Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


11. Paprazzi

~~It was then realized how much I loved those eight people in front of me. Niall and Ri, with their crack up jokes and happy smiles. Zayn and Perrie. Both such kind, caring people. Louis and Eleanor. My brother, who acts half his age, and my sister-in-law who is constantly cleaning up his messes, but loves him all the same. Harry. Flirtatious, cheeky and such a gentleman.
And then there was Liam. Words could not explain how much I love him. He’s charming, loving, funny, cute, kind, protective… and I can’t stop. Liam is my world. I turned to him, face glowing in the faint light of the fire.
He said softly.
Louis and Harry had started singing “Raise Your Glass”, by P!nk, rocking back and forth in a drunk manner, arms around each other.
I said back.
“Aren’t you cold?”
Liam asked, rubbing my bare arms. His finger caught on a bit of stitching just above my elbow. I winced. He looked up at me.
He kissed it better. He didn’t stop. He moved further up my arm until he got to my face. I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. Before it could heat up Zayn shouted.
“Get a room you two! Oh, my virgin eyes.”
He wailed, clapping his hands over his face.
“Zayn, Perrie is pregnant.”
Said Niall.
Zayn shrugged his shoulders.
Ri giggled.
“You must of…”
She was unable to finish, through a fit of laughter. Zayn’s eyes widened.
“I knew that.”
He said, taking a sip of beer. 
Louis and Harry sung, or rather screamed, horribly out of tune.
“Put a sock in it you two.”
Liam said. Louis stuck his tongue out at us.
“My brother has the mental age of a five year old.”
I announced.
“I second that.”
Said Eleanor wearily, as Louis seized her hand and started dancing around with her on the beach.
“Who’s hungry?”
Asked Harry, voice hoarse from singing.
Niall screamed
“You’re always hungry Ni.”
Said Liam, rolling his eyes. 
“But I’m starving now! And Louis made me drop my marshmallow.”
Niall pouted.
“I’ll go get some fish and chips.”
Said Harry, walking to his car.
“Yay! Food! We’re getting food Ri!”
Niall shouted, over exaturating.
“Calm down Niall.”
Ri giggled, kissing her boyfriend on the nose.
Suddenly, there was a yell.
Louis stopped his dance and literally dropped Eleanor down onto the sand.
He screamed, and ran into the darkness.
“Piss off!
There were several angry shouts and curses, before both the boys came back, breathless.
Said Harry, panting slightly.
“Be… careful…what…you... say…”
Louis wheezed, over reacting.
Liam curled his arm around me, protectively.
“I thought it was a private beach. Simon organized for security guards to be patrolling the perimeter at all times.”
He said slowly.
“It is a private beach. But they must have found a way in.”
Groaned Harry, running his hands through his hair.
“Well if there was one, there’s bound to be more.”
Said Louis, suddenly serious for a change.
“Did he have any cameras?”
Asked Liam.
“We found one.”
Louis held up the shattered remains of the camera.
“And it’s not likely that was the only one he was carrying. “
Niall paced in the sand.
The carefree mood that had been in the atmosphere only moments ago had disappeared.
Zayn suddenly inhaled sharply, looking visibly shaken.
“We were talking about Perrie.”
He gasped.
It took a moment to understand what he was saying.
Cursed Niall, literally ripping his hair out in frustration.
“This is all my fault! I was teasing you about it.”
He buried his face in his hands.
Zayn went over to comfort him.
“It’s ok Niall. You didn’t mean it.”
Perrie sat on the sand, hands crossed over her stomach.
Niall approached her carefully.
“I’m fine.”
She looked up at us. In the fire light, we could see tears glistening as they trickled down her pale cheeks.
“I’m perfectly fine.”
Perrie repeated, standing up.
“They might not have heard it.”
We all exhaled, clutching hard onto this hope. This one slim chance we had on keeping the baby secret.


As I said before, the chance was slim. The next day after work, both Harry and Liam picked me up an hour earlier than usual.
“It got out.”
Liam took my arm. Rick was glaring at me from around the corner. He hadn’t tried anything lately. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t planning something.
I said, distractedly, trying to keep an eye on Rick. 
“The media found out that Perrie is pregnant. We need to go now or the paparazzi won’t let you leave.”
Said Harry.
“What’s happening?”
Lola came up to us. Rick disappeared.
“Why aren’t you working, Bella?”
She asked.
“We have to take Bella home sorry, love.”
Said Liam.
“But I need her here. We’ve got a ton of customers waiting.”
“I’ll take you home instead if you like, gorgeous.”
Harry flirted shamelessly with Lola, draping his arm over her shoulders.
Lola scoffed, shrugging Harry off her.
“Alright, Bella, you can leave.”
She started walking away.
“Oh, and Curly?”
She turned to face Harry.
“Call me. Bella knows my number.”
Lola smirked.
Harry smiled back.
“You just can’t resist the Hazza can you?”
Lola rolled her eyes.
“Oh per-lease, Curly. I only did it because you looked that desperate.”
Harry stuffed his hands in his pockets.
“When you’re done flirting, can we please get a move on?”
Liam asked, massaging his temples.
“Yes! Let’s go.”
I pulled on Liams arm.
“It’s Harry you should be telling that to.”
He said wearily, as we walked towards the car, Harry skipping along beside us.
Liam wacked him around the back of the head.
“Our best friends are sitting at home crying, and you’re skipping?”
“Skipping makes me feel happy.”
Harry grinned.
“And so does Lola.”
He added as he hopped in the car.
“Hopelessly devoted to youooooo….”
He sung that song from Greece.
“Shut it Harry.”
I said, sitting down between him and Liam.
“I’m only trying to lighten the mood.”
He pouted, crossing his arms.
“Save it for Perrie and Zayn. They need it more than we do.”
Liam snapped. We were silent for the rest of the car ride. I sighed, rolling the whalebone necklace around in my hand.
Perrie was in tears when we got home, curled up in a ball next to Zayn.
“It’s ok, Perrie. We’ll be fine.”
He kept saying, running his fingers through her now electric blue hair.
I ran over to her.
“Oh my god, are you alright?”
But she just cried harder, putting her arms out for me to hug her.
I dumped my bag on the floor and put my arms around her. She cried into my shirt collar, soaking it.
“This is good. Just have a good long cry.”
“They’ll never leave me alone now.”
She sobbed.
“It’s ok. Look, we said we’d go through this together, right?”
Perrie sniffed, blinking.
“So I’ll tell them I’m pregnant too.”
“No. I refuse to let you.”
She wiped away the last of her tears.
“Stop being so brave.”
I said, hugging her.
“I’m not letting your privacy be taken away just because of something I did.”
She insisted.
“It was my fault!”
Said Niall in a muffled voice, sitting at the other end of the couch with his face in his hands.
“Niall, for the last time, none of this was your fault.”
Zayn said in an almost exasperated tone, leaving Perrie’s side to comfort his friend.
“We’ll never get out of here.”
Said Harry, peeking out the window.
Asked Liam, coming over to join him.
“That’s why.”
Harry moved aside so we all could see.
Even from the couch, I could see them. It seemed like there were thousands out there, faces pressed against the glass, others trying to force their microphones underneath the window pane. The paparazzi.
Eleanor sighed, throwing her hands up.
“I’ll call Paul.”
Zayn said, standing.
“And I’ll give them something to write about.”
Perrie muttered, angrily stormed to the window.
“Perrie, don’t!”
El tried to catch her, but Perrie was intent on getting whatever she had to say out to the public.
“Piss off!”
She shouted at the people flocking around the neighborhood.
“You people get to have quiet pregnancies. Why can’t we? How are we any different to you? We’re all human beings. We all have feelings. I have my privacy rights, as do you.”
Perrie walked away from the window, looking considerably calmer, shutting the blinds behind her.
“Well done, Perrie.”
Ri said
“I think they’ve left.”
There was a sudden pound on the door.
El screamed, clutching Louis.
“Or I just made it worse.”
Perrie flinched as the banging continued.

Zayn walked into the room.
“Looks like we’ll have to stay here overnight.”
“Yay! Sleepovers!”
Louis yelled, falling backwards off the couch.
“What’s that noise?”
Zayn walked towards the door.
I got there before him and bolted the door.
“Don’t go out there, mate.”
Liam said, putting his hand on my shoulder.
“Why not?”
“Perrie made a little speech.”
Ri said.
“I guess they liked it.”
“They’ll be wanting her autograph.”
Louis joked.
There was an awkward silence.
“Great. Ok, so Paul said to stay here. They’re getting food to us tomorrow.”
Niall wailed.
“I’ll die of starvation before then.”
He flopped backwards into the cushions.
“Can’t we just get takeaways?”
Zayn said sternly.
“Paul said to stay right here. We can’t leave the house at all.”
“So we’re basically trapped?”
Asked Harry.
“Not trapped. Think like Louis. It’s just like a big sleepover.”


So I realized that I accidentily published chapter six and seven as one chapter 0.0 oopppsss :D i'm not changing them around bc I've got tons of chapters in between and i'll have to switch them all and I really can't be stuffed. So sorry for the confusion :)

-Tommos_Girl13 xxxx

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