bella! Over here!”
A man waved his microphone around eagerly, so that it nearly went up my nose.
“What happened?”
I looked at Liam. He nodded.
“I fell over and smashed the mirror.”
I pulled up the sleeve of my hoodie, exposing a newly stitched scar on my left arm. There were a series of murmurs from the crowd, followed by the flashing of many cameras.
“I just want to apologize for my behavior yesterday afternoon.”
Liam said.
“It’s just, Bella was hurt. She’s my whole world, my soul mate, and when you love somebody that much, it kills you when you see them in pain.”
The crowd cooed. I was touched. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the lips. There were several flashes and cheers around us.
They moved away as the car pulled up. Liam opened the door for me.
“What happened to you?”
Paul demanded from the front seat.
Liam leaned forward and whispered it in Paul’s ear. Paul’s face went red, and his eyes grew so wide that I honestly thought they would pop right out of their sockets.
“You’re joking. This is a joke, right?”
I solemnly shook my head.
“I wish we were.”
Liam looked at me.
“I don’t! It’ll be fun to be a dad.”
“I’ll remind you of how much fun you said it’ll be when it’s your turn to change its diapers.”
Paul closed his eyes.
“We can’t let the media find out about this. Not until right before you’re about to have the baby. Otherwise it’ll be the longest nine months of your life.”
“So I’ll just have to stay in the house until then?”
Paul dithered, helplessly.
“I didn’t say that. You can still go to work for about four or five months. But then we’ll just do what we can to get you out.”
I rested my head on Liam’s shoulder.
“Have you told anyone yet?”
Liam answered.
“I thought it’d be more polite to tell them in person.”

When we reached the house, Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, Niall, Ri and Harry were all crowded in our living room. The girls threw themselves on me, fussing over my cuts and asking if there was anything they could do for me. Perrie was actually in tears.
“We were so scared when we saw the news article.”
She sobbed. Zayn put his arms around her.
“News article?”
Liam repeated.
“Not exactly an article. More like a whole magazine.”
Harry said.
Liam cursed, running back outside to the letterbox.
He came back with a copy of “Hello” magazine in his hands.
“Front cover. They put you on the front cover!”
He threw it down on the bench in disgust. I picked it up. Sure enough, there I was, blood covering my face, shards of glass sticking out of my body.
“Were you in much pain?”
Ri asked, taking the magazine from me.
“It looks a lot worse than it feels.”
I said, swallowing, fingering the stitching where a particularly large piece glass had impaled my shoulder.
Liam took my hand.
“Do you want to tell them the big news?”
I nodded.
“Guys, we’ve got to tell you something.”
I said, my voice wavering. They were all staring at me expectantly. I felt sick again.
“Liam, I can’t do this.”
“Go on.”
He urged, giving me a reassuring smile. I took a deep breath.
“I- I’m pregnant.”
There was a very long silence.
They were just staring at us with their mouths open and a shocked expression on their faces. Ri seemed to be holding onto Niall to steady herself. Eleanor was blinking rapidly, looking like she had just gotten some mascara in her eye. Perrie was halfway through leafing through the “Hello” magazine article. She looked possibly even sicker than she had done in Fiji.
“Wow.” It was Zayn who broke the silence.
“I’m going to be an uncle!”
Louis shouted, dancing around the room like a retard.
Said Ri and Niall simultaneously, coming over and hugging us.
“I don’t believe it.”
Eleanor had tears in her eyes, laughing as Louis whipped her off her feet, forcing her to join in his dance.
Perrie had long since discarded the magazine, and was with Zayn in the corner, whispering franticly.
Liam asked, going over to them.
Perrie had her hands clamped hard over her stomach. Any color she had left in her face had drained away. Zayn turned to us, smiling what seemed like a forced smile.
Zayn looked at her to say something. Perrie look hesitant.
“We agreed we would tell them.”
Said Zayn.
Perrie took a deep breath.
“It’s just… I’m pregnant too.”

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